Thursday, June 07, 2007


............Program testing for Maximum Heart Rate:

Warm-up jog 15 minutes.

Drills & Stationary Drills.

4 Strides.

Rest 4 minutes.

1 more stride.

Walk to start......

Run 800m as fast as possible, but evenly...etc....etc...(meaning: don't go out so fast that you break down after first 100m!!).

Rest 3 minutes.

Run 400m as fast as possible & take HR immediately here!

Rest. Then 2 laps slow jog warm-down.

Chev track was cold, wet underfoot, misty rain & miserable! 9 degrees top today. It had rained pretty heavily all last night & this morning, so I waited until about 2:00pm when it seemed to fine up a little, except for the misty rain in Bowral, but good enough not to miss the session.

Ewen has been thinking that I have set my Max. HR too high (155bpm) judging by races & results of training that he's been looking at & this was the first step of finding out if this was true. I suspected he would be right & from today's results he thinks so too!

800m = 142bpm ....4:40 ( Ewen has checked that this time is less than 10 seconds outside my ACT record for 800m!...This cheered me up no end!!)

400m = 138bpm....2:07....pretty good I thought!!

Putting all this together, Max. HR has been changed to 145bpm until Ewen looks through some of the 1500m Time Trials I've been doing since October last year to see what else he might be able to come up with.

I think if conditions had been better today, HR might have been a bit higher. We'll just wait for the mastermind to work it out for me!

There was a time when I thought Mr G-armin was my best running buddy, but I was so wrong...of course he's not anywhere near the as important to my running as is Ewen! I'd be "lost" (figuratively speaking I hope!) without his continued help in programming especially for my needs. I don't know how to thank a person like that, except to buy him an ice-cream at the Gold Coast!

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