Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Track and VP is the winner! ~~~~~

I know it's Melbourne Cup day but I don't watch it or any other horse race;  I think it's a cruel sport but I did go to the Bowral Parkrun cycle track for today's run. 

1.5k warm-up jog
3 x 1600m in 11:30 (7:11 m/k)
400m RI (walked)
5 min cool-down walk.

3 x 1600m : 12:11;    12:29;    12:47!!!

VP won easily!  I couldn't run any faster and the last repeat included running up the grassy hill... any excuse will do!

My lovely "Amy" & a ball of wool to play with!


  1. VP needs referring to the stewards. I think he's been doped!
    Are you doing Fishers Ghost? Myself and Jim are running the 5k, Jim driving up on the morning.

  2. Yes, doing the 5km again. Leah also and Jo(parkrun friend) 3 of us running 5k. See you and Jim there. God help us all if Jim doesn't win some bling!! Funniest thing ever I saw last year!

    1. That's great. Haha, yes Jim has already worked out he's going to win something this year. We're checking bags at the presentation area so we don't have to walk back to the car.