Sunday, October 30, 2016

Yesterday & Today ~~~~~

Yesterday, Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~ 39:29! The less said, the better!

Today :Very slow, long run

Highlands School, Diamond Fields Road & back.
98 minutes!

And that's that!!


  1. You still got a high A/G %! I can't even get 70%! You've had some time off, so build up slowly. You would have been well ahead of young Anne in the Perth 5000 World Champs.

  2. And would have won the W85s easily!

  3. You are too hard on yourself Norma. You are back running parkrun with your friends. That's what's important. And there's nothing wrong with that pace. If I can run anywhere near that time in 20 years I will be ecstatic! :)

    1. Anonymous... I've always been hard on myself, but you are right about being back at parkrun and I mean to continue my usual training during the week. Of course you'll be running faster in 20 years .. just don't ever stop!