Monday, November 21, 2016

Stationary Bike ~~~~

Dragged out from under its cover, the stationary bike surprisingly had gathered no cobwebs since last used many months ago.  Instead of a low heart rate run, I changed the session to a low heart rate cycle and I was surprised to find it a significantly more strenuous workout compared with the low heart rate runs I've been doing recently, but then I'm no cyclist and so it's difficult for me to compare both.  I enjoyed the workout and the statistics/comparisons with running, as I felt them, are as below:

Keeping HR between 98 - 108 bpm

:  warm-up took longer to reach 98 bpm than it does with running
:  had to work harder to get there ....
:  used resistance 4 (of 8 tension settings) to keep HR up and it was tiring..... and I was sweating!
:  HR spiked at 116bpm for a few seconds, but mostly within 98-108 range
:  cool down free cycling till HR in 70s bpm

Total 9km in 32 minutes

Summing up...  this was a more strenuous 30 minutes than I would have felt had I been running, which proves I need to incorporate more cross-training of this kind in my program!   I intend to do just that in the weeks ahead.

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