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Have been a keen runner for more than 40 years; member of ACT Veterans Club. Ran my first of 11 marathons in 2000 and the NYC Marathon in 2005 where I carried the Australian flag at the "Friendship Run" (photo at left). Have Australian Age Category Records for two 50km Ultra Marathon events, a half marathon and 5000m track race; ACT record for 1 mile. Born in 1929 (!), I lived in Sydney with my husband, Jim, until we moved to the Southern Highlands in 1995....Jim passed away in 2011 after 45 years together, during which time we travelled extensively and made NYC our favourite destination at Christmas.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bowral Parkrun # 30 ~~~

A very humid morning after 24 hours of steady rain; grassy slope wet and slippery.

Going Down .... in pink!

Time :  34:29 (no PB there!)
Avg. pace 7:00m/k
AHR 84%;  MHR 91%

6:44;     6:54.8;     6:54.8;     6:55;     7:25

TE  ~~  3.1 =  Improving!

.... and climbing back up!

Enjoyed this morning's run but the final hill gets me every time, otherwise splits good!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

A very warm morning, quite hot running...even slowly!  I'm going to have to HTFU if I'm to start half marathon training in a week or two! I did today's run as best I could but slower than I should have :

Tempo Run :
1km warm-up
7km @ ST pace .... 7:10m/k for my latest 34min 5k time.
1km cool-down.

Total 9km
Training Effect 3:0 = Improving!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chev.Track ~~~~~

10-20 min warm-up ...... Jog + few strides
1600m (10:41)
1200m (7:54)
800m   (5:12)
400m   (2:34)
400m  RI

My Times!
10:54;    8:23;   5:24;   2:44
That says it all!

Beautiful, sunny morning ....only wish I had been half as bright as the weather!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #28 ~~~~~

First wet day for Bowral Parkrun; steady rain and slippery grass.  Once again, I had that dreadful dry retching on the way back up the grass hill.  Perhaps Thursday's lurgy wasn't quite gone, I don't know, but I do know I didn't feel well for the entire 5km and felt positively wretched at the finish!

Anyhow, here goes:
5km in 35:09
6:48;  6:47;  6:56;  7:01;  7:35
AHR 81%; MHR 84%
TE 4:0 ...... Highly Improving!  Really?

Friday, April 03, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

Yesterday, Thursday, I did the tempo run along Bowral Parkrun course : it's quiet, scenic and away from all traffic except for the occasional cyclist and walker. I went in the opposite direction from Parkrun for the first 1.5km and found the pathway led into a bush reserve via a pretty tree lined track.  I was thoroughly enjoying this change until I ran headlong up to a black snake lying across the track!  It might have been dead but it didn't move as I took a flying leap over it. At that point I took the fastest track out of the reserve and back onto the pathway!

Tempo Run :
1.5k warm-up
3.0k @ ST pace (7:00m/k for me)......24:39 (7:50m/k)
1.5k easy
1.5k @ ST pace ...... 12:07 (7:57m/k)
1.5k easy
3.0k @ ST pace ...... 25:30 (8:14m/k)
1.5k cool-down.

I had some stomach cramps not long after starting and so running a 7:00m/k just didn't happen in the sections where it should have.  Nevertheless, I did the full session finishing by having to run that final grassy hill that we do on Saturdays.  I had to run the hill twice to make up the 1.5km cool-down.  I was happy to get back to the car and home!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Track at Chev. ~~~~

10 min warm-up + few strides
400m 2:34
600m 3:53
800m 5:12

I ran all of the above within the required times but .......NO TRACE OF ANYTHING ON GARMIN WHEN I CHECKED AT HOME LATER!!!!  I don't know what's gone wrong with Garmin, but it makes me very annoyed whatever the problem is!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Longer" Run ~~~~~

Range Road again, and with Leah for company, for my longer run this morning.  Weather and scenery perfect! Easy running.

10km of rolling hills in 1hour 30 minutes.

Week 3 (of 10k program)...done!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #27 ~~~~~

Great to be back at Parkrun this morning after several weeks off and it was such a beautiful day to make a start! A very cold start but not long to warm up.  I ran very conservatively and didn't expect to do much better than the time (37:?) I did on the course last Saturday after volunteering.  I was very pleased then to see 34:44 on the Garmin 620 when I finished and that's  the official results time as well.

After looking at my time on the Garmin I accidentally discarded the entire run so I have no stats at all for this week!  Nevertheless, I'm OK with the time which wasn't that far off my PB of 33:43 for this course and therefore I'm encouraged to train well this coming week and chip away at 34:44 over the next few runs. Seems possible!

Today :
5km in 34:44
Age Graded Score 88.82%