Friday, November 30, 2007

Chev Track....

A kerfuffle, that's what it track session today!

For once, I was there bright & early, but there were no lanes; cricket if that mattered!

Program : 1.5 km warm-up. 16 laps, lane 8 with AHR 120 (80%). Time each 4 laps.

All that can be accurately gauged from this session is that I ran round & round, all over the oval, never in the same lane twice, but remembered to time each lap & keep AHR at 120 or thereabouts!

Vague 4 lap times are : 12:14; 10:11; 11:57; 12:16.

No warm-down : drove home 'cross as crabs'!

Total of 8km.

Rest & drive to Sydney tomorrow. Central Coast Half Marathon Sunday...courtesy of a lift from Superflake!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

'Lower Aerobic' Run.....

Program : 8 - 10km with AHR 112 (75%).

10km : 1st 5km in 42:24 AHR - 111 (75%). 2nd 5km in 44:39 AHR = 112 (75%).

A late start & finished around 12:30p.m. A fairly warm morning. The run was easy......walked a few times on the hills to keep HR down.

Track tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

'Upper Aerobic' Run.....

Program : 7km
First 4km as warm-up.
Second 3km 'upper aerobic' AHR 127 (86%)

I walked downhill to start on a flatter part of Old South Road....0.8km

Warm-up 4km in 29 minutes.
'Upper aerobic' 3km in 20:34 with AHR 127 (86%)...right on the mark!
1k splits : 6:34; 7:05; 6:46

Walk back to the car 3.5km in 27 minutes. Dark clouds around the ranges when I started at around mid-day. Southerly head wind for the 3km upper aerobic. Tough session, still manageable although not conversational.

Total Distance = 11km

Monday, November 26, 2007

'Lower Aerobic' Run....

Program : 9 - 10km with AHR 107 (72%)

Diamond Fields Road again. Humid & finished just ahead of the first showers for today. Okay run.
1st 5k of 10km AHR = 102 in 45:25 (slow!)
2nd 5k AHR = 104 in 43:07 (slow, but not quite as slow!)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Running with the flies.....

Program : 10 - 12km with AHR 114.

Run = 12km........AHR = 110 (74%)

First 6km AHR = 105 (71%)..... in 47:13
Second 6km AHR = 114 (77%)... in 50:11

This morning was very humid & sticky & looking like there's more storms to come later today.
The 12km was very comfortable ....except for the million flies sitting on top of my cap (the same one, Melbourne Marathon 2007, with which I beat off the chook!) getting a free ride back into town!

Week Total : 51km.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chev Track....

Program : 1.5km warm-up.
20 laps averaging HR 120. Time each 4 laps.

This morning was wet & windy so I re-arranged the program & used the gym
treadmill, to give similar results as would have happened on the track...hopefully!

Warm-up : 1.5km. 8km with HR at 120. Short warm-down & stretches.

This was much harder than on the track to my & very sweaty!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

'Lower Aerobic' Run.....

Program : 8 - 10km 'lower aerobic' with averaging HR of 112 (75%)

An overcast, cool morning with some light rain. Part of the instructions was to take at least the first 1 - 2 km to reach HR goal.

Total = 10km with AHR of 107 (72%).

1st 5km in 43:31 with AHR = 105 (71%).
Splits : 8:01; 9:18; 8:51; 9:08; 8:09

2nd 5km in 43:08 with AHR = 109 (74%).
Splits : 8:28; 8:02; 8:49; 8:11; 9:38

This was all very easy running on the same pretty road.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'Upper Aerobic" 3km....

Program : 7km.
First 4km as warm-up.
Second 3km (as flat as possible) as 'upper aerobic' averaging HR 127 (85%).

Well, it's just about impossible to find anywhere that's flat for any distance without at least some inclines included and so it was today : Motion Based shows "Elevation" + 57 / - 17 and I have no idea at all what that means! What I do know is, I knew I was running on an incline for just about all 3kms!

Walk 1km to start.
4km warm-up in 33 minutes.
3km 'upper aerobic' AHR = 128 (85%) in 21:45.
Splits = 6:56; 7:17; 7:32
Walk 1km back to the car.

Today's total = 9km.
I should have been out earlier when there was thick cloud cover but it was already sunny & hot by 10:00a.m. so 3km at this heart rate was a bit difficult ...but not too much...and it's done!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 3 (of 23) to Canberra Marathon.....

...A hot day, but plenty of shade for this morning's run. Thunder in the distance now at 2:45 pm.

Program : 9 - 10km 'lower aerobic' AHR 107 (72%).

I ran 10km averaging HR of 106 (72%) in the shade on Diamond Field Road. Only the last 1km back to the car was on the sealed main road...& hot. A nice comfortable run.

1st 5km in 41:22. AHR = 105 (71%).
2nd 5km in 42:39. AHR = 107 (72%)....walked a couple of hills to keep HR down.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday 'Longish' Run...'lower aerobic'.

Program : 10 - 12km, averaging HR 112 (76%).

I decided to change to Range Road for today's run. I had the usual late start at 10:00am & already a hot morning & no shade on this course...just more & more hills! The 6km back to the car looks more like 'upper aerobic'!

Run : 12km. AHR 122
Time : 1:31.54

1st 6km in 46:44. AHR = 115 (78%).
1km splits = 7:30; 8:05; 7:59; 7:19; 8:29; 7:26

Return 6km in 45:10. AHR = 130 (88%)..uphill most of the way back to the car.
1km splits = 7:34; 7:04; 8:05; 7:04; 7:46; 7:29

This Week's Total = 53km

Saturday, November 17, 2007


...this wimp at the left is using only a 3kg weight!

A good day to not run - too hot! Indoors at home, I did about an hour or more of weight training (4kg dumbbells!) for upper & lower body, core strengthening & stability exercises.

I quite enjoy doing this session on my two non-running days.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Track at Chev.....

Program : 2km warm-up.
20 laps lane 8, averaging HR 120. Time each 4 laps.
2km warm-down.

2km warm-up in 16 minutes.
20 laps of lane 8 (8.38km) in 1:05.56
AHR 120 (81%); MHR 124 (83%)

5 x 4 lap splits = 12:09; 12:38; 13:07; 13:47; 14:13

2km warm-down in 20 minutes : jog/walk/take photos of the grounds at Chev.
About 20 minutes stretching, looking up at the sky & thinking how marvellously I had done!

TOTAL TIME = 1 hour 42 minutes.

A very hot start to the day at 10:00a.m. Even though I was able to maintain an AHR of 120, each 4 laps got slower than the previous set. I think this was due to it being a hot day.

So, now I just gotta get fitter & gotta get a cool day...or gotta get up earlier!

The motor bike was in the parking area, presumably belonging to one of the teachers...a BMW 2007 K 1200lt! What a ride on the wild side that would be!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

'Lower Aerobic' Run.....-

Program: 8 - 10km 'lower aerobic' run, averaging HR 112 (76%).
A rest day yesterday spent lopping tree branches, which Ewen says is good upper body work!
Today's session :
10km : AHR = 115 (77%).
5km splits = 38:38; 41:19.
Run felt comfortable in spite of a late start at 11:00 a.m. & humid morning.....a big storm late afternoon & still humid....... walked a couple of minutes on the hills on the way back to the car where I did some stretching on the grass.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some 'upper aerobic' running....

Program : 7km.

First 4km as warm-up.

3km 'upper aerobic' averaging HR 127 (86%).

For today's session, I walked 870m to start below a steep hill. I didn't want to elevate AHR on the return by finishing uphill....if that makes any sense. It did to me anyhow! Also walked the same distance from the finish back to the car at the top of the hill....and I'm counting all this extra walking as part of today's total training distance! Which is 8.7km

Walk to start 870m.

Warm-up 4km in 32 minutes. AHR 105 (70%).

'Upper Aerobic' 3km in 20:26 with AHR 129 (87%)

Warm-down walk back to the car 870m.

Stretches without chook in sight!

A lovely warm morning start at 10:30. ....21 degrees felt more like 28! The 'upper aerobic' 3km was definitely not a conversational pace...more grunts than anything if I'd had to talk! It felt OK though & if I'd had to run longer at the same pace, I would/could have!

Total Distance Today = 8.7km

Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 2 of 23 to Canberra Marathon.....

Program : 9 - 10km 'lower aerobic', steady pace, averaging HR 107 (72%).

10km Run : 1st 5km in 40:39. AHR = 105 (71%).
2nd 5km in 42:39. AHR = 109 (74%).

AHR for 10km = 107 (72%) did I do that?

After the run I stayed outside the soccer field for some stretching! The oval caretaker was cutting the grass with a ride-on mower & the cowardly cock (a-doodle-don't!) was nowhere in sight... ...hiding & lying in wait for some poor defenceless old lady to return!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Return of the Killer Rooster!

...He's back! I think he's part of the FBI or the CIA sent with the special mission of killing LL! Why else would he be there again the very minute I lie down on the grass to stretch?
I'd finished my run, hadn't seen the teenage killer for a few days, spread out my towel & lay down to stretch. So I wasn't looking anywhere except skywards when I heard the familiar "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo"! With unheard of speed I got to my feet & there he was guarding the only exit from the field! What to do?
I fled to the furthest corner of the field, looking for another way out, but the entire paddock in which the soccer field sits, is surrounded by closely spaced barbed wire! Well, I thought to myself, I'll do my stretching, keep a close eye on the killer & think about the battle later. And so it happened that, by the time I'd finished stretching, he was nowhere in sight.
No risks can be taken with anyone as devious as this rooster, so I found a big chunk of wood having decided that firstly I'd strike with the towel - I really didn't want to kill the bloody thing - but if one of us was going to go down in battle, it sure as hell wasn't going to be me!
Thus armed, I crept on tippy toes towards the exit, weapons at the ready. No chook anywhere! He didn't hear me coming & so I was able to run to the car & only then did I drop all the artillery!
But before all of that.......
Program: 10 -12km at AHR 110 (74%).
Distance = 12km. 6km laps = (1) 47:20 AHR 112 (75%). (2) 49:52 AHR 113 (76%).
This Week's Total = 48.7km

Friday, November 09, 2007

Track at Chev.

Program: 2km warm-up.
16 laps averaging HR of 120.
Time each 4 laps.
The only part of the track where the grass had been cut was a narrow strip along the outside line of lane 8, so I ran on that. A bit wet & one muddy section to plough through but the day was perfect for running : cool & more of the misty rain we've had all week. Not a too difficult session which will therefore increase to 20 laps next I'm told!
The session :
2km warm-up in 20 minutes, using the road that runs through the grounds of Chev.
16 laps lane 8 (6730m) in 46:31 (6:54/k).
AHR = 120 (81%); MHR = 127 (85%).
**4 lap splits = 12:16; 11:26; 11:39; 11:11.
2km warm-down in 20 minutes.
A few stretches.
Total distance = 10.7km. Time = 86 minutes.
**Any discrepancies in 4 lap times was due to my mismanagement of Mr-Garmin under circumstances over which I had no control!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

'Lower Aerobic' Run....

Program : 8 - 10km 'steady' run averaging HR 110 (74%).

Ran on Diamond fields Road in spite of some muddy patches which I was able to avoid. A very cool day, overcast & the usual misty rain.

Distance = 10km
5km splits = 43:06 ...... AHR = 108.
41:23 ...... AHR = 110.
Neg. split ......1:43

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Day Off....

.......a Rest Day! Nearly frightened the life out of Jim & the doggies by doing some core strengthening exercises on the floor at home & then throwing dumbbell weights up, down, sideways & every which way....for an hour!

I filled in the entry form for the Central Coast Half Marathon, December 2nd & will post it off tomorrow. Today...too wet to bother going anywhere.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some 'upper aerobic' running....

Program : 6km. First 3k as warm-up, second 3k 'upper aerobic' averaging HR 125 (85%).

I stayed on Old South Road which is a flatter sealed road & not muddy as are all the dirt roads right now. Another cool, delicious, misty rain morning! I was pleased with the second 3k..... keeping AHR exactly where it was supposed to be!

3km warm-up in 24:49. AHR = 107 (72%).

3km 'upper aerobic' in 21 minutes. AHR = 126 (85%). MHR = 132 (89%). Avg. Pace = 6:58.

Tomorrow : Rest...but a few drills, strides at the soccer field...not the one where the demon rooster is/was....haven't seen him this week!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Program for Canberra Marathon, 2008.

Week 1 of 23!
Valuable information : No long runs until January, just aerobic runs. Two 'rest' days.
Program : Monday 5th, November.
9 - 10k 'lower aerobic', steady pace averaging HR 106 (72%).
A very cool mid-morning with light wind & misty rain falling....perfect, except for the muddy trail, shoes & legs!
10km. 5km splits (1) 42:49, AHR = 104.
(2) 43:43, AHR = 104.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Out of Intensive Care!

No killer chook hanging about this morning! Someone might have taken an axe to it - wish I'd been carrying one on Wednesday! I hope one of the Council rangers has found a good home for it or it's confined to prison for the term of its natural life!

Toady's run : 10km low heart rate.

5km out in 40:29; AHR = 102; Avg. Pace = 8:02

5km back in 39:17; AHR = 116; Avg. Pace = 7:48.

Negative split = 1:12!!

Very hot & humid here. I think/hope a storm is coming later today.