Monday, June 04, 2007

The Long & the Short of........

....the white lines marking the soccer field at Ironmines Oval. I love doing a session here : protected from any wind & all to myself!

Program : Easy short run 25 - 45 minutes. Strides & 15 minutes drills.

The thought occurred to me that I could use the lines to do a combination of a short run & some strides.

After a warm-up - stride out on one of the short sides, walk half of a long side & jog the 2nd half of the long side, then stride out on the short side again...etc. etc.... for 45 minutes, 'round & round' the rectangle. I enjoyed this, I think because it was structured & saved me doing any thinking! 3.5km
After the run/strides I did 15 minutes of drills. Not an easy session but I was very pleased with myself (!) & I think Ewen will be pleased when his "spies" let him know how well I did the drills!!

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