Monday, May 21, 2007

SMH Half Marathon 20/5/07

First the suffering.....or the worst part of the day! Before 5km I felt the unfamiliar sting of a blister beginning.. Above, is what my left foot looked like back at the motel...pre-0p!
.......and this is what it looked like after using a safety pin, the only medical tool available...not even a scalpel!

Apart from that I had a very enjoyable day! Not having done any 'distance' running to mention since last September, I struggled all through this run. As the pain worsened in my foot, I slowed even more until I came face to face with Horrie somewhere near Circular Quay on the second lap...never has anyone's spirits lifted as quickly as did mine! I just had to hug him! A few steps later, there was the ever faithful Ray (Eagle), both of whom had retraced their steps (not knowing just how far they were going to have to retrace them to find me!).

They both made a great rescue team : Horrie, the enthusiast urging me on, telling me I was 'on fire', 'looking geat' (I felt like shite really!) & the ever quietly patient & wise Eagle using caution that I had nothing to gain by trying to be a heroine racing up the Argyle if I could have!

Further on there was Ewen, but by this time I was belting down Napoleon Street hill like a maniac & then all three (from my point of view!) were struggling to keep up with me!!!! From there to the finish, between the three of these most generous souls 'splashing' compliments all over the place & Ewen continually pointing to several lots of "those 2 girls up ahead..I think you could catch them" ....and we did! Then it was time for them to 'let go of my hand' & with Ewen's words; " Now sprint to the finish" in my ear, I raced through the last 100m or so with the speed of one with a demon (not Horrie, or Ewen or Ray!) in hot pursuit!

There was one moment of light relief when a friend who was standing near the Art Gallery stopped me, called out to a St John's Ambulance crew who thought I was in trouble & started to get a chair, only to find that the friend wanted me to stand with them for a photo!!

My time, probably around 2:32, was a few minutes slower than last year but I'm still here....that's the main thing....being here, being alive!

Blame it on the blister - limped to the tune of "Blame it on the Bossa Nova"!!


  1. Aha! Now I can comment :-)

    Great run LL - you were looking very strong when BB and I saw you. All the best for your training for GC - what a jet setting distance runner you are!


  2. I tried to comment last night too but now it works and the photo is great! You look so fit and relaxed. Great run in spite of that nasty looking blister and what a fantastic finish! I see you are already planning for your next Half. You have an indomitable spirit,woman!! Well done!

  3. What an inspirational woman you are LL and looking really good too next to the St Johns

  4. Dont we love blisters :) NOT!!

    LL - I was thrilled to hear about your race from Eagle. It is great to have the lovely Horrie & Ray escorting you and encouraging you all the way.

    I look forward to seeing you on the Gold Coast.

    Take care,

  5. Congrats on a great time LL. That blister looks nasty! How did you manage to keep running.

    No wonder they call you Lucky Legs, having all those lovely men looking after you, the runners and the ambos. Nice work :-)

    PS I love that song! It was on my weekend playlist for Warwick.

  6. Great job LuckyLegs ... astounding considering that you haven't done much distance work of late.

  7. By my count it was three lots of '2 girls up ahead'. 1500m runners do well at the end of long races ;)

    Of course if you hadn't spent 5 minutes boiling the billy, chatting, and posing with those Ambulance officers, you would have run sub 2:30 instead of 2:31:10!

  8. It's always a pleasure to run with you Norma as you are one of my biggest inspirations. Hope the blister heals quickly. We don't want it slowing you down at Gold Coast, do we?