Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tempo Run on Parkrun Course ~~~~~

Just the most beautiful morning on Bowral parkrun course today!  Not a cloud to be seen, slight breeze and warm sun ... can't ask for anything better!

My Program was:
 1.5km warm-up .... started from Briars, down the wet, grassy hill & left onto the cycle path.

6.5km @ MT pace .... VP set to run 8:08m/k based on 39 mins for 5km.

1.5km cool-down ....  this became 2:0km to get back to the start at Briars! 

Stretches on grass at Briars in the lovely sunshine!

6.5km @ MT Pace

6.5km in 52 minutes
Avg. Pace 7:58m/k ....  ahead of VP!  WooHoo!! 
Avg. Cadence 165 spm.
AHR 94% of max.  (think there might be a glitch with that high heart rate)
7:57;   8:19;   8:01;   7:56;   7:46;  7:55   +  4:05 for 500m

TE  3.0 ... IMPROVING!!

Total : 10km


  1. was a bit fresh for my run at lunchtime - no sun to be seen! another good session for you...

  2. Thanks, allrounder! Beautiful day here; surprisingly warm now at 4:00pm.

  3. Woohoo! Blew VP into the weeds and 'IMPROVING'!

  4. Yep! Improving and about time too!