Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Bloomer Girl!

<..... another little number to begin 2009 with! The charcoal skirt is pulled up to show the orange compression tights underneath, but I didn't run holding the skirt up like this!! Just a peep of orange showing!

Program : Medium Aerobic Run (AHR 79%) 10km. Try (again!) for a negative split.

I took to Range Road which I don't usually use during the week, but I guessed rightly that there wouldn't be much traffic on New Year's Day. It was hot though & windy especially on the run back to the car.

Results: 5km out in 44:34 minutes
AHR = 72%; MHR = 80%.

5km return in 43:13.. .... Yea! 1:21 Negative Split!
AHR = 76%; MHR = 84%

Distance = 10km.

1 comment:

  1. Happy New year LL - hope you have a healthy and fantastic year and achieve all your goals. Looking forward to seeing you in Canberra in April if not sooner. Incidentally, i love those little running skirts. Where do you buy them? Over the net? I see there's a French Impressionist (Degas) exhibition at the National Gallery at the moment - may be worth a visit!