Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Running on Grass....

This morning, when the weather looked like rain, I decided to do the session in the soccer field where the car was parked so that I could make a quick exit if rain happened. It didn't! Very overcast & cold. Warmed up with a few stretches & drills before starting.

Program 1/2 to 3/4 hour lower aerobic....70 -75% of MHR.

I did my run today going around - how can you go "around" a rectangle? - going 'rectangle-wise' in Renwick soccer field.

Time = 45 minutes.
Distance = 5.4km
AHR = 74%; MHR = 85%.

On every 2nd short side I ran stride-outs but have no idea of how many because I lost count!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shades of Autumn

This morning's run along Old South Road.

Time 1 hour
Distance 7.3km
AHR 74%; MHR 84%

Not quite as cold as the last couple of days but still windy & cool. Run was OK.

Monday, April 27, 2009

First Day Back.....

...since Canberra Marathon. Cold & very windy 5 - 11 degrees. No problems from right foot & very happy to be running again!

Ran easily with AHR 70%, MHR 83% (the hills!).

Time 45 minutes.
Distance 6.3km.
Wore #3 Frees

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Much Later.....

A big big "Thank you" to everyone for your comments, good advice & encouragement after Canberra Marathon 2009!

Having taken this week off from running - walking only - I feel good to go again. So, come Monday & with only 3 weeks to the SMH Half Marathon, I'll be out on the road hoping my legs remember what to do!

As for the ball of foot pain, I'm seeing my GP next week & depending on what she says, then a really, really good Podiatrist....hoping there is a really really, really good one in the area!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Snail's Pace......

.....just about sums up Canberra Marathon 2009 for my unlucky legs! Although, it wasn't really my legs that let me down, rather it was the most awful searing pain in the ball of each foot, particularly so on the right foot, that with time, spread its ugly way right up both legs! It's not a new problem but with the length of the run & from about the 15km mark, this awful pain became so bad that it meant I hobbled all the way to the finish. It felt like the soles of the feet were on fire!

The run was long but the report will be shorter!

I drove to Canberra Friday afternoon, staying at Forrest Hotel & Apartments, about 8 minutes walk to the start/finish. Ewen called in after work & we drove into the CBD to one of the best noodle eateries I've been to! I had seafood with soft noodles/veges; Ewen, King Prawns with soft noodles & veges.

Back at the apartment we watched, by sheer chance, a movie called "Hey Hey; It's Esther Bluberger", which I'd never heard of & don't wish to see a repeat of & during which Ewen fell asleep! If only he'd admit that "Gosford Park" was a far better movie! So that accounts for Friday night at the movies!

Saturday, doing all the right things, I stayed off my feet except for crossing the road to sit in the park & read for a couple of hours in brilliant sunshine & later going to the Registration Centre to pick up Bib number etc. Ewen did the 10km race (ran well too!) & later brought back some take away for himself while I had pasta & a sauce that I'd brought with me from home, and that accounts for Saturday night & whatever was on TV.

Sunday morning, up at 4:30a.m., a muffin with honey for brekkie, a few light body looseners performed in the room of course (!) & off to the start.

And then.......

Instead of flying on the wings of the wind, I hobbled to the finish in 6:04:24 with clipped wings, at half speed, at funeral pace, little by little, step by step, inch by inch to make it the slowest of my 9 marathons & 30 minutes slower than last year's Canberra marathon. OMG!! This is becoming so depressing a story!

I'll no doubt have to make some enquiries about what might cause this ball of the foot pain....could be feet, could be the shoes. I don't know. What I do know is : I don't want another apathetic long run in slow time & waddle with mincing steps across the finish line!

How I managed to get to the finish line at all is almost entirely - I should score out 'almost' - due to Cool Runner & friend Ewen, who 'turned up' at various parts of the course &, in spite of my grunting, puffing & pleading, encouraged me to keep moving. However, he did have to get the whip out to aid my advance up the last hill! The wonderful cheer squad of guys & dolls were at their usual best & were of immense support for this runner.

The final 12km I was able to keep him in sight when he stayed about 20m or so in front ....just enough bait for me to keep nibbling at; to see that I didn't cross the roads near the finish & end up under a car & occasionally pointing out a few 'walkers' ahead that I should be able to pass!

The fact that I finished at all is entirely due to his support. Much obliged once again, Ewen, though by comparison with Melbourne Marathon last year, this would have to be one of the better ones. Please tell me this is true!

Setting out for the after party at Rydges in Ewen's car, I began to feel sick & asked to be let out before an 'accident' happened. Ewen probably doesn't recall what was a gentle, but nonetheless purposeful, shove in the back he gave to get me out the door lest I sullied the spotless car interior! Back in the apartment I threw up the day's takings of GU, sports drink etc & then felt well enough to walk across to Rydges. Here, I had some time to catch up with Cool Runners I hadn't seen for quite some time, but I was weakening fast & decided to walk back to the apartment & rest.

Once more, a repeat performance of the above 'throw up'! Not too long after, Ewen called in for a cuppa & to see how I was doing, but I was feeling so ill by this time I returned the earlier shove out the door, figuratively speaking, so as not to inflict my sea of troubles on anyone else!

I told Ewen that if I ever mentioned running another marathon, to go get a gun & shoot me dead!

But then I thought secretly to myself, I'll be 80 before the next Canberra marathon, so ................"Will I? Won't I? Will I, Won't I, Will I Join the Dance?"

Official Time = 6:05:24 ( that's 6 hours that felt like 6 days)!!

........and with less than 4 weeks now to SMH Half Marathon...Oh well, that's another day!


Canberra Marathon report coming later today when I might be able to sit down & get up from the chair without screaming from quad pains!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Quiet Week...

Nothing much doing this week : 8km Tuesday, 6km Wednesday & that's it for me!

We saw "Duplicity" this afternoon....good fun, even though confusing at times...either that or my brain is dulling over with thoughts of the impending Canberra Marathon!

Leaving Friday about mid-day; returning Monday. Prayers please!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Count Down Time......

This time next week? I wonder how I'll be feeling! Just as long as I've finished is all that really matters, especially when Ewen said he doesn't want to hang around for six hours waiting for me to finish!

Program : 12km run.

I ran on the dirt road (Diamond Fields Road) which is in the worst state I've ever seen it. Heavy trucks & earth moving machinery have been going back & forth during the last few weeks to where a property is being "done over". It was on the market recently for 1.6million, don't know what it went for at auction, but the new owners are in the process of clearing just about every tree off the entire 5 acres, with the result that it now looks like a bomb site! I suppose it'll be a grand residence when finished but such a shame to see all the lovely bush ripped out.

And that's what makes the road very tricky to run on right slip or trip is all it takes so I'm being super careful while running there. It would take longer than 6 hours for the marathon if I had to use crutches & wouldn't Ewen be cross!!

6km out in 51:35.
6km back in 49:06

AHR = 72%; MHR = 82%

A very pleasant & easy run both ways.
33.7km for the week.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Who Could Ask For Anything More....

.....than 2 good days in a row?

Program : 10km......try for negative split if feeling good.

And was I feeling good? Certainly was! Same as yesterday : plenty of energy & no walking in spite of the several hills & avoiding tripping on the rocks & ruts in the road. Diamond Fields Road again & even with the hills & terrible surface, it's a lot more pleasant than facing cars on Old South Road which I used only to be able to get more distance for the long runs that I no longer have to do!

Results : 10km in 78:49

An easy 5k out in 41:50.
A faster 5k back in 36:59.......included some surges along the way & up the hills.

Negative split 4:51!!

Again I felt happy about today's run. Good to be running easily & feeling relaxed at the same time.

Now, if could only feel like this for an entire marathon!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And All I Needed.......

......was a couple of days off & then a great run this morning!

Program : 5km Run

I could barely keep up with myself during today's run! I felt great! It wasn't my fastest 5km but the feeling of running was effortless as I sped uphill & down dale (!!) on one of the most beautiful of mornings : warm, sunny, cool breeze. I think I had the perfect run which included 3 steep hills that I ran easily!

Results : 5km in 38:10.
Avg. Pace = 7:35
AHR =80%; MHR = 83%..
Laps : 7:31; 8:07; 8:02; 7:30; 7:04.

I returned to Diamond Fields Road to get away from the speeding cars on Old South Road. Shame it's become a speedway; it's less hilly than most other roads & has views to the hills & over all the surrounding farms. Too dangerous, so back to the dirt roads for now.

The best thing about today's run was that rare feeling (for me) of very little effort being involved!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Last Long One...

....and a bit of a struggle to boot! Dead legs don't run! And that's what mine felt like this morning.

Program : 18km...last 8km at Marathon Pace....i.e 7:45

Results for last 8km : Time = 1:05. AVG Pace = 8:08 (too slow).
AHR for each lap = 64%; 72%; 74%; 72%; 74%; 75%; 74%; 78%.

Reads like I wasn't trying! I was, but getting nowhere. As a result I now have 2 days off to get some spring back into these aching legs. Seeing a movie (or 2) seems like the way to relax, so tomorrow we'll see "Easy Virtue" which has had some very good reviews.

Distance today = 18km
For the week = 47.5km

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Heavy Rain, Heavier Legs....

Legs felt like lumps of lead on the road this morning! Light rain to start, but increased as time went by as it does ......ever so slowly when I'm running!

Program : 18km....6km warm-up then 8km at marathon pace (for me that's 7:45); 4km very easy warm-down.

Warm-up 6km OK except my legs felt tired & heavy right from the start.
Time = 51:48. AHR = 66%; MHR = 77%.

8km @ marathon pace (7:45) : Time = 62 minutes. Avg. Pace = 7:46!!
AHR = 75%; MHR = 84%.
Laps = 7:49; 8:12; 8:04; 7:25; 7:40; 7:35; 7:45; 7:51

This 8km section of Old South Road, after the turn off to Aylmerton Road, I haven't run in a long while, so I was a bit taken aback to find it was all up & down hill! I'd been hoping for a flat surface for the 8km at marathon would have been easier!

I got the pacing fairly OK but I can't say it was easy running except when there was a flat stretch of road...then all good!

4km warm-down in 35 minutes.

Total of 18km today....feeling pretty miserable by the time I finished - soaked & tired!