Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last Run Before Leaving for GC....

....and it's the coldest day I've ever felt here!

Program : Short easy run ....20 minutes.....on the treadmill.
I decided to change this a bit so as to fit in the same heart rate test as yesterday.

10 minutes easy warm-up. Stretches & a few drills.
1 minute at 8kph & immediately increase to 11kph. Stop when HR reaches 135.
5 minutes at 8kph.

Today's Time = 3:04.39 to reach 135bpm.


  1. Enjoy yourself up there, and chase down some of those "older runners" (you know, the 60 year-olds... :-) )


  2. See you on the Coast LL. I hope you have a great time.

  3. If I don't catch up with you pre race have a good one.

    See you at the surf club Sunday arvo.

    PS Looks like we are going to put on a typical Qld winters day just for you :-)

  4. Good luck at Gold Coast and have fun.

    I will not be there this year. New house 4 children cost a lot.

  5. aaaggghhh I lost my comments.

    I was just saying it will be nice and warm for you here despite being our winter.

    See you Sunday.

  6. Good luck LL!! Have a blinder. (And no, I'm not talking about at the Surf Club!)

  7. Have a great race LL. You'll certainly be among friends.

    Looking forward to the report