Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sri Chinmoy Mirrambeena 16km

It took less than an hour to drive from Mittagong to Mirrambeena Reserve; registered & ran 2km & a few strides as a warm-up & then the 'fun' began!

The run was planned as a fairly 'easy' run in preparation for the GC half rather than at all out race effort. First 8km loop...... 55:30 minutes. Very cool conditions, excellent for running & a super beautiful course. 52:59 for the second 8km loop.

As did many others today, I missed a turn off from the main pathway, cutting the course short by about 1km. However, there were 4 other CRs up ahead of me who had also missed the same turn so we decided to double back to include the missed section & that gave us 16km on our Garmins thereby running the correct distance. Not one of us considered finishing until all Garmins clicked on 16km!

Apart from that drama, it was a great run & I enjoyed it immensely.

Time : 1:48:33

Friday, June 13, 2008

Against the Wind....

.....I was almost in tears today!

At Chev track a cold & furious wind blew across, up, down & around the entire field, and so it was with might & main, tooth & nail & like a bull at a gate I managed 12 laps (5km) 'upper aerobic' with heart rate at 130 (84%).


Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Very Last Rose of Summer....

....rose (Mr Lincoln), is the last & biggest rose I've ever picked from the garden. It was the size of a dinner plate & suvived for 2 weeks in a vase before it gave up the ghost!

As for running....

Entry forms now in for:-

Sri Chinmoy 16km, June 22; Gold Coast Half Marathon, July 6; Blackmore's Half, September 21; Melbourne Half Marathon, October 12.

Yet to enter for:-

City-to-Surf; 4 or 5 events in the Sri Chinmoy Races, Sydney.

.....and I have a new computer! Black, grey & chrome computer & keyboard; 19" flat screen & it can do everything but tapdance!! Love it!