Wednesday, August 31, 2005

3km Time Trial PB!!!

There was a gale blowing this morning....and some rain!

I did the usual 20 minute warm-up in light rain & strong winds; stretched & psyched myself up to let go!!

A good 'tail-gale' gave me a flying start to the finish........15:10! (3 weeks ago 18:22)

The last km was, as usual, well- nigh impossible to get to the end of...always the case when you've taken what seems like your last breath & legs, even lucky ones, say they've had enough! Walked 3km back to the car...headwind all the way. This is a really tough session for me & the last km hurts like hell, but when it's over & I see some improvement, I forget all about the pain!

Now I can't wait for my report card to arrive!

Edit (late at night) : I received a very good report card from Ewen who also gave me some excellent advice & warnings (re Blackmore's half marathon) that others will find helpful, so I'll include 2 of them here - (1) Running a fast half takes a lot of effort & racing hard often detracts from enjoying the event; (2) (the half) will be a success if you feel good during the race even if you don't run under 2hours 30.

Those words (gems each one of them) will be deeply implanted in my mind & will be my guide on race day, especially during those inevitable stretches when Chickybabe is running alone!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Easy "Run"

It wasn't a run at all....My legs were feeling a bit tired so I used the gym elliptical trainer ...30 minutes...including 10 minutes "running" backwards. Saving my legs for tomorrow's Time Trial! Yikes!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

'Easy' Run

Just 35 minutes this morning & what a morning!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Long Run

This morning's run was to be 1hour 55 minutes (or a bit longer.....if I felt like it); it became just a little bit longer at 2 hours 2 minutes, & as Ewen says : "easy all the way" or "just talking to the cows".........

It was the perfect morning : clear skies, warm sun & a pleasant breeze; couldn't get a better day to be alive & doing a long run. I was thinking as I jogged along : how I wish the rest of the world was like this...seeing what I'm seeing, doing what I'm doing & feeling on top of the world! Sad that it's not so.

Distance = 16km total; Time = 2:02 (1:02 out & 1:00 back!) . Phew...just made it! Left at 9:00am & home for breakfast at 11:00a.m. Took a gel but didn't need it; 2 watering stations (tanks!) on the way out and back. Did a few stretches at Glenquarry before commencing the climb back up that huge hill ...HR monitor said 90% of max. here!

And now for the week ahead:

29 - 35 minutes 'easy'.
30 - 25 minutes 'easy'
31 - TIME TRIAL - 3km HARD! ("Go for a PB & try for a tailwind," he says!) Gulp! Grrrr!
1 - Rest Day...(about time!) First day of Spring...yippee!
2 - 55 minutes 'steady'....whatever that is!
3 - Rest Day or 20 minutes 'easy' (Well, I know which one that'll be!!)
4 - Long Run - 110 minutes finishing strongly! (Lucky if I finish at all!!)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

..........a little of this & that........

Friday, August 26, 2005

A "Fairly Solid Pace" Kind of Run.

The session was 60 minutes duration, including 5 minutes warm-up, 50 minutes "fairly solid pace" & 5 minutes warm-down. I didn't find it an 'easy' run, but then 'fairly solid' is not synonymous with 'easy', I guess.

Total distance for 60 minutes was 8.5km (not far, is it?); fairly warm at 11:00 a.m. when I started & got even warmer as the pace became more solid! Polar monitor gives me average HR of 80-85% & 7:03min/km....oh dear, my 1st marathon, 5 years ago, was run slightly faster than that pace!

I'll call it a "pilot study" for Blackmore's half marathon, which I hope won't be any longer than SMH half (2:27).

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

2km Time Trial

......hope I didn't look quite this crazy this morning as I tore along Old South Road, a danger to all!

Wore the 'Frees' today for a 2km Time Trial; warmed up for 20 minutes on the grass in the local soccer field, 4 x 100m strides; stretched, walked to 'the start' & flew away! 2km in 10:26 which I thought was good......waiting for word from big "W"! I tried so hard I could hardly breath at the end, but a couple of minutes later I felt fine & jogged 3km home. The pain was short-lived surprisingly & I took the 3 little doggies for their usual 40 minute romp through the cow paddocks this afternoon!

I'm always thinking : I train so hard, you'd think I'd be able to run out of sight during the daylight as well as on a dark night! Oh well, Chickybabe, just keep trying!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another 'Easy' Run

No trouble getting outdoors today; warm, sunny & no wind! A perfect sort of day really; ran 'easy' for 30 minutes, including 4 x 100m strides at the finish.

Monday, August 22, 2005

An 'Easy' Run

There wasn't a chance that I'd struggle with the elements again this morning, so off to the gym where I did an 'easy' 30 minutes on the treadmill, gradually increasing the incline to 6%; then a few crunches & stretches.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

This Week's Programme

22 - 30 minutes easy.
23 - 20 minutes easy.
24 - TIME TRIAL - 2km hard. ( No grrr!)
25 - Rest Day.
26 - 60 minutes consisting of 5 minutes warm-up, 50 minutes at 'fairly solid pace' (i.e. close to half marathon pace) - 5 minutes warm-down jog. (a possible grrr here?)
27 - Rest or 15 minutes easy.
28 - Long Run - 115 minutes (or a little more...not if there's gales like today!) easy all the way.

Chickybabe will soon be able to run out of sight.....but only on a dark night!

Long Run

F@&##&* gales! There, I've said it! Friggin' gales! No wonder I can't run out of sight on a dark night.....however I could barely stay in sight this morning! I don't mind that it was cold, but the wind was something not to behold! As I said to big 'W' when I emailed my report, I had to hang onto not just my cap, but my jumper & shorts as well! Shredded I was by the time I finished & now I'm walking around like an old woman & not at all like Chickybabe!

I was to do 80minutes, but that became 101 by the time I clambered back up the cliff from which I'd been blown (!!) &, more importantly, I had to round off the kms which took me to 7km out & the same back.

52:24 out & 49:17 back & not a breath did I have left in my body!

Edit 21/8/05 - so as I'll remember it 'when I grow too old to dream' - Age Category Results for City-to-Surf, 2005 - 70 & over - 3rd Place!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday, August 19, 2005

Time Trial - 3km

....I couldn't help but look pleased with myself this morning! I think, given a very long life, I might become not so slow! I can't say I enjoy this session yet, but it's becoming more agreeable!

So I did the usual 20 minutes warm up to get to where I start to fly; stopped for about 10 minutes & walked around & stretched (I must get a sketch of my stretch!) & ready to go! Now, anyone would think that given that I only had to try for a consistent pace of 6:45 each km, it would be a breeze; but I found it quite hard going & was very glad I had to do only 3 & not 10km.

Each km was - 6:25; 6:29; 6:35, giving a total of 19:29 & I'm hoping that big "W" confirms that Chickybabe is doing OK. Funny though, I always feel that I'm really speedy when I'm training, but alack, race results don't often conform to this image (below) that I have of myself!


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another 'Easy' Run

It's pretty good being able to start this sort of day with a run & a smile & a song! An 'easy' 40 minutes again. No side effects after the C2S; feeling a bit energetic actually! Simply can't make up my mind about Bankstown half marathon this Sunday...I'll ask "W" if he thinks it's too close to Blackmore's half in 3 weeks time.... it's a big help knowing someone whose brain hasn't become dulled by time!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

An 'Easy' Run

I was down for only 20 minutes this morning, but on such a superb day who could resist staying out longer? Not Chickybabe! In any case, I had to finish listening to the disc I'd taken along ("Man of La Mancha") & that lasted 40 minutes & that's how long I jogged 'easily' for! If tomorrow is like this, I don't think I'll be able to take a 'rest day''s just too damned good to stay inside!

Correct time for C2S (in today's SMH) is 1:41:29. 1st half in 54 minutes; 2nd half in 47 minutes; negative split of 7 minutes!! WHOOP!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Towards Blackmore's Half Marathon

..And so training for Chickybabe continues this week for 11th September...half marathon.

15 - Rest Day!!!
16 - 20 minutes easy run.
17 - 40 minutes easy run.
18 - 30 minutes easy run + 4 x 100m strides
19 - TIME TRIAL 3km......growl! At evenly hard pace...6:45 each km. More growl!
20 - Rest or 20 minutes easy run.
21 - LONG RUN - 80 minutes.

City-to-Surf, 2005

I had the most wonderfully enjoyable run of all my 17 C2S! Not faster than last year; in fact, 1 or 2 minutes slower, but I can't remember feeling this particular run so comfortable; can't remember enjoying every hill; can't remember running so fast down the hills!.. fast, I even terrified myself by my own speed! Can't remember loving every step of the way; can't remember a C2S where I didn't struggle..... ... but this was it! Put simply - I loved every minute of this year's City-to-Surf!

Amongst all of the Crs I met up with later at the Striders tent, (thanks to all for your welcome), it was Action who said something that I thought about on the trip back to Mittagong (& unless he reads blogs!!), he never will know the impact his words had. I'd kept saying to others, in answer to questions of, "How did you go?" "Oh, I'd hoped to go under 100 minutes, but not sure of the time adjustment for the first 2 starts"... always answering in terms of my time; explaining 1 or 2 minutes one way or the other; & I gave the same reply to Action, who ignored these responses about my time & kept asking, "But did you enjoy the run? Did you really enjoy yourself?"

"Yes! I said truthfully at last. "I loved every single minute of it!

"Well then," Action replied, "time is irrelevant!"

And it was only then that I realized what was really important about this run in particular & just how struggle free & free-spirited I'd felt during every one of those 14kms! Indeed, it was a very happy day for me!

Results in tomorrow's SMH & will know my correct time then & it's important.......just a little, but eventually I'll most likely forget it, whereas the euphoria of this City-to-Surf will be with me for the rest of my life!

Edit 21/8/05 - 70 & over Age Category Results - 3rd Place!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Last Session Before City-to-Surf

....doing the last 10 minutes of 30 minutes run at the gym. Instructions were to do this at 6:30 - 7:00 min/ per km pace, but Chickybabe flew along at 6:18 min/per km!!

...And that's about it until after Sunday's City-to-Surf...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

3km Time Trial...Grrrrrrr Session!

.. Chickybabe, blue with cold!! And a flurry of snow!!

The session was : 3km warm up, then a 10 minute break walking around & stretching, so I did that like this................. .........................................................................>

Then I have to psych myself up for the 3km TT, today 1 & 1/2km out & back, going hard but, to quote the likeable lad who is helping me be not so slow, "without killing yourself". The only way that was going to happen would be if an almighty tree fell on me. Lastly, a 3km jog/walk home; total 9km.

Now for the time 3km TT results... (& I'm pretty sure "W" will be quietly pleased with Chickybabe's slight improvement on the last 3km TT of 18:27); 18:22 (6:05, 6:03,6:13)!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Easy Run

I wouldn't go out in the wind again after last Sunday, simply couldn't! I went to the gym instead & did the 25 minutes + 4 x 100m strides on a treadmill; had a shower, came home feeling civilised & quite pleased with myself for not opting out of the session altogether!

Tomorrow is going to hurt, but "without killing yourself" as Ewen says! Grrrrr session!

All the 'stuff' for Blackmores Half Marathon came today...bib #4164.

Monday, August 08, 2005

'Easy' Run, 30 minutes.

Feeling a bit stiff behind my knees...why there? I don't know! So I walked a few minutes, before starting, to a dirt track that's always covered in a thick layer of pine needles......filtered light under huge old pines, quiet, out of the wind & soft under foot; very nice!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Long Run.....100 minutes

What a shocker of a morning! A cold, constant blast of wind coming across to my right side going out & the same rip-roaring wind to my left side on the return when I surely felt I was moving sideways more often than forward & the last 2kms fully into my face. I should have had gloves but didn't realize it was going to be that cold, so instead I pulled my hands inside my sweater...wishing I could have pulled my head in too; & I had to do a negative split & I did -

Just 'talk to the animals' pace out....a slow 60 minutes (to even the distance to 7km!) & 45 minutes back, (didn't bother about the seconds), speeding (?) up & down the hills as hard as the elements would allow! I worked so hard against the wind on the way back!! Total of 14km - Time 105 minutes; negative split 15 minutes. I think/hope 'W' will be pleased with that! What a relief afterwards to get into a hot shower & then a bowl of hot oats for breakfast.

Week Beginning 8th - 14th August:

8 - 30 minutes easy run.
9 - 25 minutes easy run + 4 x 100m strides
10- TIME TRIAL - 3km hard (grrrrrr!)
11- Rest Day (d'lovely!)
12- 15 minutes easy run. *
13- Rest Day (another d'lovely day!)

*Change to - 30 minutes run with last 10 at 6:30-7:00 per km pace.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Day in the Garden! I didn't run...neither did I rest, but on such a glorious day, I had to be in the garden preparing for Spring! A crab apple tree last Spring & the buds are already waiting to burst out all over again!

(Trying to work photos into my blog!)

Friday, August 05, 2005

50 Minutes 'Medium' Pace Run

Colder this morning...knew Winter would return, but clear skies & lovely sun. Time on feet today was actually 58 minutes because I wanted to round off the distance to 8km average of 7:15min/km...hoping that pace can be called "medium"!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Day Off!

Chickybabe is resting today!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A 2kmTime Trial

Warm up 20 minutes; 4 x 100m strides; walk around & stretch, like this....>

2km TT - and it was not easy at all! Time = 11:43 ( not hrs. & mins.!) & I ran really hard & I couldn't have run any faster or any further without ending up like this.................................>

A 4km jog/walk of about 8.5km. It was tough going at the time, but felt fine afterwards!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Easy Run + Strides

Is there no end to these wonderful sunny days? 16 degrees today & 17 degrees tomorrow; it's absolutely, bloominlootly fantastic! So to be out for only 20 minutes did seem a shame, but do or die, I'll do as I'm told : 20 minutes easy jogging followed by 4 x 100m strides - and I even enjoyed them!

Tomorrow is TT Day for Chickybabe! But I notice it's 2km this week not 3....phew! First though, the usual warmup, stretch & strides & flapping of feathered wings! I'm actually looking forward to seeing if I find it as hard as last week; being shorter, (the distance, not me!) I suppose not.

Monday, August 01, 2005

An 'Easy' Run ...August Already!

Another fantastic day to be out! This is least the daffodils, jonquils etc. think so! They've been blooming out of their little minds for weeks now & I've been picking some of them for inside the house. They're such cheerful little things! Pity another blast of Winter is still to come.

This morning's run was at an easy pace for 30 minutes...not hard to do in this sort of weather. More please!