Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Whatever Happened to Heart Rate? And Road Repeats ~~~~~

It went from the sublime to the ridiculous this morning! Heart rate ranging from 103% to 127% of MHR!  I should be dead!  Maybe I am and don't know it yet!  No!  Everything around me is as usual when training lately:  rain never far away!

Warm-up ... I did 15 mins.
6 x 800m  in 6:01 ...  I did 3!
90 sec RI ... I took more!
Cool down ...  didn't happen; it rained!

1. 6:24  .... TE 2.0 Maintaining
2. 6:18  .... TE 1.8 Minor
3. 6:07  .... TE 2.0 Maintaining

I struggled big time this morning and called it quits after 3 repeats.  Gasping for breath up and down Scarlett Street instead of going to Chev track which would certainly have been under water by now and, feeling as sapped as I did, where I might easily have disappeared forever into the swamp!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Simon's Cat April Showers" ... change that to March!


I missed parkrun yesterday, not because of the awful weather conditions, but simply because I was too exhausted!  Exhausted after having run all my running sessions over the past fortnight in rain, rain and more rain!  Enough to tire the fittest!  Had the weather been fine I still could not have run, so I know how Simon's cat feels!  Rested all day yesterday except for taking 'Amy' for her walk through the paddocks while I fed cows, goats and chooks.  Still tired today and I got exactly what I expected this morning: rain, rain, rain!

This morning was no exception to the weather of late: rain showers all the way out and back from the Highlands School.  The dirt road was a quagmire in several sections and wading through ankle deep water on slippery mud was - I was about to say 'fun' - more like comic drama!  A combination of walking, jogging, jumping, wading, slipping and sliding just to finish 8km!

Les Miserables!

AHR 96bpm;  MHR 121bpm
67% to 84% of Max.

TE  1.4  =  Minor!  WHAT?  I'm changing that to "MAJOR'!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Just Singin' & Runnin' in the Rain! ~~~~~

Light rain on the cycle path in Bowral for this morning's run : 6km at mid-tempo pace.

Warm-up  :  Jog down the grassy hill

6km (@ MT pace) ....pace 8:18m/k based on 39 min finish for recent 5km.

Cool-down  :  Jog up the grassy hill.

I never really got into any sort of rhythm for whatever reason!  The warm-up was too short : 500m instead of 1.5km but it was raining heavily at the start and so I set off immediately I reached the path.  Light rain along the entire 6km; that was OK; stayed ahead of VP .. that was OK too!  Just felt heavy, slow and lethargic!  Tragic!

6km (50 mins.)
Avg. pace 8:12m/k
AHR 112bpm;  MHR 149bpm (glitch?)
78% - 103% of max. 
8:00;  8:05;  8:45;  8:16;  8:28;  8:19

6km on cycle path.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Road Repeats ~~~~~

I used a straight stretch of road on Scarlet Street this morning, knowing that Chev oval would be too wet after last night's storm.  Just managed to get the whole session done as more rain fell.  It wasn't an easy session by any means - track never is - but I like track days just the same, especially when I stay ahead of VP as I did this morning!

10 mins warm-up
10 x 400m in 3:02 .... time now based on a 39 min for 5km.  No more 40 min pacing!
90 sec RI
10 mins cool-down   +  Stretches

2:37;  3:02;  2:42;  2:45;  2:50;  2:47;  2:58;  2:33;  3:00;  2:28
AHR 65%  - 94% of MHR

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Long Run ~~~~~ and 4 weeks of consistent running done & dusted!

This glorious morning I aimed to run easily for about 90 minutes but at that time I was so close to 10km I ran the extra distance around the school soccer field.  I was reminded while I jogged along Diamond Fields Road and Buckman's Lane of just how beautiful an area I have in which to run.  Few places are more beautiful and few runners more fortunate than I! 

Today I finished 4 uninterrupted weeks in which I did every session in my 5km program!  So happy with that especially after having lost so many weeks at the start of the year with 2 bouts of bronchitis and 2 short stays in hospital.....  "the glass is refillable"!  Believe it!

As I do now on my long runs, this morning I included strides, about 80m, on the flat and several 10 second sprints each time I came to a hill.  I like doing this, apart from the obvious benefits, because it breaks up the time on feet by changing paces while, at the same time, helping motivation over longer distances.

My Program for today:

90 minutes easy running ....ended being 95mins.
AHR 102bpm;   MHR 130bpm
71%  to  90% of MHR

TE  1.4  Minor!  What?  Again?  What do I have to do to earn 'Improving'?

I use the white posts on either side of the road for strides!

I never knew people raised camels in the Southern Highlands but here's a new arrival and there were several others in an adjoining paddock.

School, Diamond Fields Road, Buckman's Lane, soccer field, school, usual stretches.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bowral Parkrun ~~~ broke 40 mins. at last!

Still a long way from my PB of 33:34 but 2:17 faster than last Saturday ...  I'm happy with that ... for now!  Ran my heart out, I did!

5km in 39:28 (Garmin Time)

AHR 123;  MHR 132
85%  -  92% of MHR
Avg. Pace 7:55m/k

Splits:  7:27;  7:42;  7:59;  7:55;  8:22 up that blasted hill!

TE  Maintaining!  (I call it "Improving"!)

84.90% Age Grade!

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Tempo Run ~~~~ and a good one for a change!

"Good" just means I kept the pace I was supposed to! VP running at 8:10m/k for the ST 1.5km sections; me just ahead of him!

Very pleasant running on Bowral parkrun cycle path; 2 detours into nearby streets, past Oxley College and back onto the cycle path to finish at the top of the grassy hill!

1.5km easy
1.5k @ ST pace (8:10m/k based on  40 min finish for 5k)
1.5k easy
1.5k @ ST pace
1.5k easy
1.5k @ ST pace
1.5k easy

Total 10.5km

500m splits @ ST pace
3:52;   3:58;   4:34
4:01;   4:08;   4:04
3:56;   3:52;   4:01

AHR 104bpm;   MHR 122bpm
72%  -  85% of MHR

TE   2.0  Maintaining!  What?  It's Improving! 

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Chev. Track ~~~~~

Partly cloudy and cool; 400m lane just visible.  I think this narrow strip marks the boundary for cricket if I remember correctly, so I expect it will disappear altogether shortly. For now, it does very nicely as a 400m lane.

1600m (12:36);     1200m (9:21);     800m (6:10);    400m (3:03)
Times/paces based on 40min 5km finish.

15 min warm-up

My Results::  12:26;    9:17;    6:10;    2:59

78-88% of max. TE 2.0;  77-85% of max.  TE 1.8;  77-86% of max. TE 1.5;  77-85% of max. TE 1.3

Short cool-down & Stretches.

Surprised and pleased to stay just ahead of VP, who was set to run at the times above in blue, for all 4 repeats!  It wasn't easy by any means but I always enjoy a track session when ahead of VP.  I think that's because it gives me a real sense of satisfaction at having won!