Tuesday, October 04, 2016

A Few Road Intervals ~~~~~

Hardly slept a wink last night with the wind pummelling the windows and the door to the power box banging as well!  I went outside at around 3am and slammed it shut and, no sooner had I got back into bed, it came unstuck and continued banging till the wind dropped slightly; no way was I going out a second time in my PJs into that ghastly wind!

This morning was my first run since last Thursday when I was blown to pieces on our Bowral Parkrun course and I missed parkrun on Saturday feeling too exhausted emotionally as well as physically even to turn up! 

This morning I did half of the 5km program I'm following; again the wind was bad but what I did do went well and I want to get out again tomorrow for some easy distance running; I finished feeling I could have done more ... if someone forced me!

Program:  Ran on Scarlett Street.
8 x 400m (  I did 4) ...2:49 based on my present, getting slower 5km time of 37 mins.!
Cool down.

2:34;    2:33;   2:36;   2:44

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