Monday, August 23, 2010

On Sunday, 22nd August, at the ACTVAC Annual Half Marathon, I managed to take 13 seconds off the time for my Australian Record, W80 Half Marathon set on May 2nd of this year!  That's all it was......13 seconds !  I suppose that makes it a new Australian  record!

I'd entered for this event a few weeks prior but left it till Saturday afternoon to decide booking Saturday night accommodation rather than driving down so early on Sunday morning as intended.  I managed to secure a very nice room at Olims Hotel, not more than five minutes from the start/finish at Stage 88, Commonwealth Park.

I had a cracker of a run!  Felt great the entire distance, even those three monster hills couldn't slow me down;  I just ploughed onwards and upwards, never stopping!  And as for passing other runners.....well, what can I say!  Scenery beautiful, off road and a glorious morning for running : no wind, no rain, just sunshine all the way.  Catching up with Strewth, CJ, Peter and some other ACT friends was the icing on the cake and many of these also received medals for age category wins.  Smiles all round!

As well as setting a Record W80 Half Marathon time for the ACTVAC, I was positively astounded to be called out to receive and to hold for one year,  the lovely trophy awarded for "Performance Records (Age%) - Women, with a score of 79.7%.   It will be engraved and returned in time for next year's event.

Time = 2:17:12
5km Splits: 33:19, 32:13; 32:34; 32:40; (6:19).  Avg. Pace = 6:31 min/km

No wonder than, having run my heart out and received the awards that I was so exhausted I had to break the drive home by stopping at three different rest areas and wander around for a few minutes in a daze!

With only 4 weeks to Blackmores Marathon now,  that's the end of the fun and games for the next few weeks! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

...........the storm came through on Macquarie Pass and Range Road during yesterday's long run.

For about ten minutes an icy wind and rain stormed its way through the Macquarie Pass and Range Road; the coldest and fiercest I've ever been out in and the temperature plummeted at least ten degrees!  Then, much to my relief and in fear for my life, the sun came out again!  18km out + 18km return = 36km!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I had an on-air chat with the guys from "Triple M" radio station today about the article and photo in the Telegraph yesterday and the marathon in September.  Surprise!  Surprise!

Monday, August 09, 2010

I ran the entire 14km yesterday without stopping!  I was determined to finish further away from that 100 minute Green Group cut-off time than the last time I ran this run in 2008....missing last year because of a heavy cold.  Finishing time 2008 was too dangerously close at 98 minutes!  I carried a small 6oz bottle of sports drink and drank from that immediately after each drink station.  Great not to have had to fight my way through the crowds and I didn't need anything more than that.

According to official results :   94:03 yesterday.  I think the Garmin  had some trouble with the tunnel but seems to have corrected itself on exit;  clever little thing!!

I loved the run and didn't feel I was struggling - as I usually do  - on those hillsHas to be something to do with my present training program which I feel is making me just that little bit stronger and, dare I say it....faster!

We left Mittagong by coach at 5:30a.m. and so quick was the trip, I stood from 7:oo in the freezing cold until the start at 8:30am.  I've never felt the cold like this before; another fellow traveller shared her thick jacket with me by each sharing an armhole!

Lunch provided at the Charing Cross Hotel : I had a big bowl of fettucine with Neapolitana Sauce.   Back home - tired - at 5:00pm.... but a great day!  I really love this run!

2nd place in 70 to 99 age category (125 runners).  YIPPEE!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

She's not the only one to have her photo in the papers!

I had a visit from a photographer and journalist from the "Sunday Telegraph" yesterday for an article about taking part in Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon.  Why they'd land on me, I can't imagine!  Could it possibly have something to do with my age? 

We went to a nearby soccer field and all I had to do was run towards the camera...but I had to do it a million times from different angles...or so it seemed!  It was quite amusing and good fun.....each time the photographer was ready, he'd call out: "Right. Go for it!" and off I'd trot.  These were followed up with a couple of portrait
shots of me leaning languidly  - I nearly typed 'seductively'  -  against the fence railings....just like a real star!

It's to be in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph, I think.  Be quick because I might buy all editions!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

..........that I wouldn't be home before sunset, I started today's long run just before sunrise!  A small bowl of oats with a dollop of yoghurt at 4:00am and reset the alarm for 6:a.m. This training is serious stuff and serious measures such as these are now becoming necessary!  But, how I hate getting up anything before 9:00am, never going to bed before the usual time of midnight!

For today, 37km : first 10km loop along Old South Road before the traffic and full sunrise; second 10km around to Inkerman Road where I had a good view of how the new Renwick housing development is coming is, in leaps and bounds.  3rd loop of 10 +7km took me to the end of Diamond Fields Road and beyond, where angels fear to tread!  Strangely, once out  and about the semi-dark start was quite enjoyable!

Each loop had its ups and downs  - mainly ups  - and the surface of Diamond fields Road, especially the bit beyond, was rough and rock strewn.  I suppose that's why my knees are sore tonight, especially the right knee so,  good that tomorrow is a rest day.  After each 10km I had a gel, water and sports drink. 

I did today's long run as an experimental run/walk (6/1).....walking the 'walk' as fast as possible.  After each 10km I was back at the car for a gel, water and sports drink.  What is of concern with this, I think,  is that it's extra stopping/rest time at the car that I won't have during the marathon; I tend to linger! It's not continuous run/walk, so next long run I'm going to carry what I need and do away with the extra minutes at the car.  I believe, in doing this there'll be quite a difference in how I feel at the end of 38km or more and very much more like how I'll be feeling during the marathon next month, ( next month?  Shriek!) though I suppose I could chat to the Ambos for a break.  4 hours moving time today.

Anyhow, that's how preparations are progressing....I hope that's the right word to describe the passing weeks!

I'm very tired tonight!