Thursday, November 10, 2016

Easy Distance Run ~~~~ 3 days to Fishers Ghost 5km.

An easy distance run leading up to Fishers Ghost 5km on Sunday :::: 30 - 50 minutes

Bowral Parkrun course:  A very warm to hot morning; the grass on both sides of the cleared grassy hill is as high as a giraffe's eye!!

I did 50 minutes

AHR 122bpm
MHR 174bpm
Avg. Cadence 171 spm.

TE  =  4.2!!!!!  =   HIGHLY IMPROVING!!    What a thrill that is!!


  1. Wow, 4.2! See you Sunday. We're leaving Jim's at 4.30 AM!

  2. Yep, see you both ... somewhere! Both of you could have bunked down here Sat. night instead of 4:30 from ACT!