Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Saturday, Sunday and Today ~~~~~

Saturday:  Bowral Parkrun in another slow time of 39:40 (84.58% age graded).

Sunday:  Long Run/Walk 13km.  TE 2.8 .. Maintaining!

Today, Tuesday:  Track at Chev. College
4 -6 x 800m ... I did 4!
6:10 or 7:43m/k

My times:   6:08;    6:26;    6:30;    6:15

Lanes not visible so it was guess work where to run!

"Leg Drains"!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Continuous Session including Hill Repeats ~~~~


on our Bowral Parkrun course!

After a long warm-up :  First set: 6x30 seconds with 30sec RI.

Second set:  4x3:30minutes with jog/walk down RI.

Short cool down walk and stretches.

Very pleased with myself after this tough session!

7km.  AHR 100-134bpm (74% -99% of max.)

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Strength Exercises!

... as set out in my program from "Run Less Run Faster", on non-running days.  While I can still hold 'the plank' comfortably for 2 minutes, I'm happy!

Tomorrow, some long hill repeats; another assault on the
.... on our Bowral Parkrun  course!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Road Repeats ~~~~~

Jog warm-up about 20 mins.  Scarlett Street.  Super morning, but bit windy on every second repeat where I turned around to return to the start ... to run the next repeat.

10 x 400m (3:03), 90 secs. RI

Pleased that all 10 were ahead of VP!

2:56;   2:53;   2:56;   2:59;  2:53;   3:01;   2:52;   2:59;   2:53;   2:56

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Saturday and Sunday ~~~~~

Saturday : Missed parkrun!

Sunday :  After probably more than 2 years I made a return to Range Road for a long run this morning...

12km:  Run/Walk 30/30 seconds

2hours;  AHR 104-131 bpm/76% -96% of max.  TE  2.9 ... Maintaining!

I'd just about forgotten how tough and hilly this road is but very soon reminded!  I parked at the "Abbey Aged Care facility" on Range Road ..... thought it a good advertisement to be seen running down the long driveway and up the first of many hills! 

Wonderful views from the crest; recalled the many much longer runs I'd done there years back when preparing for a marathon; all the way to Glenquarry and then down winding Tourist Road and the hard climb back up again!  Four, five and six hours! Recall driving the course on the previous day and placing water bottles along the course to save carrying any!  When I look back to those days, I don't know how I did it!  Those were the days, my friends!  Those were the days!

Very much enjoyed the change from the rough surface of Diamond Fields Road to a sealed road all the way. At 6km turnaround I ran every 2nd run segment as a 30 second acceleration; got back faster that way to where I started looking more like a resident of the Age Care facility than when I set off!

Thursday, August 03, 2017

An Uphill Battle! ~~~~~

Forgot to write up Tuesday's track session at Chev.  Nothing to shout out loud about either!  I was behind VP for the entire time so I'll leave it at that!
1600m 1200m, 800m 400m.

Today, Thursday:  and another change from the usual tempo run.....

As a continuous run......  Long Hill Repeats ... Bowral Parkrun grassy hill and cycle path: 6.5km total...

12 mins warm-up on cycle path

First Set:
6x30 seconds up hill with 30secs RI downhill

Second Set:
4 x 3:30 minutes from the bottom to the top with jog/walk down RIs.

15 mins cool-down

This was a tough slog up that hill!

MHR 134 bpm.... 99% of max.!! 

TE only 2.8 after all that donkeywork!

From almost at the top.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Saturday and Sunday ~~~~~

Saturday's Bowral Parkrun, #91 for me!  :  did the entire 5km run/walk, 60/30 seconds right from the start and still managed to go under the vital moment of 40 minutes!

5km in 39:01 Age Grade 85.99%
TE 5.0  =  OVERREACHING!!  Meaning the activity was very demanding.. and it certainly felt that way!

Finishing a "very demanding" parkrun!

Sunday's Long Run :  did the same 60/30 jog/walk for 14km in 2hrs 16mins.
TE  2.8 ... Maintaining!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Mixed Bag ~~~~~

In order to keep Thursday easier, I set off to do a MHR test instead of the usual tempo run.  This involved a thorough warm-up, 3 minutes hard running, 3 minutes easy, 3 minutes hard running; take the highest reading from the 2nd 3 minutes as MHR.  Bowral parkrun course.  Beautiful morning!

3.5km warm-up .. starting from Briars

First fast 3km :  118 -127 bpm

3 mins. easy

Second fast 3km : 125-132 bpm

5.7km Run/walk 30/60 incl. 10 x 30 secs. strides.  Finishing at Briars; stretches on the grass.

Total 10.4km

And that was it!  Test shows MHR of 132bpm, added on 4 more for good measure making MHR 136 bpm, which is exactly what I've been using as MHR before doing the test!