Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Knew Where I Was Going......

....but because something had happened to flatten Mr G-armin's battery, I had very little idea of how far, what pace, heart rate or anything else! That being the case, I had no choice but to run to the very end of Old South Road knowing that, from the car to the end, the distance was 9km. No use me guessing where the 7km turn around might be!

Program : 14km. Try for negative split.

I ran 18km!

Neg. Split? For sure! I just about ran my legs off on the way back, especially down the long inclines that I'd struggled up earlier!!

Distance this week = 64km. Not bad!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Upper Aerobic Run

Program : 12km @ 82% of MHR.

Fairly cold wind this morning - tailwind on the way out but a strong headwind for the return.

14km (added 2k on)

7km out in 51 minutes.
AHR = 70%; MHR = 80%.

7km return in 54 minutes....against the wind!
AHR - 81%; MHR = 83%.

An OK run except for having to stop several times to apply blister block to the arches of both feet where I could feel blisters forming. .....bugger! They're big ones too! Made a trip to the chemist & bought 2 different sizes of "Elastoplast Aqua Protect Silverhealing" dressings! Hope they do the job of healing before Sunday's long run.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday & Today....

First yesterday....

6km @ AHR 75%...Done!

Today: 2km warm-up.
Strides & light drills. 16 x 100m. 2km warm-down.

16 x 100m with slow jog in between each.
Fastest was 27 seconds; slowest 31 seconds.
MHR - 73%.....
which looks like I wasn't even trying, but I was huffing & puffing & running my legs off!!

6km both days = 12km total

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preparing for GC.......

Ttoday I had to change the training week around a bit, so as Phase 3 is the last week for Gold Coast.

That meant that I nearly 'stuffed up' - heaven help me against Ewen's wrath - by going from Phase 3 to Phase 2 this morning when I should have begun with Phase One. I checked my diary before leaving & was thus able to avert the catastrophe of doing the wrong week!

Program : 6km @ HR 75% (116)

I ran on Old South Road for 8km - 2km more than planned. The morning was such a good one: not at all cold; in fact MB shows 21 degrees. I wish MB would speed up! It's so slow bringing up results.

AHR 67%; MHR 88%

For the return 4km I ran accelerations from one roadside post to another & then jogged to the next one. That way, I included some speed & got back quicker!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Week After......

For last week following the SMH Half - still bewildered and thrilled at 7 minutes improvement on last year's time! - I chose what I thought to be the most important sessions and took rest days on the others.


Tuesday, May 19 : 6km 'easy'

Wednesday, May 20: 10km @75% of MHR

Friday: May 22 Chev Track.....2km warm-up, stretches, drills, strides
Then, 12 laps - about 5km - 'sitting on' HR 133 (86%). Hard!

Sunday, May 24: 12km 'easy'.

Week's total = 35km

This week back to 'normal' training to fully recharge the batteries for the Gold Coast Half Marathon on July5th....only 5 weeks to go!

Monday, May 18, 2009

SMH Half Marathon

I had a fantastic day! Arrived Sydney Saturday afternoon and stayed overnight at the City Park Regis, just across the road from the start...very handy and comfortable.

Sunday morning, after a short warm-up in Hyde Park with Ewen, we made our way to the start and as it turned out, just 26 seconds from the timing mat, so we were pretty close to the start line. From there, much to my surprise, I immediately was able to find a rhythm of running with short, quick strides and made up my mind I'd hold it till the matter what!

I felt great and enjoyed every part of the run and, though it sounds crazy, I didn't even notice the Argyle Cut hill which I can recall having to walk parts of in previous years, and Hunter Street didn't bother me even on the second time around! For the first time in any run, I carried coke and sipped on it as I ran instead of Gatorade. I stopped once for water.

In short....I had the best run in a while, taking 7 minutes off last year's time & 2 minutes faster than 2008 Gold Coast Half. I'm still stunned, and very pleased, today!!

Since starting my thoughts about yesterday's run, I've read on Cool Running so many complaints about overcrowding, missing Gus, soupy Gatorade, walkers, slow runners, couldn't get near the start line, having to stop, et cetera!! Well, call me a nut case, but some of these were the very things that "made my day"!

Being used to running alone & lonely at the back of every race, I was tickled pink to have so many others around me for the entire run; I couldn't help but have a big smile on my face every time I dodged in and out of other runners to get ahead...and I did. I hardly ever get that chance, but I had it yesterday! I even laughed with delight to see such a huge crowd at the Hickson Road drink station so that I didn't even think of stopping there but just kept on running instead of waiting! I carried my own gels and coke to sip on the course instead of depending on the aid stations to have something left when I knew as an "old slowie" that there were over 8,000 runners participating. I had the best fun ever and, in spite of seeing a huge, ugly blood blister on my big toe afterwards, I still managed to get the "icing on the cake" by a 7 minute faster time than in any of 2008 half marathons, including the Gold Coast.

But now......I must mention the huge lift the Cheer Squad gave me each time I passed them. What an unselfish group they are to stand there for hours just to cheer others on their way! I have a special "Thank You" for Cool Runner "sfGnome" who returned to the Domain after his run, waited for me to come by & then ran the last kilometre with me, helping me to finish in....

2:26:09 Gun Time
2:25:45 Net Time

Finally : To have run 7 minutes faster than last year, I must have the best of all coaches!

Friday, May 15, 2009

On a Windy Day......

The last session before Sunday's SMH Half Marathon.

Program : 2km warm-up, light drills, stretches.
12 x 100m strides

Nearly blown sideways by the wind!

Leaving tomorrow morning for Sydney, stay overnight, return Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing 10,000 runners on Sunday! Phew! What a crush that's going to be!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two In One.....

Having missed out on yesterday's training (on hills), I doubled up today adding hills to an easy, lower aerobic run.

Program : 6km @ AHR 75% + 2 x 60 seconds hill + 3 x 40 seconds hill repeats. Jog down.

Warm up 3km to one of the hills on Diamond Fields Road...
3 x 60 seconds (1 extra!)
3 x 40 seconds.
Easy run for another 2km.
arm-down 3km

Approx 7km total.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Day Off.

No training today......instead we went to Sydney & had lunch with friends on Garden Island. A really lovely way to spend a rest day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

End of a "Big" Week....

OK....... 67.5km that's big for me!

Today's Program : 14km Medium Aerobic with AHR 79%. Try for negative split.

Cool, misty rain morning. Where has all that lovely sunshine gone? Nevertheless, it was excellent weather for a long run. So good was it, that I did a bit extra....4km. Old South Road to the end where it meets the Old Hume Highway. Fair amount of traffic to be careful of.

18km altogether.
Out in 1:11:32
AHR 77%; MHR 86%.

Back in 1:04:46
AHR 80%; MHR 88%.

Negative split!

67.5 for the week....biggest week in a while!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Easy Recovery Run...

An easy lower aerobic run today.

Program : 6km @ 75% of MHR.

Old South Road. Felt OK so ran a little extra.

7.5 km in 60 minutes.
Forgot heart rate monitor, but felt about the same effort.

Friday, May 08, 2009


I did today's run with orthotics in my usual shoes, got to 6km & could feel blisters forming in the arches of both feet! This I do not need! I sat down, took the offending orthotics out of my shoes & finished the run comfortably without them.

Program : 12km @ AHR 82% Upper Aerobic Run.

At 6km having taken out the othortics from my shoes, I ran very comfortably without them for the return 6km. At home I looked at the damage & saw a very large blister on the inside arch of my good left foot & a smaller one, same place on my not good right foot! So there go the orthotics for now. I'm hoping the blisters will have gone by Sunday week. I've put blister block over both...tomorrow will tell if this temporarily fixes the problem.

12km run.
6km from the car in 47:20
AHR 79%; MHR 90%
6km return in 44:56
AHR 83%; MHR 92%.
Neg. Split 2:24

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Recovery Run...

Program : 6km @ AHR 75%.

I ran on Old South Road today so as to get used to the new orthotics on a hard surface. So far so good!

6km at AHR 76%; MHR 84%.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Instead of going to Chev track I used the soccer field for today's training. I began running in #3 Frees, but soon discarded them to run barefoot on the lush, damp grass.

Program : 2km warm-up; stretches, strides, light drills.
16 x 100m with slow jog recovery between each. MHR of 133 (88%) on strides.

After the warm-up etc I did the strides down the long side of the soccer field, exactly 100m & jogged back to the start after each one. By #16 I was happy to finish!

Fastest stride was #12 in 26 seconds. AHR 128 (85%) Highest heart rate for the entire session was 140 (93%).

Finished with a few stretches on the grass on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Right Foot.....

....has got help at last!

I saw my GP ( the best in the whole world!) yesterday. Knowing the SMH was coming up soon, she rang a Sports Podiatrist & I saw him same afternoon. After at least 90 minutes of studying my feet & standing & walking every which way, I came away with semi-rigid orthotics under which he has placed various pieces of 'something' that will support my arch, lower the metatarsals & relieve pressure underneath my foot. He was more than surprised to see that I have 2 entirely different feet! Perhaps one belongs to someone else!

This might be a temporary measure so as to make running possible & less painful over the next 2 weeks & through the Half Marathon. It could be the permanent fix' I need, but only time & more running will tell. Today's run was short, so not able to judge until I run longer, but today was just about pain free.

Program : 6km 'lower aerobic @ 75% of MHR.

3km from the car with AHR 70%; MHR 80%.
3km return with AHR 76%; MHR 83%.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow's track session.

Monday, May 04, 2009

2 Weeks to SMH Half Marathon

After a couple of days off, I started up again with a "real" program for the 2 weeks left in the lead up to SMH Half Marathon on May 17th.

Program : 12km @ 75% of MHR.

On one of the best of all possible mornings I ran on Diamond Fields Road for 12km.

6km out with AHR 78% of MHR; 6km return with AHR 78%.....Done!