Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #22 ~~~~~

Definitely should have stayed in bed! I wasn't expecting to be so completely annihilated :  couldn't breathe, couldn't run, couldn't stop coughing and stomach cramps the entire time.  This bug is taking its toll nearly 2 weeks later; nevertheless, after having tried out on Thursday, I really thought today might be better.  Instead I came home with a blazing headache and stomach cramps.  I showered and went to bed for a couple of hours.  No idea how I'll tackle this coming week; just wait and see, I suppose, how I feel from one day to the next.

I must have looked nearly as bad as I felt because another runner insisted I sit down and brought me a glass of water, asked if I'd like a cup of tea at the Briars and then offered to drive me home! The water was welcome; couldn't stomach tea and drove home without crashing!  The same runner has since phoned to see how I am......a very kind Parkrunner indeed!

Getting sick is such a pain!

Today 5km in 36:20

AHR 81%;   MHR  89% .....much too high for mostly walking pace.
Splits : 6:35;  7:01;  7:15;  7:27;  8:00  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Missed the Whole Week ~~~~~

Never had a common cold like this one!  Nothing 'common' about it either; it was a very superior sort of cold!  Kept me in bed a couple of days and housebound the entire week, until this morning I just had to get out to see if my legs still knew what to do when asked!  To do this I drove across to Bowral Parkrun course where I hope to reappear on Saturday without falling in a heap!

I jogged/walked the 5km taking several breaks to use my puffer and ease my breathing which sounded like that of a rusty old steam train.   I hope not to make these noises on Saturday!  I was very slow, didn't look at the Garmin at all and, despite some early breaks, I didn't stop at all on the final climb.

Today:  5km in 37:20
Avg. pace 7:35 m/k
AHR 118 (74%);   MHR 141 (88%)

TE 2.5 ~~~ Maintaining.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Missed Bowral Parkrun #21 ~~~~~

I'm down and out with a monster sore throat and head cold!

 OK till about 7 pm last night when I suddenly felt sick which isn't the way I usually start a cold;  in fact I didn't think I had a cold at all until the sore throat kicked in a few hours later.  Now, Saturday, I'm staying inside, all the while sneezing, blowing and feeling miserable!  By resting all weekend, I'm hoping to be fit to run next week......fingers crossed!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

Today's tempo run :

1.5km easy
1.5km @ ST (short tempo) pace
1.5km easy
1.5km @ ST pace
1.5km easy
1.5km @ ST pace
1.5km easy

I had VP set to run at 6:59 m/k based on 5km time of 34 minutes.

3 x 1.5km @ ST pace .........     6:43;    6:52;     6:58...close!

Very warm; some breeze; not an easy session!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hills ~~~~~ Short Ones!

Today:  walked to the bottom of Bong Bong road and then short hill sprints up, walk down... 10 times.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Track at Chev. College ~~~~

Hot and humid on the oval; no lanes so I ran just inside the boundary fence which is a little over 400m.

10-20 min warm-up ....easy jogging + few drills and strides....16 minutes.
1600m 10:41(my time 10:52; TE 2.2 maintaining);
1200m 7:54  (my time 7:55;   TE 2.1 maintaining);
800m   5:12  (my time 5:14;   TE 1.8 minor);
400m   2:34  (my time 2:28;   TE 1.3 minor).

I went from 'maintaining' to 'minor' Training Effect!

Big struggle this morning; just managed to stay close to VP!  Used 34 minute 5km time for all paces.  A much harder session than I thought it would be!  Breathless except for recoveries!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Longer Run with Leah ~~~~~

Very hot by the time we met at the Highlands School at 10am so decision made to take it easy for 8km on Diamond Fields Road where there would be some shady sections.  We ran easily on the flats but hit a good pace on every hill!  After yesterday's Parkrun that was quite enough for me.  I did a few drills and jog on Radio Road while waiting for Leah to arrive.

Today's Total : 8.3km

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #20 ~~~~~

Difficult to get a day as perfect as it was in Bowral this morning : quite cool which was nice, and no humidity which was even nicer.   7:15am at "The Briars" for the usual warm-up jog and a few drills and right on 8:00am off we go....75 walkers/runners...down the wet, slippery grass slope and onto the concrete path for 2.5km and the turn-around.

I knew I was running quite well and felt I just might get below my last PB of 34:45 and I did!  After crossing the finish, I looked at the time on my Garmin 620 and thought I saw 34:43 which wasn't all that exciting but still "beggars can't be choosers" and I'll take anything that's even a second faster!  Then I took another look ....   33:43!  To say I was excited is an understatement of monumental proportions!  Organizers must have thought I'd taken leave of my senses as I raced back, thumping my fists in the air and shouting : 33:43!!  Not the sort of behaviour you'd expect from an 85 year old at all and that's 7 PBs out of 16 runs.

Last week's training went well and that would have had a lot to do with the improvement today I'm sure.  Here are some stats :

Time  :  33:43 (33:42.9 to be exact)
Splits :  6:33;   6:39;   6:40;  6:41;  7:09...up the hill!
Avg. Pace  6:45 m/k
AHR 133 (81%);  MHR 147 (90%)
Points... 79, making a total of 1449 so far.
45th out of 75.
Training Effect (TE) 4  =  Highly Improving! 
Age Graded Score ....   91.5%!   "Bloody Good!", I said out loud and I don't normally use such unseemly language!

I've been so excited all day about today's Parkrun time...can't help it!  I don't think I've fully grown up yet!! 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

I was a little disappointed with my run this morning.  I felt I was running better than usual, I didn't feel as though I was pushing myself too hard, I didn't stop or walk at all, the weather was cool and I was sure I'd go under 35 minutes even with a couple of hills thrown into the mix!

My program was : Tempo Run
1.5km warm-up
5km @ ST pace 7:05m/k based on 34:40 5km time
1.5km cool-down...OK around Renwick streets.

I did the warm-up through Renwick OK.  Set VP at 6:55m/k

5km Tempo Run

5km in 35:59...disappointing! 
6:49;  7:09;  7:20;  7:23;  7:15

Avg Pace 7:12m/k

TE 3.6  =  Improving... really?

AHR 87%;   MHR 94%

I've run better than that at Parkrun!  Oh well, we'll see what this Saturday brings!

Today :  8km


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Listening to Music and Spinning ~~~~~

From 12:30 till 1:00pm I listened on ABC Classic FM to Margaret Throsby who played past interviews with Tom Uren and his chosen music at the time of each interview.  I had no idea he was an opera lover and so the 30 minutes of easy spinning on my indoor bike passed very pleasantly, not just with the music but more so hearing his views about peace and people learning to understand and love each other more.  One of his favourite pieces was a cello concerto.  I know nothing at all about how to play the cello but I just 'leave this world behind' whenever I listen to its soothing and sorrowful sound.  For me the cello is the most beautiful and elegant of all musical instruments and this piece brought a tear to my eyes.  Prior to listening to it, I'd seen on a website a human being in a cage, doused with petrol to be burnt to death by Islamic State militants.

I don't know that too many people have heard or heeded any messages form anyone over the decades for peace and understanding. let alone love!

 RIP Tom Uren, aged 93. 

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Chev College Track ~~~~~

I managed to record only the warm-up and one repeat when I saw the battery was flat on the 620.  I'll take the time for the one recorded as much the same for the other repeats since I felt I was running with the same effort.. Very annoying when I can't be sure though!

10 min warm-up incl. Magill drills with alternating strides.
4 x 1000m @ 6:45m/ 5k race time of 35 min.

1st and only recorded rep. ....6:44...
Fingers crossed for the remaining 3!

Weather OK this morning; sun in and out from clouds; humid; could rain later.  Used a mowed 200m narrow lane which has something to do with the cricket boundary I think.  Works well for me too!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Long Hill Repeats ~~~~

I'd finished my hour, 10-11 a.m., at the Highlands School, rushed through the supermarket and then drove across to the Briars Inn with the intention of doing a few repeats on the dreaded hill that marks the finish of Bowral Parkrun 5km course.

Warm-up Jogging Down.......

Had the whole place to myself -  such a lovely part of the world!  - and did a short warm-up jogging down hill to where the grass slope meets the concrete cycle/walking path, about-turn to half way back where the climb begins.

>>>>>>>>and up!

Running Up >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I ran 8 times up hill, walked down, waited a couple of minutes and started all over again. Each run took approx 90 seconds. I didn't have my Garmin 620 with me as it wasn't until I'd finished at the supermarket earlier, that I decided to do this hill session.  I hope it helps this coming Saturday!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sunday's Longer Run ~~~~~ and

 I met Leah at the Highlands School 10:00am and from there we headed down Bong Bong Road, into Old South Road and then Diamond Fields Road  ~  5km out and 5km back ~ ran hills strongly ~  couple of walk breaks.  As always, this is my favourite course because it has everything a runner (like me) could want ....uphills, flat, downhills and, most importantly, a quiet countryside setting.

While waiting for Leah I moved the goats into another paddock and then did a few Magill drills and strides.

Today :  10km.
T.E.  2.5   =  Maintaining!