Friday, November 18, 2016

Low Heart Rate Session ~~~~~

I had to have the car in this morning for registration check and service and I then had to decide to get a lift back home or, by walking, make it another low heart rate session.  Since I'm a volunteer tomorrow at Bowral parkrun, I chose the latter!  It was hot and uphill all the way along Range Road where there's no concession at all made for walking and so it became a matter of hopping quickly into ditches to avoid being hit by cars speeding like crazy all the way up and down Range Road.  Having done that once today, I'll be getting a lift back into town this afternoon!

45 minutes walking

AHR 89 bpm (67% of max.)
MHR 102 bpm (77% of max.)

TE 1.7  =  Minor! A 'minor' effect on training is better than no effect!

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