Sunday, October 30, 2016

Yesterday & Today ~~~~~

Yesterday, Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~ 39:29! The less said, the better!

Today :Very slow, long run

Highlands School, Diamond Fields Road & back.
98 minutes!

And that's that!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Catching Up~~~

Missed Bowral parkrun last Saturday.

Tuesday: track session on cycle path
5 x 1000m in 6:57 :  7:12;   7:36;  7:34;  7:14;  5th rep 1.32km + uphill in 8:18
VP won that session!

Thursday :Tempo Run on cycle path
3km @ ST pace
1.5k easy
1.5k @ ST pace ..... skipped this; short of time.
1.5k easy, skipped this too.
3km @ ST pace

VP had no trouble staying ahead of me this morning!

3km in 22:55
AHR77-84% of max.
TE 2.0 ~~ Maintaining!

2.26k in 18:30
AHR 82-86% of max.
TE  2.2 ~~ Maintaining!

Saturday's parkrun is next!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Track on Parkrun Course ~~~

Drove across to Chev to use their track only to find the oval was being used for archery! Not wanting to be a target for any stray arrows I made a quick about turn and over to Briars to use the cycle path for today's track which was :

Warm-up..... jog down the hill and 1km on the path

4 x 1200m in 8:25 (based on 36min for 5km..not 37 like last week!)
400m RI
1km cool down ..... jog cycle path and up grassy hill.

I wouldn't say it anywhere else other than on my blog but .... Gosh!  I was pleased with myself this morning!  I thought I was fabulous!  I ran well and felt really good for all 4 repeats.  The 400m intervals helped, of course, but I still think I did a good session!

1.    8:34.    AHR 81-88% of max;  Avg. Cadence 174spm;  TE 2.0 Improving!

2.    8:15.    AHR 82-89% of max;  Avg. Cadence 174spm;   TE 1.8 Minor.

3.    8:25     AHR 83-89% of max;  Avg. Cadence 173spm;   TE  2.0 Improving!

4.    8:27     AHR 84-90% of max;  Avg. Cadence 174spm;   TE  1.9 Minor.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Long Run 11Km ~~~~~

Another glorious morning just like yesterday and hopefully for the week ahead.  So good to be running and doing a long run on such a beautiful day.  I started and finished at the Highlands School, down Bong Bong Road and then followed one of my favourite runs .. Diamond Fields Road. adding an extra hill to get the distance I wanted.  Ran all the hills, couple of short walk breaks before the hills.

The road was a bit of a mess with potholes and stones awaiting a misstep which I managed to avoid.  One of my most loved and scenic runs!

1 hr 40min
AHR 75-86% of max.
TE  2.2  = Maintaining


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bowral Parkun ~~~~

Oh what a beautiful morning!  The weather was perfect and.... I ran below 37 minutes! I was so excited when I saw the time of my Garmin and I've stayed excited all bloomin' day!!  Long way, I know, from PB of 33:34 but I've been stuck on 37+ for so long now I'd almost given up hope of running any faster.  I felt so good while running, the weather was absolutely perfect.. sunny with a cool breeze.

Today we returned too our 'A' Course for the first time in weeks, it now being dry all the way through.  Strange thing about this original course:  I always run well (or better!) there!  All my PBs have been on this course, never on the flat 'B' course.  This morning, I felt great from start to finish, no gagging, no stopping or slowing down, same cadence all the way and not tired afterwards for the rest of the day as has been the case for some weeks.  I know my time is slow compared to the other runners, but I couldn't care less ..... I finished under 37 minutes and I'm over the moon!!

5km in 37:40

Avg. pace 7:21k/m;  Best pace 6:34m/k

Age Graded 91.50% ...... back in the 90s ... thrilled with that too!

Avg. Cadence 170spm 

TE   2.7 = Maintaining

Splits   7:08;    7:16;    7:20;    7:15;    7:37

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tempo Run Parkrun Course ~~~~

Program for today:
1km warm-up
3km @ ST pace
1.5k easy
3km @ ST pace
1km cool-down

Warm-up jog: 1km incl. down grass hill & cycle path.

3km in 22:37....  7:32;   7:41;   7:24
Avg. Cadence 167spm
TE 3.2= IMPROVING!!  WooHoo!

1.5km easy

3km in 22:33 ...   7:25;   7:30;   7:37
Avg. Cadence 163spm
TE 2.1 =  Maintaining.

Cool down jog:  1km incl. cycle path & up grass hill.

Managed to stay ahead of VP for the 2x3km @ ST pace and that's all that mattered!  I ran out and back on the cycle path with a tail wind going out, a head wind returning and a light, misty fall of rain to finish!

Total:  9.5km

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Road Repeats ...on cyclepath ~~~~

Drove past Chev as I expected the oval to be unusable, but on the way back had a better look and it seems to have been mowed etc, so could be ok for next Tuesday's track.

Further on to Briars to use the cycle path.

Program for today:

6 x 800m (5:41 for me based on 37 min 5km time)
90 sec RI

Warm-up jog down the grass hill to cycle path:

5:41;   5:30;   5:32;   5:33;   5:45;   5:41

Cool-down jog up the grass hill!

Satisfied with the repeats because I was ahead of VP for each of the six!  On the cycle path, a little breezy in some sections but altogether very pleasant for a change!  Did the repeats by continuing around the path with 90 secs walking RI between each one. 

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Dry Retching Again! ~~~~~ Sick of this!

A waist of time this morning and again this awful dry retching starting around 3km and then having to walk 3km back to the Briars.  Every run this week same thing so parkrun is not going to happen until I can get a week clear without dry heaving half way through; won't risk it happening there and having to turn back.  Right now though, I'm not too sure of what to do about it! 

6km ... from Briars > cycle path > Briars!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Easy Distance Run ~~~~~

It was far from easy!  Another cold windy day  ... so strong was the wind I had to walk the last 2km into the headwind ... got the dry heaves again; was it the wind? dehydrated?  Don't know, but it's an awful, sick feeling!  Plan was to do an easy 6-8km so as not to be tired for tomorrow's tempo run; because of the weather, it was anything but easy.  Tomorrow will tell! Certainly felt all done in back home!

Started from the school > Diamond Fields Road > Buckmans Lane > back to school.  Buchmans Lane was the only part where there was shelter from the wind.

TE  1.5 = Minor!
...Buchmans Lane

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

A Few Road Intervals ~~~~~

Hardly slept a wink last night with the wind pummelling the windows and the door to the power box banging as well!  I went outside at around 3am and slammed it shut and, no sooner had I got back into bed, it came unstuck and continued banging till the wind dropped slightly; no way was I going out a second time in my PJs into that ghastly wind!

This morning was my first run since last Thursday when I was blown to pieces on our Bowral Parkrun course and I missed parkrun on Saturday feeling too exhausted emotionally as well as physically even to turn up! 

This morning I did half of the 5km program I'm following; again the wind was bad but what I did do went well and I want to get out again tomorrow for some easy distance running; I finished feeling I could have done more ... if someone forced me!

Program:  Ran on Scarlett Street.
8 x 400m (  I did 4) ...2:49 based on my present, getting slower 5km time of 37 mins.!
Cool down.

2:34;    2:33;   2:36;   2:44