Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another 'Easy' Run

Went to the gym for 10km on the treadmill, so that I could have a 'sort of longish run' on a flat surface...I'd never find 10km outdoors that would be anything like flat &, from all accounts, the Gold Coast course is very flat & will be quite different from what I'm used to running locally.

That was OK & the time soon passed while listening to "Carousel" & running; Avg. HR = 65%; Max HR = 70%.

Monday, May 30, 2005

An 'Easy' Day

Very surprised to find that yesterday's aches & pains have all gone away! I did an 'easy' 6km this morning; a warm, sunny Autumn day; one of the few left as Winter is just about to start.

About 4 weeks ago I bought the new Nike 'Free' trainers and having worn them in & around the house for their first 2 weeks, I've been wearing them for any easy runs up to 10km & they're so amazingly comfortable I hate taking them off! I love them. Colour : lavender/mauve & bright pink with some black & white bits!! They'd go well with Miss Skarmel's running gear.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Long Run

When the radio alarm went off at the early for me hour of 8:00am, the weatherman announced the outside temperature as 4C!!! For the next 30mins I kept telling myself I couldn't get out of a warm cosy bed into that sort of cold morning! At the end of 30mins. I made a dash for clothes : 2 top layers, warm cap, long tights & gloves & didn't remove any of it until getting back home 26kms later; a quick cup of coffee before I could think of going back to bed! I couldn't get warm all the way out & back even though it was brilliantly sunny & hardly any wind until the top of Range Rd where it nearly blew me sideways off the road & over the cliff!

Truly, I've never been so terribly cold; quite sure the blood supply had frozen in my veins! Amazed too, that during the week I've been away from those hills, that they have become so much steeper....must have been some underground disturbance going on!

Enough of complaining, but it was a very tough morning : quads were screaming all the way back, especially the 1km very steep hill out of Glenquarry...how Plu ever rode his bike up there, I'll never know; saw a cyclist fall off his bike when trying to change gears & he couldn't release his foot from the pedal; it seemed to have spikes that his shoe locked into; don't know, but that's what it looked like as I stepped over him & continued on my way! No I didn't, just joking! I actually helped yank his foot loose; he was OK but the bike had a few dents in it. They all passed & called out further along so all was well. Swallowed a gel at half way.

Also had a group of bikers roar past; wonderful sight & sound (they wave now), reminding me of my ride with Wombatface on his great big bike (forget it's name, but it's big & beautiful) in Canberra. Anyhow, smiling back at the bikers relaxed my frozen facial muscles, but did nothing for the pain in the quads & knees.

This is long I realize, but I love 'talking' to my blog & always think of it as a real person listening intently to everything I have to say! It never seems to get bored, never answers back, agrees with everything I say, allows me to moan, complain, unburden myself & never says, "Why don't you just shut up!" It even smiles back when I have good news & then quietly slips away until called on another day & that's what my blog/friend is for!

Lastly : this 26km took me 3 1/2 hours (with walk breaks of jog 8mins/walk 1min; keeping HR at around 70-80% of max). Good God, I'm slow! After GC marathon, I'm going to do some speed work & see if I can run just a little bit faster next year; I can't get over that 80yr. old Strider doing the SMH half in 120mins....I shouldn't have been 20mins. slower than that, so I'm going all out to catch him!

Tough morning for Chickybabe who is now going to have a nap & hopefully wake up refreshed later tonight!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cross Training

Since I've taken a couple of extra rest days this week (after SMH half), off to the gym this morning for some cross training : 20mins. elliptical trainer, 20mins. bike, 10mins. walk on treadmill; some light upper body weights, leg press & abs. An enjoyable time was had by Chickybabe for this session!

After today, each Saturday will be a rest day in preparation for increasingly long Sunday runs leading up to GC marathon, after which I'm going to concentrate on doing some speed work; had enough of being slow & nearly last to finish every run!

How silly can you get?!

9.5C here today! Cold & windy....out come the tights for tomorrow's long run!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mid-Week 'Longish' Run

Each Thursday, over the next few weeks, I'll add to the 12km I did this morning; an 'easy' run just aimed at keeping heart rate below 80%. Result was less mileage than expected, but Avg. HR stayed at 70% & Max = 80-83%, so that's an OK session for Chickybabe.

No entry tomorrow....a rest day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rest Day

Took today off to make this an easier week than usual, but as of tomorrow will have 4 weeks to be ready for the Gold Coast marathon; don't think I'll change too much; add a mid-week medium long run each Thursday, starting tomorrow.

Taking a look at the SMH half marathon results, the oldest male to finish was 80 yrs. & ran a time of 120mins, whereas the oldest female (they have her age as 76yrs but I know she's only 75 ) & this silly old girl must have just waddled along to run 147mins. Someone should tell her how to get up a bit of speed or she won't even make the start line soon...not to speak of the finish! Chickybabe will have a talk with her!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

6 Weeks to Gold Coast Marathon!

This means 4 weeks for training & 2 for tapering; not a lot of time left! Still tired from Sunday's half marathon & quads a bit stiff.

Results were published in this morning's paper &, having forgotten to stop my watch (which showed 2:28:05) on crossing the finish line, my published time is 2 : 27 : 42; I'll take that slightly faster time, no trouble!

Will do a 6km jog this afternoon to loosen leg muscles & then work out exactly what to do over the next 4 weeks; recovery from Canberra looks pretty good after Sunday's results.

Monday, May 23, 2005

SMH Half Marathon

I couldn't repeat all details of yesterday; it's all in my post on the main Message Board, along with those of the many other CRs who ran.
For the first time in 2 years, I finished (thanks to Vat_Man) in under 2 & 1/2 hours .....2:28:05. 5km splits were 35:19; 35:55; 35:36; 34:18. A wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten day... And a very, very weary Chickybabe today!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Eve of SMH Half Marathon

Ready to go! Ready to leave for Sydney that is & very excited about tomorrow's run; nervous too because it will show to what extent I've recovered from the Canberra marathon+a bit! That will then be a good indication of what I should do in the next few weeks leading up to the Gold Coast marathon... leading up to.......... leading up to.....etc. etc.

"Life is just a bowl of cherries!"

Friday, May 20, 2005


Nothing today; slept in really late; did a bit of housework & sorted out what to take to Sydney tomorrow.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Short Run Before SMH Half.

In freezing conditions (10 degrees max. here today), over to the gym for 30 mins. fairly easy run on the treadmill. Nothing planned for tomorrow but I'll probably give in to temptation & do 30mins. on the elliptical trainer. Mid-day Saturday I'll leave for Sydney & walk some of the course, probably from Hunter street to the start line...without my can of paint. I won't need that now as Tim is going to leave a trail of flour (the self-raising kind) for me to follow on Sunday! What would happen to Chickybabe without people like that to help out?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Rest Day...Sort Of!

No running today, but a lot of walking in Sydney. Arrived about 10:15am just in time to catch a huge downpour of water....I think it's called rain, but have almost forgotten what it felt like! Picked up SMH pack; not another person there, so maybe they're all waiting until Saturday for the big rush.

Bought gels for Sunday & a few other goodies......love shopping! Had lunch & back on the 3:40pm train.

I've made a reservation to stay in Sydney on Saturday night ( walking distance to the start) because I couldn't cope with the thought of getting a 4:00am train Sunday morning & then running a half marathon. When I get to Sydney Saturday afternoon, I'll have plenty of time to walk the section from Hunter Street back to the start. I probably should take my can of paint & drop a blob at each corner so as to avoid taking a wrong turn on Sunday! I would if I didn't think I'd be arrested for loitering in a public place & damaging public property!!

A very nice day, I had!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Top Workout #1

Once again to the gym for 6 x 400m on the treadmill. Results : 2:24; 2:32; 2:17; 2:15; 2:18; 2:15.

With warm up & cool down, call it 7km. Finished off with stretches.

Sydney tomorrow to pick up race kit for Sunday......big day in the city!

Monday, May 16, 2005

7 Weeks to Gold Coast Marathon

Beginning with a rest day as usual for a Monday. With the SMH half marathon coming up on Sunday, this will be an easy week & the half will be more of a training run towards the Gold Coast marathon..... ...not that far off now! Will do a 'spin' class this evening.

Yesterday I was very, very proud to be at the very, very first Canberra Cool Running get-together! The venue at the Yacht Club provided a spectacular view across the Lake on a brilliant, sunny Autumn day. There may not have been quantity this time, but we certainly had quality! Of course, I hope to be there again. Thanks to all!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Top Workout #4

Otherwise known as the long run.

Impossible to have a better morning for a long run : gloriously cool, completely overcast & slightly damp from what must have been a few drops of rain during the night.

I took to the hills again : on Range Road out to Glenquarry & return; total = 22km. Not concerned with time but concentrated on keeping HR down to around 70% of max. This meant that it took longer than the 2hrs30mins planned & was, instead, 2hrs50mins. Avg. HR 75%. Instead of carrying water, there are 2 water tanks along the way : one at 5km, the other at 11km & same on return; 1 gel at the 11km water tank. Sometimes I wonder what might be floating around inside those tanks, but if there are any uglies, I must have a very strong immune system by now! The water is always icy cold &, seemingly, crystal clear. I very much enjoyed this run; no walk breaks except to drink at the water tanks (oh! & one quick dash into the bush!)

Must remember, Chickybabe, to go to Sydney on Wednesday to pick up race# for the SMH half; I feel a lot better about this race than I did same time last year : I feel much fitter & stronger I think! Maybe, this happens as the years roll on????? Well, the day will tell!

Tomorrow, Sunday I have to be up really, really early, (!) around 6:00am to leave for Canberra by 7:00am so as to be there for the start & cheer on the half marathon runners. Very much looking forward to meeting Canberra Crs. & then I must get back before dark, otherwise I might take a wrong turn & get lost!...and Chickybabe gone forever!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Cross Training

Gym again & used the elliptical trainer ( for 45mins) programmed for ' cardio workout'; after that I did some free weights for upper body & stretches.

I will do the weekend long run (2 1/2hrs or 22km) tomorrow, Saturday; Sunday I hope to set out early for Canberra CR drinks ; if I can be on the road by 7:00a.m. I should be there for the start of the half marathon at 9:00a.m.....just got to get to bed before the usual midnight hour & drag myself out when the alarm goes off....not easy for this Chickybabe who likes late nights & even later mornings!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Top Workout # 2

This week's Top Workout #2 was much the same as last week except 5 mins longer : 15mins warm up, middle 30mins with HR 80-85% (got up to 90%), changing the incline up to 4% at various stages, 15mins cool down. Call it 8km.

A very amusing session, not because of what I was doing, but that I could watch the belly-dancing class at the same time! One girl has to have been one of the biggest I've ever seen, but boy, oh boy, could she wriggle that big belly! She could!! You know, I really admired her for fearlessly getting in there & exercising in a way she was obviously enjoying! Far braver than I would be in similar circumstances! I had my own music ("Kismet"...sort of 'Arabian Nights') to listen to & it went really well with the beat of drums, bells & cymbals accompanying the belly-dancers!

Another very nice morning!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rest Day

Might be able to make it to a spin class this evening...will see what time I get back from the hairdresser...... Chickybabe has to look her best (whatever that is!) when she goes to the Canberra drinks on Sunday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Top Workout #1

Back to the gym treadmill for a repeat of last week's Top Workout #1 : this morning it changed to 6 x 800m with 90 secs. slow jog between each 800m.

Results : 5:13; 5:01; 5:01; 5:00; 4:54; 4:46. I had a good sweat up at the finish of this session & wouldn't like to have to do even one more 800m!

In 12 days' time there's the SMH half marathon which, apart from this hit out at some speed, I'll do more as a training run on the way to the Gold Coast marathon on July 3rd. It should show how much, if at all, I've recovered from Canberra!

There would be 4 weeks left after that for training, 2 weeks for a taper & then hit the Gold Coast. Exciting times are here again!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Rest Day

As always, no running on a Monday. This evening I'll do a 'spin' class at the gym & will try out the gel padded seat cover I've bought ....the cycle seats are pure torture!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Long Run....sort of!

Total of 18km this beautiful Autumn morning; back on the hills of Range Road to remind myself of the hills in the SMH half in 2 weeks time.

I tried another of the ideas in the article that Bellthorpe put up in the "Running Technique" thread, except that I forgot what it was for & why I was doing it!! Looked it up later & it's to "Develop propulsion from the core & hips".....here it is:
"A great drill to practice to get the feeling of this is to interlock your fingers together (hand to hand) and run with your hands on top of your head. Though it may seem a little odd at first, doing this removes the arms from the running motion forcing you to create forward propulsion from the hips. Inserting 20-30 sec of “hands on head” running every 10 minutes or so in your daily runs should keep reminding you of the proper feeling you should have when you are running normally (hands/arms at your side)."

Needless to say I waited until I was way out of town on remote country roads before trying the above. Anyhow, I don't know what it accomplished, if anything, not knowing why I was doing it in the first place; secondly, I felt like a penguin & must have looked like a loony!

Anyhow, it was a good run & still incorporating some 1 min. walk breaks in the first half.

Only 42km for this week & 2 spin classes.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Top Workout #3

I used the gym treadmill for this morning's session to do 8km @ 7min/km; varied the incline up to 4% & down as I went along. After reading the article that Bellthorpe put up about running technique, I thought I'd try the bit that says to count how many times the right foot strikes the ground in 1 minute; the article says 85-95. I counted 3 different times (helps pass the time!) and got 86, 87 & 90. Also tried the "pawing back" movement.......and the belt could hardly keep up with me!!

For music today I listened to "Oklahoma!" (Rodgers & Hammerstein); rousing, exuberant songs to speed along with!! I had a very nice time!

Friday, May 06, 2005

A Rest Day

No running today, but will do some light weight upper body work at home; I'm trying to build muscles like Popeye! I think there's something like light rain falling; was falling; it's gone now as I look outside!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Top Workout #2!

As of today, there are to be no such words in my running vocabulary as 'Repetitions", "Intervals", "Tempo Runs", etc! Much too confusing for this Chickybabe! These & other conundrums will be replaced by "TOP WORKOUT" & numbered accordingly! Of course, long runs & such will stay the same because they present no dilemma for this blogger!

Today was "Top Workout #2" : 6km total.....including a warm-up, then the middle section keeping HR at or above 80%, followed by a cool-down; max. HR =83%.

Nice warm day too!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rest Day

Not running today; I will go to another spin class this evening; I like it!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Having read that thread on the message board, I don't know what I did this morning!

I know I went to the gym, did 2km warm-up, then 4 x 1600m with 3mins. easy between each & then a cool-down ..... right or wrong, I call the fast bit 'the repetition' & the slower jog in between, 'the interval'. About 10km all up. Max. HR = 92%

Had a great 'spin' class last night; haven't done that in years. As tomorrow, Wednesday, is a rest day I'll do another one tomorrow night......good fun & hard work!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Rest Day

The start of Week 9 till GC marathon; no running today but will go the a spin class at the gym..6:30pm tonight I think! Must check the time!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Run....1st of May!

"On the first of May it is moving day;
Winter's here, so blow your job, throw your job away;
Now's the time to trust to your wanderlust,
In the city's dust you wait, must you wait? Just you wait:"
(Rodgers & Hart, 1926)

So, out at 9:00am after a quick cup of coffee, into the first touch of winter by way of a mighty strong, cold wind; great to have on the way out but felt like marking time on the return of 15km; good for mental toughness, but nothing else!

What I'd planned for an 'easy' 15km run was to do 5km splits 35:30; 35:42 and 35mins; What happened was quite different! 37:26; 37:44; 43:41!!! That blasted wind!

In spite of such plodding, I was cheered up every time I looked at my new running shorts! So flashy, I would have caused a traffic jam had there been any to stop! "Race Ready" LD shorts with the 4 rear & 2 front mesh pockets; wild splashes of purple, pink, red & blue! Just love them & have sent for another LD pair (Colour: Charcoal...more sedate this time!) & LD tights in navy blue with same rear pockets. (No financial or any other mercenary interest!)

An enjoyable start to the month of May despite the cold wind & beginning to look forward to the SMH half in 3 weeks time.