Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long Run...3 Weeks to Gold Coast......

Who would have thought today would turn out to be such a beautiful day after the awful weather of the past 3 days! I was dreading having to do a long run had the rain, wind & cold persisted, but instead there was sun, some cloud, no wind, no rain & it wasn't even cold!

Program : Long Run......2 hours 15 minutes.

First hour very easy at average HR of 106bpm.

For the second 1 hour 15 minutes, gradually increase HR (and speed) to 130bpm.

Run as long as possible between 120 -130.

Try to do 30 minutes at average HR of 125.

Ease back down to 106 pace.

Results : Did all of the above & sent Motion Based report to Ewen!

I think this was a good run : first hour very easy, turning back at the top of the hill above Glenquarry.. Then 35 minutes between 120 - 130. Maybe I should have run longer at the increased HR...I could have, but I was already back to the car & had to fill in time going up & down the road to get to 2 hours 13 minutes & then called it a day! It was interesting having something to do while running : keeping a close eye on heart rate & adjusting pace to the ups & downs of Range Road.


  1. Do you start tapering now LL? I hope the next three weeks have you feeling fired up and rearing to go.

  2. Hello LL

    You must be pretty fit to keep your heart rate so low. I couldn't keep it that low even if I was crawling.

    Wish I could come to the GCM again this year. I had a ball there last year. Anyway I'll be thinking about you all on the day.

    Enjoy your taper.

  3. That's a good long run Chickybabe. You will be firing at the Gold Coast. I hope they have the fire engines ready. ;-)

  4. That photo looks familar!

    I love that Google Earth map - the clouds give it a great sense of depth.

  5. Glad the weather has improved LL. I've just got back from a couple of days at the Gold Coast and if things stay like they were then we are in for perfect conditions in three weeks time.