Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tempo Run Parkrun Course ~~~~

Program for today:
1km warm-up
3km @ ST pace
1.5k easy
3km @ ST pace
1km cool-down

Warm-up jog: 1km incl. down grass hill & cycle path.

3km in 22:37....  7:32;   7:41;   7:24
Avg. Cadence 167spm
TE 3.2= IMPROVING!!  WooHoo!

1.5km easy

3km in 22:33 ...   7:25;   7:30;   7:37
Avg. Cadence 163spm
TE 2.1 =  Maintaining.

Cool down jog:  1km incl. cycle path & up grass hill.

Managed to stay ahead of VP for the 2x3km @ ST pace and that's all that mattered!  I ran out and back on the cycle path with a tail wind going out, a head wind returning and a light, misty fall of rain to finish!

Total:  9.5km

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