Sunday, June 03, 2007

Get Me to the Church On Time...

Program : Long Run 2 Hours.

I had set the alarm for 8:00am, but when the weather man said it was 5 degrees outside, I immediately re-set it for 10:00a.m by which time it had warmed up sufficiently to drag me out of bed & onto Range Road for a 2 hour run! How lazy can a person get, but I love my warm bed these cold mornings!

I aimed to get to the church at Glenquarry in 60 minutes & return in the same time. I made it to the church a little faster than last time in 57:46. Return was 3 minutes slower (walking a couple of steep hils). 15.3km. Total time = 1hour 58 seconds! I was watching HR to keep it low: Avg. 112; Max. 137. I ran a little faster for the last 1 - 2 kms feeling very tired & hungry!

I felt this was a good run in perfect conditions : sunny, clear blue skies, cool breeze....a superb morning!


  1. Hi LL

    Those photos are great, quintessential Australia. I'm home sick now.

  2. Ahh, I know that church and hill very well. Lovely spot. So glad you didn't miss the first sermon (and also that I didn't tell you to run 4 hours by mistake).

    Goofnight :)