Monday, February 29, 2016

Starting New Progam ~~~~~

Finished the 6 week 5km training, more or less keeping to it, taking a few extra rest days than recommended.  Today I'm starting another of Pete Magill's progams and it's called  :

"12 Weeks Program for Time-constrained Runners" ..... and I'm changing that to :

"12 Weeks Program for Age-constrained Runners"!

Makes no difference .. age/time... same challenges!!


MONDAY:    OFF  ...  but I did a set of Magill drills with strides this morning after school.
TUESDAY:                  5km Road & Trail Reps ...  8x1 minute @ 5k pace; RI 2min jog.

WEDNESDAY:           OFF
THURSDAY:              Distance Run ... 20-30min @ 8:30m/k (pace based on my 35min 5km time.)
FRIDAY:                     Hill Strides .. 10-20sec.  Walk down; 4-5 reps. Progress to 8-10
SATURDAY:              BOWRAL PARKRUN .... can't be missed!
SUNDAY:                    Long Run ....40-60 mn.

I've not done the Tuesday training before, but I really need to keep trying something new.
See how I go!

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