Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Road Repeats ~~~~~~

I decided to do today's run on the road instead of Chev. track which meant I could wear my new shoes as they wouldn't get wet running on the sealed road!  This madness usually lasts only until the shoes get their first mark! 

Today's Program:

10-20 min warm-up
2 x 1600m (12:17 based on a 39 min 5km time)
1 x 800m (6:01 as for 1600m)
400m RI


1600m in 12:33 ....... Just behind VP!
400m walk RI

1600m in 12:11 ....... Just ahead of VP!
400m walk RI

800m in 5:43  .........   ahead of VP again!

Cool-down walk.

1600m on road.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, allrounder! It wasn't too bad after having the past 4 days off.

  2. Same here re new shoes. Don't know why I bother! Nice running today. Wondered what happened to you on the weekend. Tummy bugs are no fun!

  3. No fun at all, Ewen, but OK now.

  4. the only time I swap shoes is for parkrun puddle running!

  5. Our parkrun at Bowral has 500m of wet grass and, very often, mud to manoeuvre at start and finish. Can't allow my new shoes to do that yet; they're not old enough!