Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Change of Direction....

......Changing the direction every so often is what kept me going round & round the track at Chev for 7km today. It was also very hot at 27 degrees - later to get to 29 degrees - and this is a cool climate? I decided to use the track at Chev for its flatness instead of the road.

Program : 7km @ 85% ...Upper Aerobic Run.

After a few warm-up drills......

Results were : 7km in 51:11
AHR = 82%; MHR = 86%.
Laps 7:07; 7:04; 7:08; 7:13; 7:24; 7:37; 7:42.

I find it very difficult 'sitting on' a certain heart rate for that length of time - sometimes having to slow down the pace, other times hurrying it up. Anyhow I managed close enough at 82% of MHR.

Out early tomorrow - 33 degrees forecast!

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  1. I hope your huffing and puffing didn't wake up the birds at 6am this morning.

    I thought we were in a cool climate too! 30-bloody-7! I should have gone to Thedbo.