Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Track on Parkrun Course ~~~

Drove across to Chev to use their track only to find the oval was being used for archery! Not wanting to be a target for any stray arrows I made a quick about turn and over to Briars to use the cycle path for today's track which was :

Warm-up..... jog down the hill and 1km on the path

4 x 1200m in 8:25 (based on 36min for 5km..not 37 like last week!)
400m RI
1km cool down ..... jog cycle path and up grassy hill.

I wouldn't say it anywhere else other than on my blog but .... Gosh!  I was pleased with myself this morning!  I thought I was fabulous!  I ran well and felt really good for all 4 repeats.  The 400m intervals helped, of course, but I still think I did a good session!

1.    8:34.    AHR 81-88% of max;  Avg. Cadence 174spm;  TE 2.0 Improving!

2.    8:15.    AHR 82-89% of max;  Avg. Cadence 174spm;   TE 1.8 Minor.

3.    8:25     AHR 83-89% of max;  Avg. Cadence 173spm;   TE  2.0 Improving!

4.    8:27     AHR 84-90% of max;  Avg. Cadence 174spm;   TE  1.9 Minor.