Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Much Too Soon?

A 'funny' sort of session this! I started just before mid-day, sunny but windy. As usual I had the entire oval at Chevalier College in Bowral to myself. I used lane 7 which is 0:42m.

Program : 2km warm-up
Drills, strides.

12 laps (5km) 'sitting on' heart rate 136 (86%). Time each 2 laps.

I did the warm-up etc wearing Newton trainers. Bare feet for the main, soft grass.

2km warm-up in 16 minutes, drills, strides.

12 laps timing each 2 laps = 5:08; 5:00; 5:02; 4:49; 5:05; 5:16.

Distance = 5:09
AHR = 136 (86%); MHR = 142 = (89%)
Avg. Pace = 6:02.

Time = 31:43.... & PB! (32 seconds faster than the last time I did this same session on 22nd June!)

I called this a 'funny' sort of track session because never, ever have I felt sick during this or any other kind of training, but I did today. All fine except for coming to the finish of the last lap I felt that I was going to throw up; crossed the line, walked to the fence & started to dry-reach a couple of times feeling like I was going to die there & then!

I suspect that I wasn't quite ready for a hard session so soon after the heavy cold I've had & which still hangs around just like I said it would. Nasty, cruel thing!

Back home & showered, I took to the bed & slept for nearly 2 hours this afternoon! Finally, a bowl of soup seems to have settled things and of course.....tomorrow is another day, which I intend to be a resting one!

Distance today = 7km

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New 10km Course

I took a different direction for today's run; close to where I usually run but I don't think I've ever explored the area before. Very pretty on dirt, through bush, on quiet roads & finishing with a couple of rounds in the soccer field to get the numbers up to 10, which I thought would never come! Not back to 'normal' yet, so the final few kilometres were a bit of a struggle....but it's done!

I wore the Nike Vomero trainers today, felt comfortable & well cushioned; one of the 8 pairs according to Ewen that I have hidden under the bed! Well, it's not's only 6!!

Track session tomorrow...Oh, what a feeling!!

Time 1:15
AHR = 118 (75%)
Avg. Pace 7:31.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Same As Yesterday.....

Same course except for a turn or two around the soccer field, same distance, a little faster! Motion Based download to Garmin Connect is much better than the previous system, though it's not completely phased out yet. Newton shoes going well! I'll soon be running out of sight even on a dark night!

Time 52 minutes
AHR 74%; MHR 94% (?)
Avg. pace 7:25; Best 4:45.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yes, I Can!

I jogged up & down this 400m stretch of road called 'Radio Road' so as to stay out of the wind & catch the sun as it came & went from under the clouds.

This was my first run since coming down with the worst cold ever, 11 days ago & it's still hanging around waiting to resurface & knock me down again!

So it was a struggle even to force myself to start running again this morning & I was sorely tempted over the last few days to hang up the boots for good, but then I thought : that's being really weak; get out & try & see how you go....and I'm gald I did because I enjoyed this easy jog & now I'm thinking I'm back again 'for the term of my natural life'!

I jogged easily for 7km.
AHR 67%
Time 55 minutes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Long Has This Been Going On?

Five days so far, that's how long! Last Friday was my last run before coming down with the worst cold I can remember, courtesy of Mr LL who, tired of having such a bad cold all to himself for a week, decided it was time to give it away me! I can't remember when I last had a cold of any kind, but when I do get a cold I REALLY GET A BEAUTY!

For 5 days I've felt as sick as a dog: sneeze, blow, cough; sneeze, blow, cough; hardly any sleep. I feel like I'll never run again and City to Surf less than 3 weeks off. Plenty of time for Blackmores though; that's if I ever get the urge to run quickly things just fall apart! Oh well, another day or two & maybe I'll feel the old desire return.

To be continued........

Friday, July 17, 2009

An Upper Aerobic Run...

....that became a 'lower aerobic' run!

Program : 12km @ AHR 82%.

I didn't have what's required in the legs to get heart rate up to 80%+ for any decent length of time in today's 12km run. It was a cold & windy mid-day when I started & my legs were still a bit weary ...from yesterday's strides work out I think. So....

12km @ AHR 70%; MHR 78%
Avg. pace 7:32; Best 4:46

I've just about got used to the recent change I made in running shoes...i.e. to the Newton Trainer; today was the longest continuous run in them. I very much like the feel of running lighter/faster (?) that they give but they take some getting used to, short distances first; then the longer stuff. So far no problems running with them over the past 2 weeks.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Track Session....

I did today's track at Renwick Soccer Field just up the road from home.....another facility I seem to have the exclusive use of. Cold, overcast day. Wore #3 Frees.

Program : 2km warm-up. A few drills.
16 x 100m strides with jog recoveries.
2km warm-down.

All went well I think, possibly a bit sluggish; times not as fast as when I did the same strides a couple of weeks ago. Oh well, just getting going again after Gold Coast!

Fastest 100m 28 seconds; slowest in 31 seconds.

Today's Distance = 6km

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cold, Windy Day

.....OK for a short run only.

Program : 6km @ 75% of MHR.

I did today's run up & down a stretch of road that gave some shelter from the wind.

Time 45:20
Avg. Pace 7:31; Max. 5:58
AHR 68%.....should have run harder!

Distance Today = 6km

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back To Work...

After a few days of easy jogging, today was the start of Week One of my Three Week Training Cycle.

Program : 12km @ 118 (75%) 'Lower Aerobic' Run.

I didn't start until around 12:30p.m & by then the day had turned cloudy, fairly cold & very windy. I enjoyed getting back to 'proper' running & the run went well, I think, in spite of the nasty headwind after the turn around point at 6km.

For the first time, I used "Garmin Connect" to download my run to the PC. Very soon that's what 'Motion Based' will be using exclusively, so I thought it a good idea to get used to it. Lots of new features & a 'new look' for Motion Based from what it is now.

6km out in 39:39
AHR 72%; MHR 80%.
Avg. Pace 6:59; Max. 5:34.

6km back in negative split today!
AHR 76%; MHR 90%.
Avg. Pace 7:26; Max. 5:40.

Today's Distance = 12km


Friday, July 10, 2009

!st Run Post Gold Coast

Having walked each day for about 45 minutes since the Gold Coast half, I thought it about time to speed things up a bit before starting back on the full program next Monday.

6.5km very easy.

All body parts, bits & pieces seemed to hold together well! Lovely clear morning after a night of light rain. I'll do a couple more easy runs like this before resuming my 3 week training cycle on Monday.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gold Coast Half Marathon, 2009

.......................from the 22nd floor.

My aim for each of this year's runs is to try to better the times for the same events of far it's working!

I spent 6 days at the Gold Coast, staying at Main Beach, "Pacific Views" on the 22nd floor & right across the road from the beach! I didn't have far to go for a daily surf & found I hadn't forgotten how to swim since the years of swimming at Bronte & Clovelly beaches in Sydney.

I repeated the lead up to this half marathon exactly as I'd done for the SMH Half back in May : 2 days taper but with the wonderful ocean to surf in this time!

An early 6:20 a.m. start Sunday morning was cool & pitch dark making my way across to the where the races began at Southport and meant getting up at 4:30a.m....not my time of day at all, but good for this particular climate change. This year, I didn't lock myself in or have to break down doors & smash locks as I did last year! In fact, everything, including the half marathon, couldn't have gone better!

My time on this course last year was 2:27:02. On Sunday I ran 2:21:06! This gave me (at 79) 1st place in my age category (75-79); 2nd place was a Japanese runner who was somewhere around half an hour behind me!! Lucky I didn't know she was there until I saw the results in the paper next morning!

I felt great throughout the entire run; never uncomfortable & didn't need to stop at two of the drink stations; I just kept on flying past everything & everyone I could overtake! I think I can run faster than I did & will practise a 6:30 per km pace in training runs of 12-14km in the weeks ahead of any future half marathons....Bankstown probably being the next one.

Thank you to all who have left encouraging comments on my blog; you keep me motivated to keep running on into my 80th year which begins this September!