Monday, October 31, 2011

The Week As It Happened..........

Aerobic Running : i.e. no higher than 75% of MHR

Sunday :         9km @ AHR 74%..Renwick
Monday:         6km @ AHR  78% ..Renwick
Tuesday:         5km....forgot HR strap!  Diamond Fields Road = hills!
Wednesday:    1 Set Magill Drills  +  6km @ AHR 75%...Renwick
Thursday:       4km @ AHR 73%....light, misty rain....very nice!
Friday:            7km @ AHR 73%...Diamond Fields Road = hills!
Saturday:        4km @ AHR 75%...Renwick.

Made it through one full week!     41km

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Starting All Over Again!

Finally felt well enough to try my legs on the road this morning.  Perfect sunny day - at last - with a cool breeze.  For the next four to five weeks I plan to run short distances each day, disregarding time and pace but keeping heart rate around 75% until I get the hang of things again after another long break...thanks to bronchitis!

Today, starting from Renwick School and then through the new Renwick housing development, I wheezed my way  through the quiet streets with not another soul in sight.  I was pleased to be out on such a lovely day and at least a new start has been made, albeit a very slow one.  I walked short breaks whenever heart rate reached more than 75%....which was often!

AHR 74%;  MHR 83%

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Falling Apart?.....Feels like it!

I'm trying to get started, but every time I get up after one mishap I get struck down with another!  Here's the list so far  :  the stomach thing fixed with antibiotics, followed immediately by the usual Spring allergy in eyes, nose and ears so that I could barely see where I was going indoors let alone outside on the road; that straight way led onto what I have now : the worst cold I can remember : for three days I haven't stopped sneezing, blowing, moaning and have a cough that could shatter brief, I feel like I'm falling apart!  I don't seem able to get a clear 'run'!

In spite of all this, I have hopes of making another start with training in the coming week.  I hope the odds are not too long!

Edit, Monday, 17/10/11 :  Saw GP & now have bronchitis.  There goes another week!
Edit, Thursday, 20/10/11 :  Still out of action! 
Edit. Friday, 28/10/11 :  Bronchitis improving;  maybe next week?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maybe Next Week!

No training for the past two weeks.  Starting to look like Fisher's Ghost 5km is in doubt.  Four weeks left.  I won't run unless I feel I can acquit myself with at least some semblance of dignity as a runner!

Friday, October 07, 2011

A False Start.......

I have to write this week off unfortunately.  I've had nasty stomach pains for three days now; saw GP this morning and it seems I have some sort of infection; antibiotics started; training stopped....until next week.  Just a glitch I hope.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

No Frills Drills.......

 Cross-training today.  As in days not long gone by I drove to the school, parked and used one of the grassed areas for drills, Pete Magill drills.

10 min warm-up + few strides
1 set Magill drills...about 22 min (2.4k)....thank God for privacy while I did these!
10 min cool-down....followed by....

30 min (4km) easy running.....through Renwick Drive and return. 

  I've always enjoyed this session; a nice change from the hard stuff.  And, I've made it to Day 2!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Self Doubts and Motivation.....

It's now six months since Jim died and I'm beginning to feel that I might run again.  I know Jim wanted me to keep going but the motivation just hasn't been there....until lately and particularly after finding out that I'm no good at all without a goal and a training program.  I did some walking but I just found other things to do instead of getting out on a regular basis.  Too easy to put off.  What that says about me as a runner, I don't know and I don't suppose it matters really.  So, last night I decided to train for Fisher's Ghost 5km in five weeks' time and get a new 5km time on which to base any further training, keeping in mind that I'd like to run Canberra half marathon in April next year.  For now, I'm using 30:50 as a 5km time.

I've printed off a copy of the FIRST 5km training program which has three key workouts throughout the week and cross-training or easy runs on the other days of the week.  I know now that if I have a goal and a program for training, I'm not likely to welch on the deal!  I began this morning with the first key workout.

Track:  1km warm-up
8 x 400m (2:19) with 400m Recovery Intervals (RI)
1km cool-down.

Times for each 400m = 2:18;  2:22;  2:18;  2:21;  2:17;  2:22; 2:18;  2:20

I used Radio Road alongside Renwick school because the track at Chev would have been under water by now.  The session was pretty easy and I was expecting it to be much harder starting back with a speed workout after such a long break.  I enjoyed it too.  Strange how motivated I become when I have a specific program  to follow and an event to work towards....hopelessly unmotivated otherwise!

"When she was just a girl she expected the world!"('borrowed' from speedygeoff's blog!)...and she still does!