Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hanging on the Wall......

There's a black & white photographic exhibition making its rounds of different venues in the Southern Highlands.

Today's Program : Rest....so

with some friends, Mr LL & I went to lunch in Bowral & hanging on the walls of the restaurant was the exhibition showing some of the more notorious local identities!

If it had been in colour, it would be seen that the subject of this photo was wearing Cool Running top & cap!


  1. Notorius Local Identy!! More like Living Legend. That's what LL stands for in my book.

  2. Congrats. That really is an honour.

    But your picture doesn't need to be in colour to show how cool you are :)

  3. I think "leading local identity" or "honoured local identity" would be the correct term :-)


  4. A well deserved honor LL !

  5. That is wonderful LL!

    As usual we are all very proud to know our Norma.

    Cheers, AK