Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

An unpleasantly hot and windy morning on Bowral Parkrun course!  A poor run by me, two walk breaks (but not up the grassy hill!); found the heat and especially the awful wind just too much.

5km in 36:13
TE 2.6 .... maintaining.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hill Reps at Briars Country Inn & Historic Lodge ~~~~~


Finish at distant hedge....

4 x 280m hill. Jog down RI.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

6.5km on Bowral Parkrun course in overcast but steamy conditions. Seem to have lost Garmin data, I think due to internet outage for past 24 hours; can't find it anywhere and auto deletes after transfer. I know I was well ahead if VP!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hill Repeats ~~~~

Same as last Tuesday : Bowral Parkrun Course : Steepest section on grassy hill!

10 min warm-up + body looseners
10 x 200m approx. uphill
Jog down RI

Warm to hot morning; not too bad with slight breeze but I hear it's going to get much hotter as the week progresses.

Increased the number of reps by 2; next week I think I'll do fewer reps but increase the distance, so that instead of stopping at the top of the hill, I'll keep running through to the arch where we finish on a Saturday.  That's the plan anyway!  Thank goodness there's no one around to see my madness!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fishers Ghost 5km ~~~~

Cool weather for a change at Campbelltown's Fishers Ghost fun runs (5 & 10kms) and it made all the difference on this hilly course!

My run : 5km
Time: Official 35:51;   Net 35:28

1st place in 70+ age category!!  About 3 minutes faster than last year!!

Splits : 7:23;   7:02;   6:53;   7:23;   6:14
Avg.7:05 m/k

Won lucky draw (first ever!) Mizuno 'Wave Rider 19' shoes!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~

Garmin shut down for maintenance!  Will post results asap!

Tempo Run:
1.5km @ ST pace (7:10m/k)
1.5km easy
1.5km @ ST pace
1.5km easy
1.5km @ ST pace

To be continued....

Here we go:
1.5km @ ST pace in 10:34 (avg. pace 7:07m/k)
1.5km @ ST pace in 10:36 (avg. pace 7:07m/k)
1.5km @ ST pace in 10:17 (avg. pace 6:51m/k)..... this incl. running up grassy hill!

Finished with few stretches. Liked the session with the easy running between harder pace!

New path from the Bowral Parkrun course being constructed

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Track ~~~~ with a difference!

Left turn at top and keep running!

The difference being ..... instead of Chev. track I substituted the track of the monster hill on our Bowral Parkrun course!

10 min warm-up on cycle path
8 x 200m  ..... that being the steepest section of the hill!
Jog down RI
5 min cool-down + stretches.

I didn't time repeats, just ran same distance each time as hard as I could ....... keeping good form!!  Tough session, but I enjoyed it, probably because it was something I hadn't done before and in the hope that, with practice, this hill will become a little easier on Saturdays!


Sunday, November 08, 2015

Catching Up Again ~~~~

1. Saturday....Bowral Parkrun : 34:10 .. 16 seconds better than last week.  TE 4.2 ...Highly Improving!!

2. Sunday ....Long Run Today : 10.5km (with Leah);  Diamond Fields Road.  TE 2.4 ...Maintaining!

Friday, November 06, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

Yesterday's run :  On Bowral Parkrun course ~~~~~ where another pathway is being constructed ...somewhere new to explore, but underwater today: 

5km @ 7:10m/k

8:08;   7:35;   7:43;   7:14;   6:17 ... up the grassy hill the fastest!!

Weather bad : windy and wet.
TE 2.6 =  Maintaining

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Track at Chev. ~~~~~

Very overcast, grey day.  Grass on 'my lane' needs cutting!

10-20 min warm-up ....... did 10 min+couple strides
4 x 1000m in 6:45
400m RI

I was way too slow but the best I could do without having to stop mid reps.

7:09;     7:14;     7:07;     6:58
Opposite the oval ....Way, way up there is a man lopping branches! 

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Catch Up ~~~~~

Saturday:  Bowral Parkrun #57
TE 4.3 ~~~ Highly Improving!
6.53;  6:50;   6:53;   6:44;  and up the hill 7:31!

Sunday:  Long Run
10km in 1 hour 20min.
TE 2.0 ~~~~~ Maintaining!
AHR 70%;  MHR 82%
Hilly Diamond Fields Road.
Garmin says I need 24 hours recovery; just so happens Monday is always a rest day!