Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Easy Distance Run ~~~~~

I didn't find it that easy at all!  It was already hot when I left school at 11:00am but I did have some shade when I got as far as Scarlet Street on the far side of Renwick.  At times, this 'easy' run became a bit of a struggle, but that could be that I'm not used to running every day...accumulative effect perhaps.

Easy Distance Run
40-70 minutes @ suggested pace 9:33-10:56 m/k.   Garmin only goes as far as 8:55m/k so I set it for 8:30m/k, quite a bit faster pace than in the program for an easy run!
Post run stretching.

I did 50 minutes
Avg. pace 7:58m/k...could have slowed down?
Distance 8.3km
HR 74%-84%
Avg. Cadence 173 spm.
TE  4.1  which means HIGHLY IMPROVING!

After 50 minutes I stopped running and walked about another 1km back to school for recovery. Did the usual stretching  on the soccer field.  Tomorrow's training is a "Distance Run".... looking at the pace range for tomorrow, (8:30-9:30m/k) I think I did a distance run today!


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