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Have been a keen runner for more than 40 years; member of ACT Veterans Club. Ran my first of 11 marathons in 2000 and the NYC Marathon in 2005 where I carried the Australian flag at the "Friendship Run" (photo at left). Have Australian Age Category Records for two 50km Ultra Marathon events, a half marathon and 5000m track race; ACT record for 1 mile. Born in 1929 (!), I lived in Sydney with my husband, Jim, until we moved to the Southern Highlands in 1995....Jim passed away in 2011 after 45 years together, during which time we travelled extensively and made NYC our favourite destination at Christmas.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Longer Run ~~~~~ Australia Day!

What a perfect day for a run!  Very cool and overcast in the Southern Highlands.  I enjoyed every kilometer from the Highlands School along Diamond Fields Road and back stopping only to take a few photos.

Diamond Fields Road Run

Today :   11.3km
T.E.  2.5  =  Maintaining!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #17 ~~~~~ 34:58

I don't know why my official times at Bowral Parkrun are sometimes not correct!  Today. 35:05, only 6 seconds slower than my Garmin 620 of 34:58, so I won't worry about it.  But, rightly or wrongly, 'my time' being right means a lot to me so I'm taking my GPS time as being the correct one in future.  It's not that I take seconds to start; I'm in the front line of a small group of runners, press start when RD says "Go" and press 'Finish' as I cross the finish line and go immediately to have bar code etc scanned.  I know I can notify RD when there are errors  and I did so last Saturday when Garmin time was 34:45 and a PB whereas published time was 35:01 It was later corrected in results but I don't like making a regular fuss about timing.

Whinge Over!!

I was running really well this morning and well in line for another PB....until the finish hill when I began to violently dry retch;  couldn't run and barely walk the 500m to the end; collapsed on the ground and thanks to Christine RD and others who either fanned me or gave me water to drink...what a mess I was in!  A local doctor who runs every Saturday assured me I wasn't about to have a heart attack which cheered me up no end! I owe all who helped me a huge thanks!

Googled "the heaves/retching" and it seems to be because of insufficient fluids and pushing too hard...sounds right!

My time according to Garmin 620 : 34:58

Take a look at the splits!  6:35;     6:42;     6:44;     6:46......and.....8:09!!!!!!  Tells its own story!

Avg. Pace 7:01 

TE (Training Effect) :  4.5 = Highly Improving (5 is 'overreaching!)

I wasn't the only one affected by the weather today.  All to whom I spoke found it very much as I did :  wickedly hot and atrociously humid!

Next Saturday I'm a volunteer so I have time to recover and go after that lost PB!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Easy Jog/Walk ~~~~~

Having done no running this wet week, time to see if the legs would move.  They did, but awfully slowly! As usual, a too late start and it was too hot and humid to do much more than jog/walk, but I wanted to do something before Parkrun tomorrow.  Clouds coming across now so the forecast for storms might turn out to be correct.

Today :

6km jog/walk


Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Local Rag ~~~~~ and Bowral Parkrun!

Good to see Parkrun receiving some publicity in the local press!  I don't get this particular paper and had no idea a local identity had been featured until I had a call from a neighbour who said she was glad this person hadn't been referred to as a 'legend' again! Some months ago when Bowral parkrun started up, 'legend' had been used.

I didn't know how to get the information onto my blog except to take a photo of the article and then transfer it here.  I'm sure there is a better way of doing it, but this will suffice.

The pressure is on for those points now!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hill Repeats ~~~~~

Bong Bong Road
Surprisingly cool morning!

Parked in Highlands School (top left), short jog around school grounds, downhill on Bong Bong Road to where it meets Old South Road.

6 x 90 seconds long hill repeats
Jog down. Wait few minutes & Repeat.
Jog back to school where I moved the 6 goats into another paddock and then home.

 I was too tired to do a long run yesterday.  Thought it more gainful to rest and today do something short, but requiring some effort.  Hill repeats did the job!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #16 ~~~~~

A new PB at last!!  It was Parkrun #12, December 13, that I ran a recent PB in 34:59. Today, it happened again and I had a feeling before I started that today was going to be be the day for another one!

I was at 'Briars Inn' around 7:15am for the usual warm-up of an easy jog and a few drills, a drink and a toilet stop!  67 runners/walkers this morning which is good for a small Parkrun such as ours.  Weather good : warm, very warm running but a welcome breeze kept conditions pleasant and the course has to be one of the prettiest Parkruns...a downhill grassy start (muddy in one section after rain), along the cycle/walk path which runs parallel to the Wingecarribee River on one side and open fields on the other.  Country-life at its best!

Bowral Parkrun 5km

For all of the 5km I felt quite confident I was in line for a PB ...funny how you just seem to know it on a particular day, right from the start!  Wasn't easy though and I had to stop once to retie a shoelace...there goes 5 seconds, I thought, and then put on a spurt to catch up 5 seconds!  No stopping on the hill climb to the finish either and finally a sprint, well I call it a sprint, to the finish. I must be mad.....I give this run everything I've got; you'd think there was a million dollar prize waiting for me...I try so hard!  Can't help it; it's the way I am! VP set to run 6:59m/k and I won!

5km in 34:45
Avg. Pace 6:59m/k  ...same as VP!
Splits : 6:45;    6:51;    6:58;    6:58;    7:10

**TE   3.7   =  Improving! 

Age Graded Score ...88.78%   WooHoo!!  Can I get to 90%??

I should give some credit to the new shoes I wore for the first time today...Here they are :

Hoka One One "Clifton"

A light, well cushioned runner...thanks Ruth for the thumbs up!  I wasn't disappointed.
**TE stands for 'Training Effect'.  One of the many features of the new Garmin 620.  It uses heart rate to measure accumulated intensity of exercise on your aerobic fitness and indicates if you are maintaining your current fitness or improving it.
1.0  -  Minor
2.0  -  Maintaining
3.0  -  Improving
4.0  -  Highly Improving
5.0  -  Over-reaching.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

5 of 8km


Lovely morning!  Warm, cool breeze...just right!

Tempo Run : 1.5k warm-up from home to Renwick.

5km @ 7:11m/k based on 35 min 5km time.

1.5km cool-down ..Renwick to home.

Time : 36:12
7:33;  6:58;  7:10;  7:20;  7:10
TE 3.1 = Improving!!

VP was set to run 7:00m/k so I finished about a minute behind him..... BLAH!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Track........On Road ~~~~~

Unable to get across to Chev College today.  I walked from home to Highlands School and ran up and down Radio Road, which is at the side of the Highlands School.
Radio Road 300m + 100m on BongBong Road

2km walk to Highlands School.
6 x 400m...program time .. 2:39 based on 35min 5km time F.I.R.S.T. 5k training.

My times:  2:35;    2:32;    2:30;   2:31;   2:33;    2:31

2km walk home. 

I didn't leave as much recovery time between each repeat as I usually do and, strangely, I felt I ran better with less recovery!  Maybe not time for momentum to lapse?  I don't know!

Rest tomorrow!