Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Almost Time....... march up to the cannon's mouth! Easy jog on Friday & that's it! Sydney on Saturday, travelling with Ewen.
Program : 2km warm-up. Stretches. 3 x Strides.....
2.5km at half marathon pace...hard, but even running.
1.5km warm-down.
1km Splits = 6:31; 6:48; 3:27 (500m)
I used Ironmines Oval again so as to run on the flat.


  1. All the best for the big dance on Sunday LL - I'll be thinking of you.

  2. I could see a link for comments on your SMH post - so making them here.

    WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO what an effort on crook feet - well done LL. I remember fondly seeing you come in last year with Ewen and having the opportunity to run in a little way with you - great stuff - nothing wrong with that time.