Friday, June 22, 2007

Some Like It Cold!

....but not his cold!
It didn't take anything more than hearing the morning's temperature on the radio to make me huddle back under the doona! 1 degree at 8:00am. I waited till later in the day to start today's run. I think we might have reached 8 or 9 degrees tops with a chilly breeze blowing as well.

I blame all of this for having a bad day!

Program : Long Run.....90 -105 minutes. HR at 120 - 125.
I knew what I had to do but the legs wouldn't co-operate at all & it was a struggle to put one foot in front of the other right from the start. I couldn't get my breath & huffed & puffed the whole distance ( 16.4km). Even walk breaks did nothing to get anything near what might be called 'running'. Heart rate was all over the place - Mr G-armin's fault...I saw readings of 186 & within seconds of "slowing down", HR take a nose dive to 110! I gave up looking at the monitor & got back to the car a.s.a.p.

Strange how some runs turn out badly & with no prior warning! My legs have been aching ever since I got home so, after a shower & some hot soup, I put the electric blanket on & snuggled under the doona for a couple of hours! My legs are still aching tonight!
The airstrip at Mittagong on Old South Road...where I tried to run........>

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  1. When I hear your winter stories I tell myself I have to stop whinging about the cold weather up here ... but I don't :-)