Thursday, November 24, 2016

Less Walking/More Easy Running! ~~~~~

 Bowral Parkrun Course + detour to the end of Phillip Street
This morning has to be what truthfully can be called 'the perfect spring morning'!  The sun, warm but not hot; the breeze, cool but not cold.  That's how it was on our Bowral parkrun course where I ran/walked keeping a low heart rate and happy to see that I did a whole lot more easy running and far less walking than on Tuesday.  Simply, the most beautiful morning for a run on our stunning course beside the river. 

I left the cycle path at the detour into Phillip Street and followed it to where Phillip Street meets Elizabeth Street.  This was exactly 30 minutes and the turnaround point back to the cycle path and eventually to Briars from where I started.

60 minutes keeping heart rate between 98 and 108 bpm.

AHR 104 bpm (72% of max.)
MHR 119 bpm (83% of max.)

Avg. Cadence 156 spm
Max. Cadence 194 spm
Cadence set to 180 spm

TE  2.5  =  Maintaining!!

A most enjoyable hour!

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