Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday's Long Run.....

Program: 16km @ 7:28m/k

The usual course through the new streets of Renwick and quiet now, but wait until building starts!

16km @ avg. pace 6:48m/k
5km splits = 39:00;  36:42;  36:58; 1k in 7:00

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tempo Running......

Beautiful day, 15 degrees; feels like Summer!

Tempo Run:  Program:
1.5k easy
3.5k @ MT pace i.e. 6:44m/k
1.5k easy
3.5k @ MT pace
1.5k easy. 

This worked out well for a change!

1.5k easy in   13:08
3.5k in 23:19.  Avg. Pace = 6:39m/k
1.5k easy in  11:35
3.5k in 22:54.  Avg. Pace = 6:29m/k
1.5k easy in   12:00

Total 11.5km

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Social Day.....

Instead of running today, which would have been a cross-training day anyhow, I went to Sydney and lunched with a friend in the QVB first 'social' without Jim since he passed away in April.  It was good for me but just not the same!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Road Track....

I knew Chevalier College track would be water- logged today, so I made a decision last night to do the same session but on the road instead of at the track.  It didn't go too well!

Program : 
10 - 20 min warm-up
3 x 2km @ 6:18m/k (12:37)
10 min cool-down.

What happened was:
 3km warm-up + couple strides

2km @ 6:36m/k (13:04)
6:41; 6:23

2km @ 6:45m/k (13:20)
6:54; 6:25

2km @ 6:37m/k (13:45)
6:50; 6:54

1km walk back to car. 

I felt it much harder on the road, with a couple of hills included;  a bit disappointing!  However......

Total 10km

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Running Longer....

22km today.  

Started at the Renwick school and finished at the same school; legs almost dead, 2hours 45 min later!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tempo Run

I should have done this run yesterday, Friday, but the weather was just too awful.  Today, not much better, windy but not raining while I was out.  Dark & cold!

8km@ 6:44m/k

8km @ 7:00m/k....on the slow side!
AHR 120 (76%)  MHR 130 (82%)

Ran round and round all the newly opened streets in Renwick.  Great area : no people.... yet and no traffic.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cross Training, #2

Another not very nice day; drizzling rain but I sought shelter under the pine trees on Radio Road, so not too bad for a short cross-training session.
10 Min warm-up + 2 strides.  One set of McGill drills.  10 min easy jog cool-down.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cross-Training #1, In the Pool

An ideal day for running in the warm pool water.   Outside, cold and wet....miserable!

5 min warm-up

8 x 5 min hard
1 min rcoveries.

10 x 45 sec hard 
15 sec recoveries.

 5 min cool-down

Total 68 min.

This was quite a hard session but perfect weather to cross- train indoors! Outside we've reached our top for the day...9 degrees.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Waste of Time??

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Raining as I reluctantly left for Chev Track this morning; nevertheless, I thought I'd give it a go; not for long though : the freezing rain turned to freezing snow flakes and then to ice particles!  The track, of course, was a bog again.  I really think it was a waste of  time as I only completed half  the program by which time I was so wet and so very cold, I could take no more!

Program:  10 - 20 min warm-up
10 x 400m @ 6:00m/k (i.e 2:24)
400m RI btw.
10 min cool-down.

Of this, in  rain, snow, wind & ice,  I did:
1 k warm-up + 2 strides
5 x 400m (with about 20 sec btw..too cold for any longer!)
No cool-down.

400m results: 2:27 (6:04m/k);  2:28 (6:00m/k);  2:24 (5:58m/k);  2:26 (6:03m/k);  2:26 (6:03m/k)

Tomorrow, I look forward to running in the warm pool!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Run....

Program:  16k @ 7:42m/k

Started at the school as usual: Renwick Drive, Inkerman Road etc. & return to school.
Avg Pace 7:41m/k
Time 2:03:00
AHR 112 (70%);  MHR 131 (82%)

The day's weather not so good :   misty rain for most of the time but pleasant to run in.

Total 16km

Friday, July 15, 2011

Easy & Relaxed!

That's what the program said for today's 10km tempo run.  To finish the loop the final distance was 10.68km

10.68km easy and relaxed effort.
Time 1:21:29 
Avg. pace 7:38

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cross-Training, #1

45 min pool running.  I could have stayed in the warm water all day......Outdoors, 6 degrees in Mittagong today...freezing!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Track Session

Program :
10-20 min warm-up
3 x 1600m @ 6:16m/k (10:02)
10 min cool-down.

Ok weather today; not too windy; grass track starting to dry out; session didn't have any problems....that I know of!

1.6k warm-up
3 x 1600 
9:45 (6:13m/k)
AHR 137 (86);  MHR 180??
9:44 (6:09m/k)
AHR 127 (80%)  MHR 138 (87%)
9:49 (6:09m/k)
AHR 128 (81%)  MHR ( 87%)
1km cool-down

Total = 7.4km


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Long Run Cut Short!

Program:  22km @ 7:35m/k

I managed just half of what was on the program.  I could NOT (even for a million dollars) have stayed out any longer in the atrocious conditions: wind gusts of  85k per hour, trees down and roads covered in debris.  Well, maybe for a million I would, but not for a cent less!  I started at the school, ran through Renwick Drive - as I now know it's called - up and down Inkerman Road twice, a couple of other roads and then back to the school and HOME!

Time 1:27:24
Avg. pace 7:30m/k
AHR 113 (71%);  MHR 132 (83%)
5k splits 37:55;  36:59; (1.65k in 12:29)

Friday, July 08, 2011

A New Road Opens!

The main road through the new Renwick land development has opened, so I took the opportunity of running through during this morning's run.  Nice and flat and it will be a very picturesque place to live once it's finished and 600 new houses begin to pop up all over the place!

Program:  2k warm-up;  5k @ 6:44 m/k;  1k cool-down

2k warm-up
5km in 33:31
Avg. pace 6:41....good!
1k cool-down
AHR 108 (68%);  MHR 148 (93%)
1k splits 6:41;  6:39;  6:47;  6:31; 6:49

This new road will be a good place to 'start' in future when looking for 'happiness', a flat course - about 1.5km -  and also as a loop during long runs before heading out into wilder territory!

Total =  8km 

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yesterday, Tuesday....

I went across to Chev College track yesterday knowing it was going to be windy, but having no idea of the gales that awaited me!  For the past 24 hours we've been battered by terrifying gales which only worsened as the day wore on; no power all day until 9:30 pm last night. Sirens have been blaring around the area for more than 24 hours now.  I felt quite scared for myself until I thought of the poor buggers working all day and all night in horrendous conditions  -  SES, Fire Brigade, etc  - trying to restore power, remove fallen trees, open roads etc to the entire Southern Highlands.  At least I have a gas stove and was able to heat water and cook a meal at night.  I also had two very large torches that provided sufficient light.  No damage around the house.

Today, Wednesday, a slight improvement but not much and nothing, absolutely nothing would have me out training today!  People have been advised to stay indoors so that's what I'll be doing.  However, since it's a cross training day, I might make the short 5 min drive to Henley Brae and stretch my legs in the warm water later this afternoon.  Now, back to yesterday's Chev track :

Program:  10-20 in warm-up
1km in 6:06,  2km in 12:37, 1km, 1km (400m RI)
10 min cool-down.

I did 2km warm-up + 2 strides...without warming up at all and the gales of wind bringing me to a halt in some sections while in others, sending me flying ahead and/or across the still muddy lane!

1k in 6:31; avg. pace 6:24 m/k
2km in 12:50; avg. pace 6:25 m/k
1km in 6:32; avg. pace 6:22 m/k
1km in 6:21; avg. pace 6:17 m/k

Not even a thought of a cool-down; not needed since I ran this session in 3 layers of clothing, gloves, goggles,  a beanie buff and a hood on my head!

Today, later.......
30 min pool running.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Long Run....

I started late at around 10:00 a.m.  Perfect sunny morning; clouds rolling in towards the finish. 

Program :    16km @ 7:28 - 7:42 m/k

Starting as usual at Renwick school, then to Old South Road, Diamond Fields Road and back.  This road is somewhat less hilly than Range Road so less difficult than last Sunday's long run.  For now, I'll alternate between the two for Sunday runs.

16km in 2 hours 04 min
Avg. pace 7:47 m/k
AHR 110 (69%)  MHR 125 (79%)
5km splits = 39:18;  37:39;  39:38;  (1k 7:58)