Monday, February 02, 2015

Long Hill Repeats ~~~~

I'd finished my hour, 10-11 a.m., at the Highlands School, rushed through the supermarket and then drove across to the Briars Inn with the intention of doing a few repeats on the dreaded hill that marks the finish of Bowral Parkrun 5km course.

Warm-up Jogging Down.......

Had the whole place to myself -  such a lovely part of the world!  - and did a short warm-up jogging down hill to where the grass slope meets the concrete cycle/walking path, about-turn to half way back where the climb begins.

>>>>>>>>and up!

Running Up >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I ran 8 times up hill, walked down, waited a couple of minutes and started all over again. Each run took approx 90 seconds. I didn't have my Garmin 620 with me as it wasn't until I'd finished at the supermarket earlier, that I decided to do this hill session.  I hope it helps this coming Saturday!

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