Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Long Easy Distace Run ~~~~

50 -75 min easy run

Started at Briars Inn - to Moss Vale end of cycle path - to Oxley end - back up grassy hill to Briars.  Lovely run in  serene surroundings!

I did 78 minutes ... TE 2.0 .Maintaining

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Long Run ~~~~~

From Highlands School, Diamond Fields Road and back to school.  Shocking cold wind!  Haven't had dry retching when running in ages, but I did this morning .... such an awful sick feeling - forced to walk the last 3km while Leah went ahead to complete her run in preparation for her half marathon at Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, Sept. 18.  Just as well I'm only running the 9km Bridge Run!

14km in 2:08:35
TE 2.3  -  Maintaining!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Road Intervals ~~~~~

Parked in Renwick and set off from there to surrounding roads.

15 min warm-up (not on map)
10-20 x 30 secs. @ 6:15m/k
RI 1 min jog.
No cool-down!

I've no idea how many repeats I did; lost count after 10!  I don't know why I enjoyed this session so much!  Maybe it was too easy, but I felt really good when I'd finished ... better after a session than I have felt in a while .... quite perked up and alive for a change!!

Road Intervals

Monday, August 22, 2016

Wake up lazy legs! ~~~~~

After a horribly slow Bowral Parkrun on Saturday (37:03!!), the good half hamstring on my left leg was aching on Sunday, so no long run that day either.  Any time I run on concrete always leaves my entire left leg in some pain and all but about 500m of grassy hill is concrete.

To get my legs moving again, after school this morning, I did 1 set Magill drills with alternating strides after a warm-up jog and finished with a short cool-down walk.  On road in Scarlet Street.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fatal accident on Moss Vale Road this morning.  I had to detour back along Eridge Park Road, then drove via Osborne Street to the Oxley College end of our Bowral parkrun course.  5km and through a flooded section of pathway to check on the grass hill being dry enough to use this Saturday.  I think it is.

The accident was an horrific sight and had huge police and rescue units in place all clearly visible from the cycle path.  Later news told of a 69 year old man killed and a 49 year old man seriously injured and airlifted to hospital.  Stark reminder of how quickly a life can end on the roads.

I had to do 6 x 90 seconds hill repeats and I did those on the grassy hill after inspecting it for water, mud etc. After that, and watching the helicopters take off, another 5km including the large puddle again, back to where I began at Oxley end of the cycle path.  That meant a total of 10km, 5k more than I'd intended for today!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chev Track ~~~~~

Not a good workout; oval boggy from rain and made worse from footballers!  All reps were too slow, but I tied and couldn't run any faster; as it was, it was damn hard!

Warm-up + couple strides
6 - 12 x 400m ...in 2:24...I did 6!
90 sec RI
Stretches to finish.

2:40;   2:41;   2:40;   2:44;   2:47;   2:53

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Easy Long Distance ~~~~~

2 - 2.5 hrs easy running. 
I did the minimum .... 2 hours 2minutes 10 seconds!

Started at school, Diamond Fields Road to where it ends and back to school.  Stunning morning!  As usual on D.F. Road, the surface was rough and strewn with rocks and stones so the aim was to do the time on feet without face-planting!  Long time since I've run anything over 10km but felt really good, only a couple of walk breaks, ran all hills, and there were plenty of them, except for part of a really long one which I walked.  Finished feeling 14k was about as far as my hammie was happy to run!

14km in 2:02:10
AHR 80-92% of max.
Avg. Cadence 165 spm
TE ~~  2.8 = Maintaining!

...... this morning's run on Diamond Fields Road .....

Thursday, August 11, 2016

On Bowral Parkrun Course ~~~~

While checking out the improvement or otherwise of the grassy hill this morning, I then ran along the cycle path to do today's 'sort of' extra track session:

12x 200m @ 6:15m/k...with RI

I did 2km warm-up out along cycle path

Too much distraction trying to see every 200m on Garmin.  Ran what I thought would be 200m with easy jogging RI keeping an eye on VP and pace for the 200s instead of distance.  Ahead of VP for each but not sure of how many I ran!

Our grassy hill still has a couple of wet sections, so guessing it's back to Course B again this Saturday.