Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Low Heart Rate Training - An Experiment! ~~~~

A funny one with which to start!  According to the M.A. formula, I'm to keep heart rate between 90 and 100 bpm.  Short of standing still on the spot or lying down on the cycle path, there was no way even  by walking the entire time, that I could get heart rate anywhere near the lower end, instead it stayed always over the top!

Our parkrun course including a short detour from the cycle path to Phillip Street which I found to be a cul-de-sac, and back to Briars.

75 minutes ....all walking!

AHR 113 bpm!

MHR 142 bpm!

TE 2.6  =  Maintaining!  What?

I don't know why my heart rate was as high as it was -   wish I could understand these things! -  that's what the Garmin said but then again, I don't know how infallible or not the Allen formula is and neither do I know how accurate the Garmin and its heart rate monitor are.  In any case, I want to give this low heart rate training a fair trial over a couple of months, as long as I'm not wasting my time!  It'll be interesting to see results then.  In the meantime, I'll continue with it except for Saturday Parkruns which will be my one flat tack run for the week!

Walking for 78 minutes is not one of my favourite things, so I was happy to have Borodin's spirited "Polovtsian Dancers" to listen to on the way out and back,

.....and then finally up the grassy hill to the somewhat appropriate (or perhaps not?) lovely version of Frank Sinatra's "My Way"!


  1. Norma, as this was just after your stella performance at Campbelltown, I'm not surprised. I couldn't keep my heart rate below 120 if I wasn't horizontal either!

  2. Thanks, Carolyne! Appreciate your response! I too was wondering if Sunday's hard slog had anything to do with it. Next attempt at low heart rate is Thursday, so hope for some improvement.