Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #22 ~~~~~

Definitely should have stayed in bed! I wasn't expecting to be so completely annihilated :  couldn't breathe, couldn't run, couldn't stop coughing and stomach cramps the entire time.  This bug is taking its toll nearly 2 weeks later; nevertheless, after having tried out on Thursday, I really thought today might be better.  Instead I came home with a blazing headache and stomach cramps.  I showered and went to bed for a couple of hours.  No idea how I'll tackle this coming week; just wait and see, I suppose, how I feel from one day to the next.

I must have looked nearly as bad as I felt because another runner insisted I sit down and brought me a glass of water, asked if I'd like a cup of tea at the Briars and then offered to drive me home! The water was welcome; couldn't stomach tea and drove home without crashing!  The same runner has since phoned to see how I am......a very kind Parkrunner indeed!

Getting sick is such a pain!

Today 5km in 36:20

AHR 81%;   MHR  89% .....much too high for mostly walking pace.
Splits : 6:35;  7:01;  7:15;  7:27;  8:00  

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