Thursday, January 29, 2009

Out before the early morning mist had lifted! I started at 6:30 a.m. knowing we were in for another 30+ degrees.

Program : 5km

I ran this 5km as I felt, which was half asleep! AHR = 62%; MHR = 79%

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Horribly Hot Run!

I keep leaving it too late to run at all well in this hot weather.

Program : 10km. If feeling good try for a negative split.

Not a chance in the world of a negative split this morning. I felt so exhausted on the return 5km, I walked most of the last kilometer.

Results: 5km out in 44:48; 5k return in 47:36!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Easy Does It....

Program : 4km run 'as you feel'.

A cool day makes a big difference..

Results : About 7 or 8 minutes of drills followed by 4km at AHR 67%.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day!

A happy Australia Day, 2009!

Today is a rest day after yesterday's long run of 24km. I was out on Range Road at 6:30 a.m. fearing more of the recent heat, but as it turned out, it was cool, breezy & completely overcast.....perfect for a long run!

I ran 2(2 x 6km) out from & back to the car, carried some Poweraid to have at 6km & then a gel at 12km. I also broke this run down into a jog/walk of 5/2 & finished feeling quite fresh & ready for more! I'll keep this ratio of jog/walk going until I reach somewhere around 30k over the next couple of Sundays.
Long Run Distance = 24km

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mid-Week Medium Long Run ....

Up & on the road by 7:30 this morning to avoid running in the heat again. So good at that time, I'd almost forgotten! It was cool, nice breeze & lovely perfumes coming from different eucalypts.
Program : 12km @ AHR 75%.

Results : An easy 6km out in 50 minutes. AHR = 70%; MHR = 80%.
6km return in 52 minutes. AHR = 70%; MHR = 80%

I felt really good for this run. I must get up earlier more often!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hot Hills!

Program : 3km warm-up.
2 x 60 seconds up hill....jog down.
3 x 40 seconds up hill...jog down.
3km warm-down.

I did the above session but hated just about every minute of was so hot! I'm starting to think I just can't train in this weather. I'm 'good for nothing' for the rest of the day....except for watching tennis!

Results : MHR, according to Garmin, for each of the above hill repeats : 99%; 99%; 82%; 81% ; 76%.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Long Run....

The run that became longer than expected. I set off at 7:30a.m.on Range Road.

Program : 19km @ 75% of MHR.

I planned loops out & back to the car where I left the usual supply of water & sports drink. By some weird mistake I did 6km out instead of 5 but didn't realize this until I got home & looked at the run on Montion Based. So that was 12km which, at the time, I thought to be 10km!

I then set out on a loop of 2 x 5km. Well, the last 5km was something awful! Try as I might, I could only get a jog/walk (6/3) going. I felt like I'd run a marathon & probably looked like it too as I wobbled along the road. I was so incredibly tired after 22km, I couldn't wait to get home, shower, have some breakfast .....& sleep, which I did for nearly 2 hours! I don't feel very much refreshed even tonight & that after just 22km!
A rest day tomorrow.........

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weather OK, but Everything Else Messed up!

PROGRAM : Chev Track.

2km warm-up, stretches, drills, strides
12 laps 'sitting on' 86% of MHR.
Time each 2 laps.

Ewen had sent me an alternative program to use if the day turned out to be as hot as recent ones. It didn't, so I was able to do the above session - with one exception - when I arrived at Chev track I found I'd left the heart rate monitor & Mr G-armin at home! Both of them!!

I petty well know by now what 86% of MHR feels & sounds like (an old cow!), so I decided to go by that.

2k warm-up on the usual course through the grounds.
Stretches, drills etc. on the track.

Distance = 6km
Then 12 laps, unable to time each 2, but felt like 86%...i.e. hard work! Changed directions occasionally. Finished with some stretches on the grass in the shade.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Hate Heat!

Program : 10km lower aerobic 75%.

I hated being out this morning! At 7:30 a.m. it was a real scorcher & I struggled to finish & get home & out of the heat. I haven't heard the temperature yet, but has to be top 30's. I can't imagine doing a track session tomorrow - and surviving - if the weather stays as it has been all week.

Results : 10km
5km out in 46:30. AHR = 67%; MHR=76%.
5km return in 49:17. AHR = 67%; MHR = 77%

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Early Start

33 degrees forecast & I'm sure it passed that easily....tomorrow even hotter, so I must get out earlier than I did this morning at 8:30 a.m.

Program : 6km 'lower aerobic' run @ 75% of MHR.

I ran on Diamond Fields Road where there was shade, but even there it was hot.

Results: 6km.

3k in 26:33; AHR = 67%; MHR = 76%.
3k in 25:51; AHR = 74%; MHR = 79%.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Change of Direction....

......Changing the direction every so often is what kept me going round & round the track at Chev for 7km today. It was also very hot at 27 degrees - later to get to 29 degrees - and this is a cool climate? I decided to use the track at Chev for its flatness instead of the road.

Program : 7km @ 85% ...Upper Aerobic Run.

After a few warm-up drills......

Results were : 7km in 51:11
AHR = 82%; MHR = 86%.
Laps 7:07; 7:04; 7:08; 7:13; 7:24; 7:37; 7:42.

I find it very difficult 'sitting on' a certain heart rate for that length of time - sometimes having to slow down the pace, other times hurrying it up. Anyhow I managed close enough at 82% of MHR.

Out early tomorrow - 33 degrees forecast!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First of the Long Runs...

...... It was the turn for the Skirtsports "Gym Girl Classic" to strut its stuff in this morning's run. It's the one I bought & wore in the Melbourne Half Marathon last year. I really like this one..soft & light.

Program : 16km Lower Aerobic @ AHR 75%.

I was out on Range Road by 6:30 a.m. - most unusual for me! It was superb at that time - very cool, completely overcast & no sun until almost the end of the run.

I did the run in 2 x 5km out & back to the car & then 2 x 3km out & back, to make 16km while having access to water in the car at each return.

Results were : 1st 5km in 39:46. AHR = 76%; MHR = 81%.

2nd 5km in 38:50. AHR = 79%; MHR = 84%.

1st 3km in 24:48. AHR = 75%; MHR = 80%.

2nd 3km in 22:26. AHR = 81%; MHR = 88%

The cooler, earlier start sure makes a difference! I've planned to start every Sunday long run no later than Canberra Marathon starting time. I felt really good for the whole run & was pleased to see some negative splits on this hilly course!

Friday, January 09, 2009


I forgot that today's run was supposed to be an 'upper aerobic' one! Instead I ran at the usual' lower aerobic' pace...which I prefer anyhow!

Program: 12km 'upper aerobic' @ AHR 80%.

Results : 12km @ 73% AHR & MHR of 84%.
50 minutes out & 52 back.

It was a cool morning with misty rain for part of the run, so why I was so slow is a mystery even to me, especially when I "feel like" I'm running fast. Such a pain getting older & older/slower & slower all the time!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What a Difference.....

....a drop of more than 14 degrees makes!. I found yesterday's heat just too darned hot to go out in, so I missed the 16 x 100m track session. Today, no trouble in getting out.

Program : Recovery 6km run @ 75% AHR.

With nothing to recover from, plus the cool morning, this was a very easy 6km run.

Today I committted myself, in spite of swearing that I wouldn't ever again, to doing this year's Canberra Marathon! "What the hell," I thought. "At 79 years of age, there can't be that many more I'll be here to do, so no time to put things on the back-burner!" At the same time, it will keep me motivated & 'in shape' for my assault on the 50km in 2010! Accommodation booked & entry form on its way for 2009 Canberra Marathon.

Arrangements are also in place for : SMH Half Marathon; Gold Coast Half; Blackmores Half & Melbourne Half Marathon.

Now.....which skirts will I wear?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's Getting Hotter ........

Today 32 degrees &, even though I made a huge effort to be out by 8:30a.m., it was already very hot.

Program : 6km @ AHR 75%.

Results : 6km....bit of a struggle! Walked on some of the hills to keep heart rate down.

AHR =76%; MHR =79%.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Lower Aerobic Run

A very hot run (31 degrees) even though there was plenty of shade on Diamond Fields Road.

Program : 12km lower aerobic AHR 75%.

Resuts: 12km.

6 km out AHR = 70%; MHR = 80%

6km return AHR = 75%; MHR = 79%.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Temperamental Tempo Run...

Program : 2km warm-up. Stop....Rest...Psych yourself up.

4km 'hard' (tempo Run) - running fast as for a 'good tme' - a little below racing effort - about HR 134.

I think I put too much effort into psyching myself up and when I think of having a 'good time' it means having a few drinks with friends! Instead, this was a 'rotten time'.....struggling & wheezing my way round Chev track trying to run fast enough to get my heart rate up to 134 (90%). Again, I started late at 11:30a.m & it was already 26 degrees, feeling like 36! I'm getting too old for this sort of caper!

Results : 2km warm-up.

4km tempo Run.
Time = 28:13
Avg. Pace = 6:58.
AHR = 85%; MHR = 90%.

1km laps = 6:53; 6:59; 7:05; 6:58

Friday, January 02, 2009

Track Work in Progress....

Program : 2km warm-up.
Stretches, strides, light drills.

16 x 100m strides with heart rate not exceeding 88%. 100m jog recoveries between each.

The morning was perfect - warm with a cool breeze blowing. I decided to go across to Chevalier College & use their track. The grass in the 400m lane is kept cut short so I did the 100m repeats in barefeet. The warm-up etc in #3 Frees. So....

Results : 2km cross country through Chev grounds for warm-up
Some stretching, light drills.

16 x 100m strides (jog recoveries back to the start).
MHR 85%.

I was very pleased with this session! I felt good for the entire 16 repeats and especially pleased that I managed to do all 16, after being 'all out for 8' last Friday! Progress just might be starting up again!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Bloomer Girl!

<..... another little number to begin 2009 with! The charcoal skirt is pulled up to show the orange compression tights underneath, but I didn't run holding the skirt up like this!! Just a peep of orange showing!

Program : Medium Aerobic Run (AHR 79%) 10km. Try (again!) for a negative split.

I took to Range Road which I don't usually use during the week, but I guessed rightly that there wouldn't be much traffic on New Year's Day. It was hot though & windy especially on the run back to the car.

Results: 5km out in 44:34 minutes
AHR = 72%; MHR = 80%.

5km return in 43:13.. .... Yea! 1:21 Negative Split!
AHR = 76%; MHR = 84%

Distance = 10km.