Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Track ~~~~~

Met Leah at Chev track at 8:00am.  A very warm start to an even warmer day, more like summer than early spring.  The session was :

10-20 min warm-up
6 x 400m with 90 sec recoveries
10 min cool-down.

2:58;   2:51;   2:46;   2:52;   2:52;   2:43  .......my times!  Leah was ahead of me for all 6!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

BOWRAL PARKRUN ....#1 ~~~~~

Parkrun has arrived in the Southern Highlands and this morning was the first run!

Gorgeous spring morning; start/finish at the Briars Country Lodge & Inn; course on the walk/cycle track across Bong Bong Common; flat, except for short incline towards the finish.  128 runners today.

Bowral parkrun 5km

I didn't run all that well; way off my best 5km time!  Felt out of breath and took a few walk breaks, but that's OK...it's a run, not a race!  It'll be interesting to see if I can improve each week.

Today : 5km in 37:27
96th of 128;  55th female
Age Grade 82.38%
44 points!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Track ~~~ Leah's first!

I'll get it out of the way now...... I suffered the indignity of being lapped at every repeat!  Leah did well;  I was hopeless!  Chev. track;  very warm morning at 8:00am;  grass wet from overnight dew.

Today's Session :

10 min warm-up
1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m...400m RI
10 min cool-down.
Usual stretches.

Leah's times :  10:20;  7:48;  5:10;   1:46

I didn't run these repeats;  instead I jogged along behind Leah for about half of each distance!  I just couldn't do it today!

Kept an eye on Leah for her first track session; she was running with VP and ahead of him for all reps.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Long Run ~~~~~

Started at the school with Leah, 10:15am.  Beautiful day, quite warm; Diamond Fields Road quiet and shady; as always a lovely place to run.  I had Lead do a couple of hill repeats on the way out and back, while I jogged and watched!  She did well and is really keen to improve in the next 7 weeks leading up to Fishers Ghost 5km on November 11.

Diamond Fields Road

Today  :  10km

Friday, September 19, 2014

Easy Run ~~~~

The usual 5km with Leah and Ross at 7:15am.  School term finishes today.  During the next two weeks I'm doing the three sessions of my 5km program only :  Track, Tempo Run and Long Run...Leah will do some of these with me when her time permits.

Today  :  5km

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tempo Run ~~~~~

I don't usually do two 'hard' sessions on consecutive days, but I did this morning when I changed the tempo run from tomorrow to today because it fitted in with Leah being able to run with me at 7:15am.

1.5km warm-up
5k @ 8:11m/k....(based on a 40 min 5k time.)
1.5k cool-down

5km ~~~~
7:11;    8:07;    8:09;    8:01;    8:24

For me, this was not easy running!  Cold, windy morning.  Leah could have run faster!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Track ~~~~~

Leah unable to come so I drove across to Chev and did the session, running just inside the boundary fence...no lanes!

The Session:
10-20 min warm-up.......did 400m jog only
8 x 400m (3:03)
400m RI...took about 60 sec.
10 min cool-down...nil

I was rushed for time and had to cut down on the warm-up, recovery intervals and cool-down.

8x400m = 3:04;  3:05;  3:00; 2:57;  2:56;  2:58;  3:00;  2:43

Monday, September 15, 2014

What a Difference......

.......a week off makes!  Puff! Puff!  Nevertheless, I made it back with Leah and Ross at 7:15 this morning for our usual 5km loop from the school, through Renwick and back to the school.  Surprisingly warm morning followed by an even warmer day; the most beautiful weather over the past few days in Mittagong.

5km loop

Tomorrow, I'm taking Leah through her first track session!  Ross not terribly interested and is doing upper body work instead.  For this week we'll be using the soccer field at the school so as Leah can shower in the gym and be in time for school at 8:30.  Whether we get through the whole program will be determined by the time available. 

I can't help wondering what she'll think of the drills and strides prior to the workout! 

Looking forward to it!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Week Off ~~~~~

....thanks to a particularly nasty gastric problem that began last weekend, lasted 4 days and left me feeling as flat as a pancake! Nevertheless, Leah and Ross kept going and I'll re-join them tomorrow, hoping for a better week before school holidays begin.

Monday, September 01, 2014

An Easy Week Ahead ~~~~

Gosh!  I'm so tired today!  So is Leah and that makes me feel a whole lot better!  This week I'm  working on a program that might fit in with Leah's work and improve her 5km time which, for now, we're taking as 40 minutes......same as mine!

We both intend doing the 5km Fishers Ghost on November 9.

Today : 5km with Leah and Ross from the school at 7:15am.