Monday, May 14, 2007

Best Foot Forward......

...Ironmines Oval, Mittagong.

Today's session deserves a post all of its own! Now......

I'm the first to admit that I'm as susceptible as anyone to a compliment or flattery...probably more so as I get older & they get fewer! Easy to imagine then how pleased I was this morning, at the very instant I was about to put my best foot forward on Ironmines Oval, to receive the following text message from Ewen!

But first & to put it into its proper context : I know less about computers than I do about running (bought one & struck out on my own from there), so on the rare occasion I have a problem I usually ask Ewen who knows as much about computers as he does about running.................................& he knows a LOT about running! Anyone who reads his blogs will agree with that & that is not flattery , just the truth! Next thing I want to know, Ewen, is how you put a link to someone's blog when you mention their name!

Anyhow, it was obvious I was having a problem with my blog - a vast, empty space below recent posts that I couldn't remove or fix. Straight away I fired off an e-mail to Ewen & just as smartly back came a reply & the solution. need to say what that was because probably everyone else knows the cause except me!

Now, back to the text message which, honestly, came through just as I was about to take the first step of today's run :

"Did you get rid of your blank space? (Not the one in your head)."

How about that? Ain't it the truth!! And that's how I came to have a laugh 3kms long!

......blank space again!! Oh No!!!!


  1. Hehehehe

    Don't coaches have a way with words.
    See you on Sunday.Gnome will be cheering us both on.


  2. Yes, that Ewen is a real card, "he needs to be dealt with." I often smile out loud thinking about his posts and comments on other people's blogs.

    Case in point, the comment posted on 2P's blog recently about eating chips from a Mcdonald's bag.

    All the best for your coming races LL.

  3. That one's okay. About the same amount of blank space as in your head.

    I'll demonstrate how to fix it when I see you on Saturday.

    By the way, that Steve is a real card too. Even funnier since he stopped eating black fish.

  4. I wish I were nearby to dong Ewen on the head!

    As much flattery and compliments as I can post - to you!

    Miss you heaps, remember the big picture!