Monday, May 19, 2008

S.M.H. Half Marathon

I had a great run on Sunday, not fast of course, but I enjoyed every single minute of it, especially getting to hurtle down Hunter Street soon after the start and, for the first time I had no struggle with running up the hills...just kept on hopping along in what unexpectedly turned out to be a brilliant morning for running.

This would be the only race I can remember in a long while where I felt totally relaxed & strong & confident that I was going to run a good race and enjoy it at the same time....and so I did & not at all like an 'ancient'!

I simply loved the whole event & felt full of energy & enthusiasm & really ready to draw on anything & everything (& everybody if necessary!) to finish knowing I had run my best.

In fact, I felt so good during the first 10km that, when I found I was running a faster pace than planned, I slowed down for fear of a nightmare in the second loop. Looking back now, I think I could have kept up the pace & finished faster than I did....who knows? I'll just have to wait & see 'how the wind blows' at the Gold Coast. It's a hard call to make knowing whether to run faster when you feel you can or hold back for later in the race. I think I'll 'let it all out' at the GC!

Gun Time 2:33:25; Net Time 2:32:28. About 30 seconds better than last year's SMH Half & 5 minutes faster than the Central Coast Half in December.

A final certainty.....I must have had a goof coach somewhere in my lifetime!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Leaving......

for Sydney now......but not on a jet plane!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things Change!

....and just as well that they do. After last Friday's miserable effort, I went to Chev track today ready to shoot or die!

As it turned out I didn't have to do either because I reckon I did a really, really good session!

After 1.5km warm-up & a couple of drills:

6 x 150m, but with good form in case Ewen's spies were lurking nearby! Recovery walk back to the start after each one.

Then the "piece de resistance"** that I so messed up last Friday: 4 - 5km 'upper aerobic' & this time I worked the old heart rate up to where it should be i.e. 132 (86%). I stopped at 4km because I didn't want to run a bad 5th kilometre! Next session I'll make it 5k just to see what my 5km time is.

1km laps were 6:10; 6:13; 6:19; 6:07 giving an average pace of 6:10 & that's pretty good for an "ancient"!!

**I don't know how to put the French accents on!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Disaster on Track.....

.....nothing would have helped today!

Meaningful? Yes, but I don't know what!

Unexpected? You bet!

Exciting? Not!

A suggestion from Ewen found me on the track at Chevalier all ready to run 6 to 7km 'upper aerobic' with heart rate 80-85% & after that 5 to 8 X 120m sprints. You'd think I'd know by now, but anyhow I'd asked for tips for the last 2 weeks before SMH Half Marathon, Sunday week.

Try as I might, I couldn't get a heart rate reading anywhere near that high, averaging only 62%! I stopped in disgust at 5.5km & moved on to the sprints. Thankfully, this was a better session though I hope there were no "spies" nearby checking my 'technique'!

Worse was yet to come!

After downloading this rubbish to Motion Based, the Garmin "died" & no wonder! Not a single expression on its face, not even a farewell smile! However, one more e-mail & I was re-directed to a thread on the CR message board where the answer Mode & Lap simultaneously and behold, the 305 started to breathe again & is now well enough to be taken off life-support altogether!

Who would have thought it!