Friday, May 04, 2007

Chev Track....

Program : 4-5km XC warm up. Drills. Strides.

2 Sets of 4 x 150 m in 40 -42 seconds. Walk to start recoveries.

I didn't use the grounds at Chev for a cross country warm-up. The funeral service for the 15 year old cyclist killed last week was being held in the college chapel. The upper levels of the grounds were packed with cars so I stayed on the oval where the track usually is but no longer has any lanes marked except for one narrow strip of mowed grass...near where lane 8 would be. The rest of the oval is marked out for soccer. I used all of these lines : around, up, over, across & every which way to cover looks very weird on Motion Based Map Player!

Set 1. 44.9; 42.7; 42.6; 40.9
Set 2. 41.9; 40.0; 39.6; 40.0

Very windy on the oval; ran clockwise for the 150m repeats. Wore Frees.


  1. Luckylegs,

    I've just been catching up on your blog, and I'm so glad you are going to be up at the Gold Coast this year!

    I'm about 95% certain for Gold Coast, so I really hope I get to see you there.


  2. Gee, sad about the cyclist. So young :(

  3. Bernard said there were about 800 people at the service. They used the hall and the chapel with a video feed. His cycling friends brought him in with their cycling tops over their good clothes. The family took him out.

    He said it was done very well but very sad.

    cheers PLu

  4. That's right, Plu. The radio said over 1000 people. I still can't get the sad thoughts out of my mind. No cyclists on Range Road this morning.