Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Workout #1...Track

I leap over buildings!

I had onlookers this morning in the persons of the the Headmaster and Deputy while I did my track session at the school!  They were in making preparations for the start of school next week and came out for some fresh air and a chat. I'm so lucky to have the use of their grounds, taps and toilets!  I probably won't go back to using Chevalier College track in Bowral though it would be more accurate I suppose.  Not enough to make much difference in results.

Program :  10-20 min warm-up
                   6 x 800m in 5:07 (6:23m/k) 
                   10 min cool-down.

1k warm-up + 4 strides
5:10;  5:10;  5:09;  5:11;  5:05;  5:03......all good!
1km cool-down + few stretches.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Workout #3 - Long Run

Along lovely Diamond Fields Road...

One of many hills!

I waited until the rain stopped and then started my run at 11:00am.  A good day weather wise - overcast, nice breeze, 20 degrees and only slightly humid.

So why was I so tired for the return 8km?  Not a good night's sleep Saturday; lately I've been awake until 3, 4 or even 5'oclock before getting to sleep. No wonder then that I sleep in!

Why were the soles of my feet so sore?  Never felt this particular pain before!  Just about all others are quite familiar by now, but not sore soles of both feet.  Walked some of the hills...most of them to be truthful!

Program:  16km @ HMP+12sec/km (7:50)

Result:  16km in 2:11:57
Avg. Pace 8:15m/k  AHR 109 (70%);  MHR 130 (82%).
5km splits = 40:14;  40:29;  42:36;    (8:37)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Workout #2

Tempo Run 10km

1.5k easy; 3.5km @ MT pace (7:02m/k); 1.5k easy; 3.5km @ MT pace; 1.5k easy.

1.5k easy....OK
3.5km  :  24:44;  Splits = 7:02;  7:05;  6:44;  (3:25).
1.5k easy....OK
3.5km  :  25:28;  Splits = 7:15;  7:05;  7:01;  (3:30).
1.5k easy ... and happy to finish!

Total 10km.

It was SO humid at 11:35am when I started!  I took the 'easy' sections very easy and then tried harder in the 2x3.5km.  Glad to finish and get to some shade and a tap.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Workout #1 - Track

Program:  1km warm-up
                  2 x 1200m  (7:47 )
                  4 x 800m ( 5:07)
                  1km cool-down.

I ran on my makeshift track around the school and on the road.  Measured the distances before starting and lined up a finishing point for each.

2x1200m .......9:04;  8:47 ....way too slow!
4x800m..........5:27;  5:30;  5:21;  5:23.....also too slow!

7.6km total. 

Monday, January 16, 2012


Today   -   30 minute brisk walking + a few strength exercises.

Thinking about strength and athleticism.....reminds me  :  Dan Daily, Gene Kelly and Michael Kidd:  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Runnin' in the Rain....

After having a gastric thing during the week, I really had to force myself out this morning and that's about all I accomplished - getting myself out.  I didn't so much mind the light rain, mist and being soaked as much as making the effort to start up again!  My program had 18km for today's Workout #3, long run;  however, I only did 8km and headed for home and a hot shower.

Reminds me of.......

Friday, January 13, 2012

Workout #3

Late edition!  Last Sunday's long run.  Computer on the blink for most of the week.

Workout #3 : 15km long run @ 7:50m/k

5km splits 39:09 (7:49m/k);  39:38 (7:55m/k);  41:20 (8:15m/k).

I haven't run yet during this week thanks to a vile stomach virus!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Workout #2 ...Tempo Run

Program : 1.5k warm-up
                  5km @ ST pace (6:53m/k)
                  1.5k cool-down.

A much better day : cooler, some humidity as if a storm might come later, but quite a bit easier than Tuesday's workout!

5km splits -  6:53;  6:44;  6:55;  6:42;  6:43. 

Total  8km.......all OK!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Lactic Legs.....

Using the same make-shift track again this week for today's workout :

10-20 min warm-up
5 x 1km @ 6:26m/k 
10 min cool-down

(1)  6:26;  (2) 6:27;  (3) 6:29;  (4) 6:29;  (5) 6:46

This session felt absolutely dreadfully hard!

Excuses : the heat - terrible coming off the bitumen and cement; breeze cut off by surrounding buildings and trees; legs lactic for last two repeats - this is so painful! -.....finished ready to collapse; sweat dripping to the ground!

I sat in the shade for quite some time trying to get my breath and cool down before driving the short distance home.  Not sure what I achieved at this workout.  At least I finished it and didn't think I would after just the first two repeats.  No cool-down jog; a few stretches and that was it.  Can't remember feeling so drained.

6km total

Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Begins.....

....with a cross-training session :

35 minutes easy jog/walk including 5 short hill sprints of about 20 seconds each on Diamond Fields Road.