Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Road Repeats ...on cyclepath ~~~~

Drove past Chev as I expected the oval to be unusable, but on the way back had a better look and it seems to have been mowed etc, so could be ok for next Tuesday's track.

Further on to Briars to use the cycle path.

Program for today:

6 x 800m (5:41 for me based on 37 min 5km time)
90 sec RI

Warm-up jog down the grass hill to cycle path:

5:41;   5:30;   5:32;   5:33;   5:45;   5:41

Cool-down jog up the grass hill!

Satisfied with the repeats because I was ahead of VP for each of the six!  On the cycle path, a little breezy in some sections but altogether very pleasant for a change!  Did the repeats by continuing around the path with 90 secs walking RI between each one. 

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