Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Three Weeks ~~~

I saw the Orthopedic surgeon today, three weeks after an arthroscopy, and now I must wait another three weeks before returning to running!  A little disappointed, but as he explained, though surgery takes only about 30 minutes and my recovery is excellent, the surgery itself is still quite big.  It was a large tear in the medial meniscus and needed to be cut out, not repaired.  So....patience is the way to go for now, later jogging on grass and after six weeks, all being well, I should be able to return to hard surfaces.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey, Old Friends!

Ruth and Ewen drove from Canberra yesterday for a belated 84th birthday lunch for me! Who's like them?  Darned few!!

We lunched at Gilberts in Mittagong - baked vegetable loaf and feta with salad.....really good!  Though it was getting late by the time we finished all the 'catching up 'chat, we found time for me to show them the Highlands School, the goats and new calf (born just 24 hours previously), all of which I write about so often here.

From there, we drove down the road to the new Renwick development (also much written about here), and looked through all the display homes.  We were suitably impressed with the latest in modern housing, except that all shower recesses were deemed too small by Ewen! Oh, and there had to be 2 basins in the en suite, not just one!  We each agreed on the same home as our favourite...very modern but homey.

It was a most pleasant day and I thank them both for driving all the way from Canberra....not to omit the flowers and Ruth's yummy chocolate brownies!!  Two down, six to go!!

At Lunch - Ruth, Me, Ewen

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Born Today ~~~

"Look!  I'm walking!"
Exhausted, after just one day!
"Daisy-May" gave birth today to a baby girl calf!  I was at the school just an hour or so after her birth and watched her struggle to her feet and then attempt to run around with 'Mother' in hot pursuit! So funny and amazing to observe the start of a new life!
New baby calf!  for 'Daisy-May'!

 Mother's Love!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm Walking! ~~~~~

My first 'proper' walk today, 8 days after arthroscopy; some puffing on the hilly sections; from home to school and back.  I could feel that my knee hasn't properly healed yet and no way would I have been able to include any jogging.  I called in at the school and had a chat to 'Bucky' and 'girl friend', brushed their coats, sat in the sun for a short time and walked back home.  Windy, cooler; good to be at last able to walk!

"Excuse me, don't you think we'd look good on top of a wedding cake?"
"You make me laugh!  You silly old  Billy!"

4km today....and each day for the rest of this week.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Time with the Goat Family ~~~~~

This is "Bucky"
This is "Bucky's" future bride & 2nd wife!

"Bucky", a fine example of a goat!

This is "Bucky's" first wife and kid!

Dating & "Getting to know you!"
Bucky & future wife.

"The First Family"

l to r.  Buckey, Uncle Goat, Bucky's kid and first wife!

The whole family of goats!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Spring is Here I Hear!

So why is it so hot?  Shouldn't complain, but one does wonder just how hot summer will be this year!

Blossom time in the backyard...taken late this afternoon.

I didn't do quite as many exercises today as perhaps I should have; a little weary!  I did one full set of leg strengthening exercises, ten minutes on the bike and a short walk with Amy and Oscar around the school grounds.

Some of this time I spent "talking" to the goats and brushing their coats.  They love this 'beauty treatment" and all vie to get in front and receive the most attention!  I'll take a photo tomorrow...when it's safe to do turning back the boats!!!   If I hear that again...GRRR!!!

Did I mention elsewhere that someone stole one of the baby goats?  Who would do such a wicked thing when its life still depended on receiving its mother's milk? I'm still upset about it. It was my favourite kid too and so tame it would sit on my lap and fall asleep.   I'm trying to convince the buck that the mother would be a suitable next wife!!  I think it's working too!

Progressing ~~~

Another good, pain free day!  My knee is unbelievably free of any's like a miracle!  I feel I could begin a walk program but have been advised not to do so until I see the Orthopedic surgeon next week.  I'd like nothing better than to stride out for a brisk walk in this fantastic weather, but have decided to err on the side of caution and wait for the nod.

In the meantime, continuing with knee strengthening and stationary bike...30 minutes bike today and dozens of exercises for my left leg!

Happy running days ahead?  Sure thing!

Friday, September 06, 2013

That's Life ~~~ After 84 years!

I'm amazed that my knee is completely pain free only 3 days after the arthroscopic surgery!  Yesterday I did all the exercises I'm supposed to do plus 20 minutes on the bike.  The orthopedic man said they don't often do this kind of surgery on people over 80 because their knees are usually riddled with arthritis,  but my knees were so good - apart from a torn meniscus! - it was very much worthwhile doing!

That cheered me up considerably, as did the messages, calls etc I received for my 84th birthday yesterday!  84 years....who can believe it??  Not me!  A mix of many things this 84th year : injury leading to missing the events I usually enter in the latter half of the year :  the ACTVAC half marathon in August, Fisher's Ghost and Bankstown 5km races still to come but which I won't be ready for;  losing some friends through death, others I thought of as friends - so I guess no loss at all;  and then regaining friends from school days as well as retaining those friends long trusted, more than made up for any lost.  Win some, lose some.....that's life!

Thank you to all who have either read or commented on my blog in my 83rd year and hope all will continue their wonderful support in this my 84th year on planet earth!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Holding on to Hope ~~~

Tuesday's arthroscopy hugely successful!  Pain associated with medial meniscus tear negligible; 4 to 6 weeks recovery rebuilding strength :  exercises for operated leg 3 -4 times each day; progressing to walking, progressing to cycling, progressing to running!

At last.....light at the end of the tunnel!