Thursday, January 31, 2013

End of the Month! ~~~

Oh dear, one full month of 2013 gone already!  I saw Easter Buns in Woolies this morning.  They've been on sale since the Christmas mince pies finished ....I think that's a bit cheeky!  Instead of buying buns  - I do like something sweet with a cuppa  -  I made some healthy muffins.  I don't know if the link works, but I'll give it a go....

had one at lunch and I thought it quite delicious!  Lots of suggestions for changes of flavour.  I did the recipe on the video using coconut and banana.  The muesli bar looks tasty too!

After that long introduction, all I have to add now is that I took today as a rest day, just in case I start another strain somewhere!  Tomorrow, I intend to do another easy run and thunderstorms are forecast so I must get out and back before that all happens.

Today :  about 1km walking around Woolies in Bowral!

If link doesn't work, go to website!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Walking Briskly ~~~

To be on the safe side, I walked this morning.  I don't enjoy it much at all, but I suppose it"ll all help to get back some fitness; feels like it's going to take the rest of the year!  I started and finished at home and, surprisingly, found I'd worked up quite a sweat even though there was heavy cloud cover, likely more rain and a couple of glimpses of the sun when it felt really hot.

8km Walk

For today....  8km

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Easy Running....cont. ~~~

Much the same as yesterday easy jog-along!  A mix of weathers : lovely light rain, so light I could just feel it touch my face; some windy streets and even the sun broke through for a minute or two; pleased to see it go as it only made for more humidity.

I set off from Renwick again, then surrounding streets and found the old bush track reopened (at 4km mark approx.) that had been closed when the new development began.  Unfortunately, after only about 200m I found myself back at Renwick Drive!  I think it might continue further but today I could see water and mud ahead and decided to wait for a better day to go exploring.

Today's Easy Run.

For today :  7km....incl. a few walk breaks uphill
AHR 69%;  MHR 82%

Monday, January 28, 2013

What a Day! ~~~

Conditions couldn't have been kinder this morning when I once again surfaced!  Light rain - more constant now at 2:00pm - and mist covering the surrounding ranges.  When I first peeped through the curtains at 9:00am, I thought, "Oh, I couldn't go out in that!  Much too wet!"  But then will power kicked in and said, "Of course you can!  You've had no hip or rib pain for several days so stop thinking like a frumpish shrew, get out there and do what you usually do!"

I did and there I was, cup of coffee later, parked in one of the many empty streets in Renwick, ready to make yet another comeback, my second during the past couple of weeks.  I aimed for and achieved an easy jog, no walking and with no aches or pain anywhere, old or new!  The light, misty rain soon stopped and it was just a fabulous feeling to be on the move again; no looking back now!

6km easy run.
No one to be seen anywhere.....Harmony!

Ducks ..barely visible in the rain ..crossing a paddock.

And a few friendly faces!

6km easy
AHR 67%;  MHR 77%

Friday, January 25, 2013

I Can't Believe This .....

 My GP isn't sure of the cause, but I now have what is infamously called 'costochronditis'!  In Google language :  it's inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone, or sternum!!  In my language, it feels like someone is continually stabbing me in the left rib cage with a sharp knife.  Thought I was having a heart attack when it first started.! Uncomfortable and disheartening, to say the least!  I could have caused a strain in this region while doing some of the exercises to fix my hip flexor strain, both on my left side....this is just too crazy!  My life is fast becoming one big strain and I'm heartily sick of it all.

More days off!  (Colour change deliberate!)

"I wonder what's next!"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feels Like a Start! ~~~

I really should check the weather the night before a run or a walk.  I didn't.  I left home at 10:30 a.m. and returned at 11:30 to see that the temperature was 31.1 degrees.  No wonder I felt and looked fully baked!

Today I did a walk/jog routine, parked in the usual place in Renwick where all is a-buzz again after the holiday break.  Some of the houses are already occupied, so they obviously move in as soon as the building is finished and later on attend to the grounds, gardens etc.  It still seems strange to see this land that I used roam over when I had three dogs, when there were cattle grazing, lots of trees and grass and not another human in sight, now filling up with houses, builders, workmen, machinery, tall cranes and now, people living there!  Progress, I suppose, but I'd much rather it the way it was.

However, back to today's routine-can't call it training yet!

1km walk
4km easy jog
1.3km walk
Time 55 minutes
AHR 70%;  MHR 91%.....surely I'm not that unfit!  It has to be the heat.

No hip flexor pain at all!  Hurray!!  Stretched at home after an almost cold shower to put out the flames!!

6.3km Walk/Jog


Monday, January 21, 2013

Some Motivational News! ~~~

Physio this morning : exercises, bike and hydrotherapy I can now walk/jog each day, stopping the jog part if there's any hip flexor pain;  in fact I  can do what I want, within reason, but....again must stop if any sign of pain in the groin area.  I call that very good news!

 Starting tomorrow, then, I'll do the 5km or 8km loop that I've been walking, depending on how my leg feels, in a jog/walk routine and hope for the best outcome.

I've see that the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club have their half marathon on May 19 this year, so I think that's what I'll aim for.  Too late for the half in April.  It's exactly 28 days today since my last training session, but only in the last week have I decided to get some treatment, thinking rest alone would fix the problem.  If only I'd gone to the physio sooner!

Anyhow....there we are - or rather, there I am - on the comeback once again, with an easy,  slow and careful approach!  I haven't the time or interest in being injured again!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Variations on a Walk ~~~

Part of the Old  Malt abandoned ruin for many years...I took the photo, very overcast morning, at the turn-around after Lap 2 on the map.
Another walk, much the same course as yesterday, but in reverse direction and adding another couple of loops, one of which took me past Tooths Old Malt Works, Mittagong.  Perfect, cool conditions again....just right for running, but I resisted, with some difficulty, the temptation to jog slowly.  The hip flexor strain is definitely improving but.... patience be my guide!

Today, I'll continue with the strength/stretch exercises Ellie has given me.  I see her again tomorrow and I'm hopeful she'll be pleased with my progress. Ellie is always admonishing me to "learn to  slow down", which is all very well if you have lots of time, in which  case it's OK to slow down.  However,  at certain stages  -  I was going to say 'ages' - there comes a time when time keeps on running, but I'm not!  Besides, I find walking a bit boring; it's so slow...says someone who can't run out of sight on a dark night!

For today :  8.2km......walk!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

At Last ~~~ Able to Walk!

I walked briskly this morning, taking the same loop from home that I used last time ....whenever that was!  Seems months ago, but probably more like a week or two.  My guess back then, because I didn't have the Garmin with me, was that the distance was about 3km which proves I have little or no ability at all in judging distance without the aid of technology!

This morning, in amazingly cool conditions, I walked the same route and, from door to door, the distance was 5.07km it 5km!!  My leg felt fine while walking, but I'll know by tonight exactly how it reacted to that distance; seems to take several hours after exercise if there's going to be any pain.

Like Roger Rabbit, I'm very pleased with myself this morning!
....and it's a start!

5km Walk

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hydrotherapy ~~~

Over to the Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centre today.  I must ask what the water temperature is, but all I can say is that it's HOT!  Too hot for me anyhow, though others floated around happily enough, jogging forwards and backwards for 30 minutes had me in quite a sweat.  I enjoyed it just the same..good to be doing something!

After the pool, Ellie gave my thigh another needling which I wasn't expecting, but if it helps- and it does -  I'll take it anytime!  Over the weekend I continue with the strength and stretch program and have permission to try a brisk 30 minute walk but with orders to stop if there's pain. Pain at any time means I'm to stop what I'm doing, even the exercises,otherwise I just worsen the injury.  Pain has to become my guide.....for now!

How to stay cool...
Awfully hot here now at 39 degrees!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Physiotherapy Today ~~~

An early call this morning at 8:30 asking if I could make it for an appointment at 9:00a.m.  Now, 8:00 to 8:30am is usually my time for thinking about getting out of bed!  However, after a quick shower and a cup of coffee I made it with time to spare!

I have the best of the best Physiotherapists. She is Ellie Scott who is in charge of the Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Department at Bowral Private Hospital.  I haven't had much need for Physiotherapy but other Physios I've been to in past years seem to treat several patients, all during the same time frame, going in and out from one to the other.  Ellie just doesn't do that! From start to finish she's there for each patient and believes in the 'hands on' approach to treat an injury unless, of course, other equipment is needed or ordered by a doctor for a specific reason. I think she's great!

To begin, after a fair bit of questioning and looking at the x-rays, she tested each leg for range of movement in every direction,  then felt the left groin area until she hit a spot which hurt so much I yelped and snatched her hand away! Right on the spot of adductor tendinitis!  This was followed up with "needling" which is not  like acupuncture at all : Apparently, whether your muscle is overacting inappropriately or under-acting inappropriately, the needle seems to have a normalizing effect. It acts as reset button for the injured muscle and seems to give some immediate relief.  That took about 10 minutes while I lay there and relaxed!

I was put through 5 gentle exercises which I must do 3 times every day.  Tomorrow, I use the hydrotherapy pool for about 30 minutes walking, with strict instructions that I don't race up and down the pool as I did last time I was there, 2 years ago.  I see Ellie again and use the hydrotherapy pool on Monday and then the stationary bike when I'm told and under her supervision.  She thinks I go like a maniac unless I'm carefully watched!

What a long talk I've had to my blog and it listens without interruption!  I write more on my blog now that I'm on my own than I used to when I had Jim to listen to me....and he never interrupted either!  Anyhow, I'm pleased I've made a positive start to ridding myself of this injury.  I can't see that I'll be ready to run the Canberra Half  Marathon in April, but I think there's one in May that I would hope to do if I can start my half marathon program no later than the end of this month.  I'd never enter any race half baked!

Well, dear little blog (and any readers), that just about covers all relevant recent rehab and I'll add any further fun as we go!

Look on the Bright Side!!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Out Again! ~~~ Same Injury ~ Updates 1, 2, 3 and 4!

Bad luck....I had uncomfortable pain in my groin strain last night, only two days after returning to the roads, so I'm off again today and until I can move without any sign of discomfort and pain.  When that will be, I have no idea. Will blog again when/if I resume running.

I wish I could think in the same way Jiminy Cricket does  : 

"When you feel downhearted
And don't know what to do :
Give a little whistle, Give a little whistle and
Always let your conscience be your guide."

All very well for him to talk....but I can't whistle! 


Friday,11th....latest on my injury!
Saw doctor this morning as there didn't seem to be any sign of improvement ~~~ Grrr!
Pain could be hip related ~~~ GRRRRR! Wondered about this myself.
Both hips have had x-ray ~~~ Quick and painless!
Results on Monday ~~~ eek!
May need some physio ~~~ that's OK! Have an excellent one ~~~
Next report, Monday ~~~  more to come!

Well......a report earlier than expected!
Phone call this morning, Saturday, 12th.  Dr wants to see me Monday, 10:00am about hips x-ray results!  Now, that's what I'd call fast work!
Surely it's only to tell me she's never seen such magnificent hips ...........outside of a zoo!  What else could it be? My tip is arthritis in the hip with referred pain in the groin!
Definitely another report on Monday!

Monday, 14th

I was wrong!  No sign of arthritis, osteo or otherwise, in either hip!  HURRAY! Just tendonitis in the groin area which physiotherapy (starting on Wednesday) and time will take care of.  Time, is a bit of a worry and patience I don't have a lot of but, heaven be praised, I live to run  again some day soon!

Fabricati Diem!!
Wednesday, 16th ~~~
I had to cancel today's physio appointment until next week all because of a nasty gastric upset yesterday; OK today but not ready for anything other than watching tennis!

Better Luck Next week!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Another OK Day! ~~~

  The plan for this morning was to try for 5km without having to walk at all and I did just that except for one short, steep hill where I walked to be on the safe side.  It was a very slow jog routine, keeping my feet close to the ground and taking short, quick steps which seem to work in keeping pain away.

5km jog in 38 minutes
Avg. pace 7:41
AHR 72%;  MHR 80%

Finished with gentle groin stretching and icing at home.

A Slow 5km

 For today, pleased to say 5k!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

First Day Out - and Back, 2013!

This morning I thought it time to see how my injured leg would behave, or not, on the road.  With walk/jog in mind I set off from the Highlands School to Diamond Fields Road where I planned , if all went well, to call in on some friends at just past the 5km mark, knowing I had the option of turning back if there was any sign of pain.  All did go well, no groin pain, so I stayed with walking/jogging both ways.

Diamond Fields Road - Out and Back - 10.5km

I walked the first 2km and then a slow jog, followed by walking - about 50/50 -  walking up and down any hills. So good to be moving again!

Friends were at home and after about 45 minutes sitting on their verandah chatting over a glass of icy cold water, making friends with their new pup and watching a bird feed her two chicks in a nest precariously balanced in a vine that trails along the verandah, I was on the way back, leg intact and no pain unless I tried to lift it far from the ground.  This way, the jog looked more like a quick shuffle, but it got me there and back in good shape.  On with the ice pack and gentle groin stretch at home far so good!  Tomorrow, I'll cut the distance down to 5km....big sigh of relief!

Today : 10.5km
Avg. pace 9:26m/k...slow but sure on a very rough dirt road!